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Honestly, she's the cutest 😍

The sound omgg😻😻
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Europe hangs in the balance, today. Vive la France! Si vous plait don't vote for Trumpish jingoism! #brexit #eu #vivelafrance #macron #melenchon #lepen #liberteegalitefraternite “A united Europe now is more important than it has ever been. The UK under May chooses for a hard Brexit. A hard Brexit means nothing else than breaking with Europe. May is opting for the Trump way. May wants the UK to be exactly like the US is under Trump. Closing the borders. Shutting off everybody that is a little bit different. May does not like dissenting opinions, just like Trump And she's a flip-flopper just like Trump, Against Brexit at first, but for it once she found out it gets more voters. She is Trump.
The mainland should stand united now more than ever. Threats are coming from everywhere. Russia, US, and yes, immigrants and refugees and islamic terrorism.
But the only way to tackle all of these problems is to stand united.
We all know what happens when Europe gets divided. We all know what a divided Europe will lead to. Don't let that happen again.
Please, dear French voters.
Do not let that happen again.” #reddit

WeekendVibes #OOTD 👔
This was taken on our last adventure in March and we're hoping there's no more snow tomorrow so we can share clear skies with beautiful mountains in our stories with you!! We did a live feed also because we got lucky with signal so we'll do the same tomorrow if we can!! What are y'all doing?!
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Adventure On, xo Jasper & Louie 🐾

Матч 1950-го года между сборными Уругвая и Бразилии занесён в Книгу Рекордов Гиннесса,как футбольный матч, собравший максимальное количество зрителей - 199 854 человека.🔁The match of 1950 between the teams of Uruguay and Brazil was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, as a football match, which gathered the maximum number of spectators - 199,854 people. #historypng #time #life #oldphoto #старыефото #ретро #футбол

For the first time ever caught on video, we see the amazing "March of the Corgis" as it occurs in the wild 😂 Don't forget to tag your favorite pup photos and videos for a chance to be featured! Awesome Reddit post by user u/TheUserHasNoName1!


🔥Welcome to the best meme page out there my guys🔥 #memes #reddit #dankmemes

Seig heil das Furhur

Well here's everything upcoming for the next few months.. Im so freaking excited!!!! #summonerswarskyarena #summonerswar #games #phonegames #boosted #hyped #bored #com2us #main #grind #discussion #updates #reddit #post #new #news #homunculus #lightnat5 #omg

Thirsty ass hoes!

OMG. This cd is bombbbbb ! 😩😩😩 You should of put me any your daddy on this one too 😜😜j/k. This your best one to me, no bullshit 💯. Your daddy said u look stressed out on the cover lol I said nigga that's the point, we always stressin him out 😂😂 Since a Lil boy you been a over thinker though😜 🙏🏾.....But What you say, a nigga make it look sexy? 😩😩 😂 Boy you can make a dog laugh. Lil ken ken milli rockin' to it. He so weak lolol Album Is bomb bomb bomb bomb! 💯💯💯I missed the Coachella stream 🙈🙈🙈They say you was floating in the air??!!! Your fans are some die hards. I love them.
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"I don't always receive fellatio from a robot, but when I do they're dressed for snow shovelling." 😂😂😂 #reddit #bj #snowshoveling

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