What is Lash Boost? ✨Keratin

How does Lash Boost work? ✨Nourishes

And Ophthalmologist tested & approved!

Last night I tried micro- needling for the first time. As u can see, it turned my ghostly face RED! 🙄 I have to say after I put on the aloe sheet mask, it looked & felt so much better! My husband said, "The things u women do to yourselves!” 😆👻🔥😬👌🏼💋
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What is a ‘Regimen’? A Rodan+Fields Regimen is a skin care routine that when used consistently creates RESULTS!
Why so many steps you ask?! 💭

Multi - Med Therapy!!!
That’s what sets us apart from our competitors!! The right ingredients, the right formula, in the right order!! 🌈
Let me help you get on the right steps and the right regimen to CHANGE YOUR SKIN! We are NUMBER ONE on the market for a reason! It’s because our products WORK! Let me show you!
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Who wants longer, fuller & darker looking lashes?

Let’s chat!

Wouldn’t you like to get better skin? I’m getting results with Rodan and Fields Reverse Lightening. Getting rid of dark spots caused by sun damage over the years. #skincare #rodanandfields #skincareroutine #skin #lookingood #beauty #reverse #redefine

✈️ See skincare results wherever you go with our Regimen Travel Size Special Offers! Get a FREE posh cosmetic bag as our gift when you purchase both a full-size and mini version of your favorite Rodan + Fields Regimen! #Redefine #Reverse #Unblemish #Soothe #RegimenLashBoostBundle #RegimenAMPmdBundle #LoveTheSkinYouAreIn

📣📣 This weekend only!! 📣📣 Purchase any Regimen or Bundle and receive 50% cash back!! This is NOT a corporate offer! This is an offer from our team! 🎯 So, if you’ve wanted to try the products at any point, been the slightest bit curious or keep hearing about Rodan and Fields... now is a smart time to try it! Huge savings, and as always 60 day money back guarantee so you don’t have anything to lose! If you spend any time on social media, you probably have seen lots of Rodan and Fields posts😆... but for good reasons! They work!! The dermatologists behind the products have proven time and time again that they give REAL results and truly change your skin! SEE PICTURES 👍🏼 If 50% cash back sounds good to you, message me before Sunday night to place your order!

If you are interested in learning about a unique business opportunity with unlimited income potential, then shoot me a message! With Rodan + Fields you don’t need to stock up on tons of expensive product, everything is handled through your personal consultant website! Skincare is a GROWING multi-billion dollar industry, and Rodan + Fields is sitting comfortably at the top! I’ve seen many peoples lives change with this company and I’d love to see yours change too! Let’s chat on how to get you started changing skin and changing lives! 😊🤩✨

My business is open & I have a great weekend special for you! Save an additional 10% off any Core Regimen Travel Size Special! For those who don’t know which Regimen to select ~ go to the Solutions Tool on my website. This special includes a full size Regimen & a mini Travel size set + the free stylish cosmetic bag and my cash back 10% rebate on the product special! DM me this weekend to take advantage of this extra savings! #RFTravels #RFisthebest #realresults #globalskincarebrand #1Premiumskincarebrand #60day$backguarantee #itisyourface #80%isinyourcontrol #1.5Billion$sales2017 #R+Fisstillgrowing #4Coreregimens #Redefine #Reversebrightening #Soothe #Reverselightening #Unblemish #Lashboost #Essentials #joinmyTeam #preferredcustomer #nowisthebesttime #weareallaging

Did you know that our bodies can start aging as early as 30 years old?! 👵🏼🧓🏾🙀You can prevent fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity with our powerful Anti-Aging regimen, #Redefine. Check out these results! PLUS we offer a 60 Day empty bottle money back guarantee!! If you don’t see results after two months, return it for a full refund! 🤩 How awesome is that?!

Another Fun Fact... As we reach our late 20s and enter our 30s our collagen production decreases, and that’s why skin tone decreases, fine lines start forming and pores get larger😰

If you are ready to slow down the signs of aging, START rolling!
Call, text or message me and let’s get you a Roller TODAY🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 @wendy_rfskin
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Saturday vibes #positivevibes #pray #worship #eat #work #exercise #repeat Beating Las Vegas Dust storm and heat on this Saturday morning! Getting my mind filled with thoughts from above. Setting my atmosphere with #worship music that keeps me moving along while working in the kitchen and exercising. 🙌Feeding my belly 😋 with great food! Finally taking care of my skin with daily #skin care routine with #rodanandfields #unblemish to control my #acne breakouts and #Redefine to help minimize fine lines and pores. 😜 I say, these are all an important daily routine to keep yourself #young, active, #happy 😃 and #beyoutiful 😘 #livelove #staypositive #faith #hope #jesus #ohtasteandsee #momshare #momoftwoboys #momlife #myrflife #rftravels #bossbabe #mompreneur #godisgood

This is what it looks like
In solitude i remain...my kinda solitude..stay tuned to know what that is yo!
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Has this ever happened to you? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Went on a last minute family trip up to Grandmama’s this weekend, had all my toiletries packed...and left them in my bathroom 🤦🏼‍♀️ I can make it without my makeup (don’t wear much anyways) but I was a little stressed about having to use drugstore facewash and lotion until I could get back home 😫

Luckily I was traveling with my awesome MIL who has been using Rodan and Fields since I started- and was kind enough to share

But I tell you what! I went straight to my business page and put a set of our travel #redefine regimen in my cart! These aren’t available very often, even for consultants, and are only available for a limited time!!!

Looking to tackle some skin issues? Try a regimen for 60-days. Order as a new preferred customer and receive 💥$20 off!💥 Not sure which regimen to start with? Message me for a free consultation.

Offer valid until July 30.

From the same two Stanford trained dermatologists that brought you #Proactiv, Rodan + Fields “Multi-Med Therapy” uses the right products, in the right order to achieve the greatest results! Check out these awesome transformations! 😃
Link in bio! ✨✨

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