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Oh shit, I accidentally fell on a tattoo needle again. Fortunately, it was in the hands of the totally amazing @cooltrev at @liberty_tattoo_seattle so it looks pretty fucking amazing. Thanks for the excellent ink and awesome chat!

Bridges are an excellent movement for spine strength and flexibility. But bridges are hard. And for anyone who has ever had back pain or never done this movement before bridges can be scary.
Starting at the hands a bridge requires good flexibility in the wrists, good shoulder flexibility and the ability to reach overhead without also arching your back. You also need to be able to make a smooth curve with your spine rather than hinging at certain points. Finally you want to be able to extend your hips without arching your lower back.
There is so much stuff going on! To get you started this week, I'll be looking at some drills to warm-up and build the awareness that you need to get in a good position as well as some exercise to get you started. Then I'll look at some of the fun things that you do using your new found flexibility.
#bridge #flexibility #redditxxfitness

Bathroom selfie-ing with crazy hair cause I had a rly good workout today and I feel optimistic. #xxfitchallenge is bae ๐Ÿ˜ปExcited about running #candito & #chasinggainz for the next 6 weeks! #xxfitness #redditxxfitness

145 feelin and lookin alright alright alright

It was humid and hot and I had the flu over the weekend ๐Ÿค’๐Ÿคง so I was covered in a perma sheen of sweat like the McPoyle bros from Its Always Sunny for a few days. But I got better. :)

Next video with attempts to fix asymmetry. #xxfitness #redditxxfitness

Worked up to 175 x 5 on deads today to get myself back into the swing of things and it felt good. Focus is now on strength and getting my numbers up #strengthtraining #deadliftwednesday #redditxxfitness #xxfitness


Trying to not lose steam and keep the lifting rolling! Today I benched 80x5 on accident and did 85 x2 again. Getting closer and closer to 90! #gwpl @girlswhopowerlift #peachgang #abcmfitness #redditxxfitness #armday #lifteverything #sundayworkout

185x4 deads followed by an ohp rep pr 55x7.

trying something totally new. not even what i posted a few days ago. hoping i can really squeeze out some more strength gains by only training every other day and taking a more minimalist style. i would always feel guilty for not lifting 5-6 times per week, which definitely isn't healthy.

it feels weird having created my own program, but it should be a good experiment. hoping to mostly maintain my weight during the process.

i trained each main muscle group in some way today, and it feels kind of good. the only annoying part is having to warm up several times during the session.

End of Week 3 of #buildingthemonolith! ๐ŸŽถ Whoooaaa I'm halfway theeere ๐ŸŽถ My set of squats at 90 pounds felt incredibly light, and the next set at 100 were not bad at all either. 20 reps at 60 was legit cardio but at least there's only one set of those each week. I almost forgot to do press entirely, because I was so concerned with getting the accessories knocked out, so doing those after everything else was a little more challenging than usual.

#xxfitness #redditxxfitness #womenwholift #girlswholift #momswholift #squats #abcmfitness

I PASSED!! I am officially #nasmcertified !! Thank you to @kickashtrainer for helping me study and being my inspiration! Now what do I do? Lol #certifiedpersonaltrainer #nasm #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #goalsmet #nowwhat #xxfitness #redditxxfitness

only managed 2x85 today... also if anyone has recommendations for a 3-4 day early intermediate strength program that i can run for the next month at maintenance or a slight caloric deficit, let me know asap! life is unfortunately starting to get in the way.

Accidentally did an extra set of deadlifts today because squat and bench are both 7 total sets, but deads are only 5. Bench would've been a piece of cake if I'd allowed myself rest, but there were two different people circling the bench like sharks, so I rushed through my working sets of 75. Didn't die tho, so thumbs up.

You guys, my husband put 15 pounds on his bench max in just 6 weeks of #buildingthemonolith. I can only hope to be half as lucky.

#xxfitness #redditxxfitness #womenwholift #girlswholift #deadlifts #deadlift #fitmom #momswholift #abcmfitness #banchbanchbanch

new 5rm on the back squat... 135 at a bodyweight of ~124. not pretty, but it counts :-) and depth looks okay (compared to everyone else half squatting at my gym this morning!)

When your post-run ~glow just means you match your bright pink shirt. ๐Ÿ’

I almost let a couple factors talk me out of this run, but went anyway and it was SO GOOD. Lookit those negative splits. I spaced out and ran around the local elementary school track, which was flat enough that, even once the sun went down, I had a decent idea of my footing. DOMS from squats yesterday kept me going slow for the first mile and a half, but the last mile, I was just in the zone and would've kept going if I hadn't originally told my husband I was only going to do 2 miles. I had to run immediately after eating, but it turns out pad thai settles really easily for a run. Ugh, I love running, this was SO good. I'm looking forward to training for a half this spring. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

#xxrunning #xxfitness #redditxxfitness #runnersofinstagram #runsocial #running #momswhorun #abcmfitness #fitmom #5krunner #10krunner

i love overhead press, but overhead press does not love me back.

This week was one of two heavy weeks on #buildingthemonolith so squats at 100 pounds and press at 50 pounds. I supersetted squats with chins and dips which did not technically kill me but at times felt close. Navigating my tiny gym with a 110 lb fixed barbell (thanks, hip thrusts) also nearly killed me and 3 other people, oops. I did manage to get my full routine in in 1.25 hours so shout-out to supersets tbh.

#xxfitness #redditxxfitness #womenwholift #womenwhosquat #squats #momswholift #girlswhosquat #fitmom #abcmfitness

awful lift today. can't say i didn't expect it thanks to getting less than 7 hours sleep. have a midterm later, so hopefully that actually goes well. form looks awful here, i feel fluffy, but hey, it looks like my quads aren't entirely non-existent now.

60x4 ohp.

still looking for a good pressing progression scheme...

Heaviest set at 90 today - I'm feeling better and better about these, especially because the narrower stance is really easy to sit back into. The last one kind of got away from me, as I swayed a little forward coming up and had to push myself back with my toes, but overall, I'm not mad. Accessories felt fabulous today - idk how I got bored on SC but haven't on a program that basically says to do a million of each exercise, but here we are.

My right knee has been feeling irritated this week, and today's run really set it off. ๐Ÿ˜ž I'm going to take tomorrow off of running and hope that a steady diet of Ibuprofen gets me to a place where it doesn't feel so early-stage-PFPS-y. If not, I guess I'll have to add some more glute work to the accessories.

#xxfitness #redditxxfitness #buildingthemonolith #abcmfitness #womenwholift #womenwhosquat #girlswhosquat #girlswholift #fitmom #momswholift #squats

October 5k: as someone who only trains at night (or lunch time, at the earliest), I got tired of expecting my normal run speeds and then finding myself crapping out mid-race during a morning race, so I took this one easy. The course was hilly and a bit short of a 5k, as usual for PP&R. They raffle off prizes at the end of each race, and this time, we won! Some random items from @bridgecitykid, plus a $25 gift card there that we used to buy my cutest cheering section a new skateboard. ๐Ÿ˜Ž You can see him lurking on the sides of most of these photos. ๐Ÿ˜

Last slide is a post-run lengua burrito that I somehow managed to stop eating halfway through. Time for an hour of rest, and then lifting.

#xxrunning #xxfitness #redditxxfitness #runnersofinstagram #running #runsocial #portlandrunner #pdxrunner #portland5kseries #momswhorun #fitmom

3x5 125# squats + backoff sets and also tried doing 175# stiff legged deadlifts from the floor. there is some mild lower back rounding, but i haven't pulled from the floor in a little over a month or so, so this was surprising. i don't understand why my stiff leg form is so much better than my conventional ๐Ÿค”

decided to go for a 85# rep max today and got a pr. never done a triple with this weight until today.

Banch day, durdlift day. Bench continues to be easy af, which helps with keeping my time at the gym down. Deadlifts felt much better today - I've been doing the little butt up / mini reset thing and it's helping cue me better into the shins to the bar / lats pulled back position. I think my biggest area of question is the motion coming back down; I struggle with a happy medium between not dropping the weight (against gym rules anyway) and not overly slowly reversing the deadlift.

#xxfitness #redditxxfitness #banchbanchbanch #womenwholift #girlswholift #deadlift #abcmfitness #buildingthemonolith #benchpress #momswholift #fitmom

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