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+ fall time in Chicago is hard to beat.

It’s a RED Oreo stacker courtesy of @industrial_digital

Channeling my love for Wes Anderson's style in this new video 🎬💡

Editing in real time after having a shot of cuban coffee 😏

Here's a fun bucket full of blood shot from the @codeorangetoth "Forever" video. And yes it's true, I've made a lot of music videos with blood in them haha. Anyways, sorry for all the throwback clips, going through my old footage- brand new directors reel out very soon!

A wider look at our previous post about the vertical overhead camera set up! Director/DP @jakobowens channeling his inner Wes Anderson. 💪🎥 #BuffNerds

#edelkrone around the world. (via @brazilianbrownbear ) Learn more about #SliderPLUS & #SteadyModule → edel.kr/X9u

Humble beginnings, throwback to when I was 17 or 18 I saved up enough and bought my first DSLR from my good friend @bluetiephotography a Canon Rebel T1i with an impressive capability of 720pHD and a 50mm 1.8 lens, I made some horribly designed steadicam and slider with what I could find around the house. Kept mowing lawns, put up flyers to teach some guitar lessons, and was making $50 or so per video for pierce college while attending running start. Anything it took to make a buck to pursue this whole video thing I grew a passion for. #film #videoproduction #filmproduction #canon #r3d #redepic #glidecam #steadicam #gimbal #photography #videography #production


You should always be thinking critically about the framing of your shot. Every project whether music video, film, or commercial etc is different. Thus, you should use different angles, composition and even gear to tell that story in a way that's most fitting to the projects story and tone. You shouldn't shoot every project of yours the same way. Different stories and their moods call for different camera placements and movement. Don't lock yourself into 1 style of shooting and think that's the only way to do anything and everything. Again this is just my opinion, doesn't make it truth. Go find your own truth. Happy Friday everyone! 💪🎥

#FrameGrab from my latest music video link in bio. Truly a magical place to film. Hope you had the chance to see it + subscribe if you wanna see me make more videos in the future 📽🌞🔥 #devondiep #warandsunshine #youtube #debut #originalmusic

"This Wild Season" my newest short film, premieres tonight at the ImagineNative film festival. Ahead of its release, check out an official clip from the film in my bio and the link below! https://vimeo.com/230468380

We’re so stoked to share the @huffpost article about our new music video for Odyssey, LINK IN @theaccidentalsmusic bio. I wish we had more time to work with this good group of humans.
Shot on #kodak #portra #35mmfilm

Capturing @rileystair ‘s #e34 out in the wild with @cinevate #horizen buttery slider! @mrcheesycam using @cametv f130w battery on the Raven 😎. @reddigitalcinema @redcamerausers

Some of the iHteam are headed to LA! Got us reminiscing the last time we were out west: shooting @maraferreira on Manhattan Beach 🌊

Our film “Pendleton Road” premieres at The Tower Theater on 10/24 at 7 pm. Come check it out!

When the lens is as big as the camera 😅 Tag a filmmaker & FOLLOW for more! #SHREDITORS @antonino_amoroso

@reddigitalcinema Epic-W with Helium 8K S35 sensor by @linustech

The bike in the mist. @reddigitalcinema frame. Can't wait to show you the final video soon!

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