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Love my new hair color! #redhair #redheadagain

#redheadagain 🌈😛

So this morning I trimmed my fringe and didn’t get too scissor happy and end up with a ridiculously short fringe like I usually do 😂👌🏼#gome #redheadagain #fringe #theresmycaggyhandagain 😅


Love my new hair color! #redhair #redheadagain

exciting things are happening next month:
1. HUGE online accountability group!
2. Affordable family/single friendly meal plans created by a dietitian!
3. presents presents presents! We’re having a rad giveaway in our accountability group! So if you need an incentive to kick your booty I’m gear, here it is! ⚡️ I know you’ve seen posts like this before but this one is going to be the most important. We’re getting our results BEFORE the new year! This group is sandwiched right between the holidays so you still get to enjoy the holiday feasts! I know we all will! The group is only 21 days long so you’ll finish BEFORE your New Years party!! 💃🏻
Have you ever went to a New Years party and had to wear something different than the outfit you truly wanted because it wasn’t comfortable enough? I HAVE for the past TWO years. 🙄 Our friend throws “formal” New Years parties and I always look uncomfortable and to be honest, not as good as I’d like to. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. I’m getting my results BEFORE any parties, and I’ll be dress shopping for the one I WANT to wear! ✨

En cama con resfriado 😟 mi gata me proteje 😼
#marissainmortal #gripe #cold #sick #bedrest #kitty #stuffedanimal #redheadagain #nomakeup

I am really happy with how my smokey looked yesterday *-* #smokeyeye #nightout #clubbing #redheadagain #drinking

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