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Musical.ly hängt im Moment nicht mehr das heißt jetzt kommen wieder ein paar Musical.lys😉@leoobalys
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Every day is like Monday when you're a freelancer😅 Do you have a "normal people's job" and a scheduled work time? Or an endless workday any time, any day? Let's see how many of us there are😅
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Tattooed & absolutely gorgeous 🌷@lolobe4🌷

Hi sweeties💖💕
Update : Although i am still feeling really sick and my energy is very low :( I have never been more proud of myself.. i am finally starting to love myself 💕 To do what i love, to look how i want to look.. and this took me 20 years 💛 i am accepting myself, how i am and how i look. It's a long ride but it's so worth it.. 💕
I always wanted a crazy haircolor + a tattoo ( i even want more now hehe😳) and now i have done it, i am so happy with the way i look. I love creating myself.. 💕 i love being me and it's okay to be me 💛
I have always been really insecure about who i am/how i look but i am starting to accept and love what i am ❤️
You deserve to be happy. Look in the mirror and smile :) you are beautiful in every single way 💘🏳️‍🌈
I hope with this, i can also help other people to accept who they are ❤️❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈
I want to give a big shoutout to all my amazing friends + family for always supporting me in everything i do and always being there for me.. you guys rock and i will do everything for all of you 💛💛💛💛💛 -
Biggest inspiration @bodyposipanda & @mileycyrus 👩‍❤️‍👩💜

А знаете ли вы, что всего 2% людей на Земле имеют натуральный рыжий цвет волос? 🔥И ещё примерно 4 % являются носителями этого гена!
Представляете как мне повезло: снимать одновременно шестерых таких деток?☺️😍
Ещё удивительно, когда у людей глаза разного цвета... это же просто фантастика! Интересно, есть ли у кого-то из вас или ваших знакомых детки с такими глазами? 👁Напишите мне
обязательно! 😉
На фото потрясающие Влада и Ксюша, модели аг-ва @macaroniskids ❤️
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Знаешь, лиса... Я тоже хочу в лес. Скоро! Уже в следующие выходные выезжаю за город. На велике! С ребятами #DreamInstaTeam устраиваем #хиппи трип 🙌🏻 Будет много знакомств, посиделок у костра с гитарой, винцом и другими плюшками) закат, рассвет и много фотографий) все как мы любим, да? 😉

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Когда совсем делать нечего
Унылых телодвижений вам в ленту
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We're in the middle of summer but I couldn't wait until the end of the season to list this amazing faux fur bubblegum pink coat!💕💕💕 Find it on:
depop - username cool_as_kim_deal
eBay - username cool-as-kim-deal

Or send me a PM if you're interested 🌹💕

Ontem vocês puderam acompanhar no stories um pouquinho do que foi o evento de lançamento da linha Gourmet Collection da @Portieroficial aqui em Jundiaí! (ainda dá tempo de ver até às 23h corre lá!) A linha é incrível e conta com 8 produtos com aditivos comestíveis que busca facilitar nossa vida na hora de cuidar dos fios! Obrigada @connectblogger pelo convite ♥

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I feel like my life has been consumed by doctors appointments, therapy sessions, constant worry & struggle to figure out the best ways to help my daughter.
It was really good for my husband & I to take a weekend together away & reconnect.
You don't see your relationship slowly change overtime because of small, every day things until one day you wake up & you're both different...distant...and you aren't sure how to fix it.

Having a child with special needs is even harder on a relationship. But we are making sure we stay connected & constantly stoke the fire that drew us together in the first place.
We refuse to be a statistic.

So even though we're back at it, making more doctors appointments, having more therapy sessions, still not getting the sleep we need, we make sure to take time for just US.

Because we started this dream together knowing it wasn't going to be easy. Knowing there were going to be a lot of hard days, months & years.
But we are stronger TOGETHER & we will make it through these trials because we have each other.
Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. ~ C.S. Lewis

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