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Excerpt from: Redeeming Love--by Francine Rivers. ♥
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Has anyone else read this Amazing book? ❤ #RedeemingLove by #FrancineRivers.
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House is quiet... Kiddos are all gone or occupied... What to do?!?!... What to do?!! Book?
Organize my office?
Who I am kidding... LOL... Book it is!
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Oh if only these chairs could talk... do you love history? Do you wonder where you came from and why some things are they way they are?
Many answers can be found in what happened before our time... setting up generational patterns and ideals way before we ever even entered. Do we allow this to to our pattern as well or do we look to the Savior and allow Him to define who we are? History may say what happened but it doesn’t define who you will be. Allow your redeemer to speak that to you ♥️#history #carntonplantation #livingtosharehope #hope #belief #redeeminglove #freedom #youareenough

Thanks Commanders ! USA 🇺🇸 Army Air-Force Marine Navy Coast-Guard - And All Missions Overseas Now Redeemed ! Wow ! Welcome To Heaven Babies . Wait and Sing ~ #RedeemingLove 💒🇺🇸 Love You All

Luka is down for a morning nap and I have a little time to keep reading. I am not done with it, but I can't put it down. Keep the recommendations coming @colourmeblessed. #redeeminglove #godsplan #godsgrace #praisethelord #momlife #trustgod

Trusting God is to surrender all into His hands!
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It may be only 30 degrees out but reading Redeeming Love by the campfire is so appropriate. #goodbook #campfire #francienerivers #redeeminglove #bookgoals #reading #relaxation #winter #relax #teacherlife #night #chill #winter

IN CELEBRATION OF LOVE- affection, chemistry, devotion, kindness, and friendship. Some of my fav lovers and love stories through the years. Y'all see any favs??? Srsly, lmk. 💕💗

What an amazing love! I am reminded of the story of Hosea in the bible and it's illustration of God's constant and persistent love for us. Hosea, a prophet in the nation of Israel, willingly submitted to God's instruction for him to marry a prostitute named Gomer, who would bring him much grief over her unfaithfulness. Each time she would leave him to return to her sinful lifestyle, Hosea (whose name means salvation) would go after his unfaithful wife and bring her back. Jesus pursues us in the same way. His love for us is so deep, gentle, loyal, and unchanging. Like Gomer, we can sometimes give in to temptations and chase after the pleasures of this world, but Jesus relentlessly pursue after us, desiring to bring us back into fellowship with him. Understand that there is nothing we can do to take away God's love for us. No matter what we've done or where we are in life he wants us to come to him. He wants to take our mess and turn it into a message that will bring glory to his name and help others to overcome their struggles. I am so thankful for the love of God that found me in my mess, redeemed me and restored me 🙌🏾. God loves each and everyone of us so deeply and passionately. #Redeeminglove #Godisjealousforyou #Hislovegoesdeepenough #Salvation #Lightinthedarkness

Christwalk is excited to partner with Ms Jordan's 4-H Class at Riverside Elementary School in Evans, GA to do a canned food drive to help feed those who are in need in North Georgia. With the help of Mrs Claeys, the students Skyped Pastor Chip today and asked questions to plan the can food drive. 5th graders can work together to make a huge difference in communities through service projects like this. Thanks to all the kids for going the extra mile! #christwalk #redeeminglove #riversideelementary

Christwalk would like to thank God for using young adults to share the gospel! Madison Beggs and his sister, Ansley presented the plan of salvation to a group of students yesterday in Lincolnton, Georgia. Ansley has a ministry called Threads of Hope and uses threaded bracelets in a powerful way to witness to the lost. She has hand-made over 15,000 bracelets and sent them around the world at the age of 19. Madison and his wife, Carolyn are missionaries to Africa. At the  young age of 22 they have already established a powerful ministry there and come back state side several times each year. To Larry and Melany Beggs, we want to say thank you for investing in your children so that in return many can be blessed! #christwalk #redeeminglove

“The closer we get to mass incarceration and extreme levels of punishment, the more I believe it’s necessary to recognize that we all need mercy, we all need justice, and -perhaps- we all need some measure of unmerited grace. -Bryan Stevenson, Just Mercy.
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Journal entry: When has God found you at your weakest?

This past Saturday. It wasn’t my weakest point in history, but it was recent enough that it was still on my heart and a time when i invited God into my weakness. I am a stubborn human. When i feel weak or vulnerable, i retreat and hide from those I love. I spent 2 hours in a book store on saturday alone to hide from reality. While there I met a woman named Jessica, we were both standing in Christian fiction in front of the Francine Rivers collection of books. The book Redeeming Love was brought up between us. We both started gushing about how the book has touched our hearts and transformed the way that we see God’s love for us. Jessica went on to recommend another series of books, by Rivers. I held onto those books like a lifeline. Shortly after that, my husband found me. He sought me out the way that Michael does in the book Redeeming Love (if you have never read it. Stop reading this and get the book). God used people to bring me back to the reality that God is in all things and loves all things and that includes me, even at my weakest.
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Love is shown more in deeds than in words. -Ignatius of Loyola.

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