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Love seeing all the thoughtful messages you guys send me❤thank you💕

If you have a good hair day but don't post a selfie- did it really happen? Thanks @marcanthonyhaircare 💋

@Kelly_Gaunya here with LAT pulldown common mistakes 🤘🏼Read on for common mistakes to be aware of and basic tips to ensure correct form🌊 (It looks hilarious (hence me laughing), but I see this literally everyday.)👇🏻
❌Using a rowing action: People use a rowing action because they are trying to gain enough momentum to pull the weight down. This is an obvious indicator that the weight is TOO HEAVY. .
❌When you use momentum, there is no force actually working against the muscle fibers. It is ineffective and will cause back and neck problems (proof- my neck hurts as I write this and I did like - 5 reps and then started laughing 😂😂) .
❌Leaning back too much is also a common mistake. This will hit the rhomboids more than the lats, and creates a seesaw affect where you are pulling down a weight lighter than the weight loaded due to your position. .
❌I did not film this, but people will also bend and rotate their arms forward and down..typically people do this if they are completely unaware of what they're doing. This can lead to rotator cuff issues. .
✅Sit close to the machine and ensure you're locked in by the knee pads..adjust the settings to do so. .
✅Chose a weight that will not cause you too swing -- not to say if you're trying to increase your weight or hit 1-2 more reps, you can't use a little momentum. But on all reps and sets it is unnecessary and bad for you to do this..
✅Pull the bar down and squeeze your shoulder blades, and then slowly return to starting position. Slow and controlled is the key to growth. Aim to get the bar to touch your upper chest. .
If you found this helpful, give us a like and follow. Comment or dm if you have any post requests or questions😌 - @kelly_gaunya

Happy birthday to all of you Tauruses! Including you @shellbeesteel 😗
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👻👻👻just got this amazing lingerie set from @toofastclothing 💀🖤


One day I will do something stupid, like getting a perm. Until then, no-heat curls it is.
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Character illustrations from Udal Cuain. Warriors of Chieftain Riagan - Brighid and Carrick. And their daughters Aoibheann and Kinvara.
Brighid is a legendary warrior from the Galway region. The only one comparable is her husband Carrick. They are loyal, steady. A beacon of light to the darkness encompassing Searbh.
Kinvara and Aoibheann are combative. Clashing in personality. Kinvara lives in her mind. She is prickly. Unknown to most. Aoibheann is social, stunning, and a magnet for people to like her.
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Monday feels 💀 #ididmybest | New work for @dallasmarket ! #DMC #redhead #spring
Photographer: @savemolly
HMUA: @rickydallas
Stylists: @mollyjayye & @naomabrit

join the red head squad with us! this multi-dimensional look totally revamped her hair's moisture, shine and style! #looksbykizzi #aurahmsandysprings #redhead

I said yes to my dress, Daniela... she didn't quite say yes haha! We had such a great time with our girls at our bridal shower! These were their dress creations!


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