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#RedFest is a history now. Катя, Папа и Северный Полюс was a huge success, something I could have never visualized. I am grateful to all my friends who have come to support me on Red Square. And I am grateful to thousands of people whom I have never met before but whom I know now! Thank you, Fredrik Paulsen, thank you Paulsen Paulsen publishing house, thank you the Dmitry Shparo family - #RedFest was unforgettable! ♥ #RedFest #northpolebound #redfestdxb2017 #redfestdxb #northpole

Georgy Ushakov, a grand explorer of the Arctic, has always been my hero. Ushakov, raised as an orphan by the Russian explorer Vladimir Arsenyev, the author of "Dersu Uzala", later turned into a 1975 Soviet-Japanese co-production film directed by Akira Kurosawa, surveyed, explored and mapped Severnaya Zemlya/Northern Land establishing that it was an archipelago.
Ushakov was a genial fundraiser. He financed his Northern Land dog-sled Expedition by promising his patrons to pay back with the skins of the polar bears .... yet to be killed.
Before that, in 1926, Ushakov founded the first Soviet settlement on Wrangel Island which I have visited in 1979 for the first time.
In 1930-1932, during the Northern Land expedition Ushakov established a polar station called Domashniy Island/Home Island/Остров Домашний. In mid-80s I was visiting this island every winter and spring during my lengthy trips to the Northern Land as Pravda's polar reporter. Fearing of polar bears, equipped with a small gun and a pepper spray, I would walk across the sea ice over Sergey Kamenev Strait from Sredny Island to Domashny Island to pay tributes to the father of my parents' friend, Boris Ushakov, and the grandfather of my best childhood friend, Georgy/ George Ushakov.
Now, George Ushakov, an accomplished metheorologist, glacilogist, anthopologist and the great connoisseur and explorer of the Arctic, avoids the spotlight. He does his research in quiet, which I totally understand, yet regret.
It took me a great effort to make him pose for the camera, along with his young and beautiful daughter Sonia, during my book launch at #RedFest Book Festival on Moscow's Red Square.
George has so many stories to share. More than you can imagine. I think it is now to us to ask him to come out and say hello to the world!
Here are two pictures: of us today, on Red Square, and of me visiting the tombs of his legendary grandfather and of Boris Kremer, a former chief of the polar station on Domashny Island, taken by a legendary polar explorer Dmitry Shparo back in 1985.
Photo Alexey Boytsov and Dmitry Shparo #RedFest #northpolebound #redfestdxb2017 #redfestdxb #northpole #arcticice #northpole #arcticocean

I met Matvey Shparo when he was a 6th grader. His father, a legendary polar explorer Dmitry Shparo and I have just returned from another trip in the High Arctic. A quarter of a century later, Matvey, now himself an accomplished polar adventurer, is standing on the Red Square as a proud father of his young and curious daughter Katya, along with me and my latest book "Katya, Papa and the North Pole"/ Катя, Папа и Северный Полюс featured in the #RedFest Book Festival 2017. My book is based on Matvey's exceptional ski journey to the North Pole during the true polar night in 2007-2008 and his conversations with then 5-year old Katya, by satellite phone. #northpole #redfestdxb #redfestdxb2017 #northpolebound #RedFest

Finally reunited with the heroes of my book, "Katya, Papa and the North Pole"/ Катя, Папа и Северный Полюс, - polar adventurer Matvey Shparo and his young and curious daughter Katya. #RedFest Book Festival on Moscow's Red Square continues, and I will be happy to see you there tomorrow! #redfestdxb #redfestdxb2017 #northpolebound #RedFest #northpole

Tonight on the Red Square with my new book "Katya, Papa and the North Pole"/ Катя, Папа и Северный Полюс. Thank you, Matvey Shparo, Dmitry Shparo, Frederik Paulsen and Paulsen Publishing House! Thank you all, who have come for the book reading tonight! #RedFest #northpolebound #redfestdxb2017 #redfestdxb #northpole

Друзья мои, напоминаю всем кто в Москве, сегодня вечером, в 20:00 я жду вас на Красной Площади, в Шатре Номер Восемь - напротив трибун. Все герои моей новой книжки "Катя, Папа и Северный Полюс" будут с нами! Если потеряетесь, ищите издательство Paulsen. И одевайтесь по погоде - примерно вот так! #redfestdxb #redfestdxb2017 #northpole #northpolebound

GOOD TIMES. @redfestdxb
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