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When on a dog walk I always have a foraging bag in one pocket and a poop bag in the other...and hope I don't mix them up #dogwalking #foraging #urbanforaging #dogwalking #redclover #redcloverblossoms

We are so excited about our newest farm partnership with @zackwoodsherbfarm ! These #redcloverblossoms are amazing ❀️! #herbsgrownbyherbalists #herbfarmers #brewpeace

Nighttime tea β˜•οΈ...😴

Working with the magic of Red Clover Blossoms. She helps clean our blood and lymphs, moving toxins out of our body gently. She helps us breathe better and balances our reproductive system...a strong woman's ally!
#redcloverblossoms #herbs #holistichealing #plantmedicine

#Redcloverblossoms #horsetail & #juniper gathered in fields & shadows.
Show me the way through the forest.
Soft mossy path springs back between tall, strong, silent aunties, uncles & grandfolks. 🌲🌲🌲

Aspen tree red clover harvest! 🌸🌲🌸 Was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of red clover up in and around a high altitude aspen grove this week. I only picked a few (because I try to harvest flowers and herbs proportionally, based on what is available, leaving plenty of blossoms to enjoy life and be pollinated). But, I think it is enough to make a nourishing tea. They are drying in my kitchen now... I had hoped to see more as I went along on my hike, but they were only growing on a particular part of the mountain. Plants and plant growth patterns are interesting to me... I find myself thinking: "why there?". It was a sunny-ish area close-ish to a stream. I have tended to find red clover close and closeish to streams here in Telluride, whereas other flowers, such as daisies and asters and paintbrushes, can grow at pretty great distances from flowing water, it seems. They (red clover) also seem to grow along the paths. Since red clover is a feminine and blood/heart remedy it seems a bit symbolically relevant that it grows close to water (flowing like blood and feminine like a woman) and walkways (like blood vessels). I think clover can grow abundantly in fields, too, possibly farther from water and walkways, in different climates. But so far, here in Telluride, she is particular about her habitat. She likes to be near the water fairies ...and the people! It's as if she wants to be seen! πŸŒΈπŸ’¦βœ¨ #redcloverblossoms #herbalism #sustainablewildcrafting #thankyougaia πŸ’—


Red Clover Blossoms are an alterative herb. They are high in amino acids, are said to nourish the nervous system, alkalinize the blood, support the elimination of waste products in the body, help with the assimilation of nutrients, and are used to support the lymphatic system. ✨A cautionary note: this plant is a blood thinner and it is recommended that one avoids mixing this herb with pharmaceutical blood thinners such as aspirin etc.✨
#redcloverblossoms #pnwherbalist #lymphaticherbs #lymphaticsystem #alterativeherbs #bloodcleanser #cleansingblend #wanderinglemurianherbs #naturesmedicine #plantmedicine

When on a dog walk I always have a foraging bag in one pocket and a poop bag in the other...and hope I don't mix them up #dogwalking #foraging #urbanforaging #dogwalking #redclover #redcloverblossoms

I have to say, this is quite a lovely blend! Customer picked the ingredients and let me figure out the quantity of each for her special blend. I think she will be pleased... #customblend #nettle #peppermint #redcloverherb #redcloverblossoms #yarrow #herbalblends #herbalalltheway
What can I make for you?
#EtsyShop - KipersLilTeaShop

Red clover from our allotment in Enniskerry 🌸This reminds me of my childhood, where I used to pick some and gave them to eat to my rabbit 🐰The flower is edible, but it doesn't taste much :)

Harvester a bunch of Red Clover. Time to make some tinctures and tea.
#redcloverblossoms #redclovers #gratitude #gratitude #gratefulforlife #redclovertea redclovertinctures

A few benefits of Red Clover Blossom πŸŒΉπŸ€πŸŒž 1.The #isoflavones found in red clover may help to increase HDL cholesterol (the good kind). 2. Red clover is a traditional method of treatment for cough in children.

3. Because of its #estrogen like properties, red clover tea may offer relieve for symptoms of #menopause, like hot flashes.

4. Blood-flow appears to be improved by red clover, which acts by thinning the blood and preventing blood clots.

5. Studies on menopausal women who take red clover show that the red clover benefits arterial strength and flexibility.

6. Red clover herb uses extend to the bones, too. Studies show that red clover may increase bone density and slow bone loss in menopausal women.

7. The use of red clover to reverse and/or slow cancer has a long history, and studies show supportive evidence of red clover’s effectiveness as a supplemental cancer therapy. However, because of its estrogen-like qualities, red clover should not be used in the case of breast cancer.

8. Red clover extract side effects are rare and mild, and generally do not occur in users who take it on a short term (less than one year) basis.

9. Ointments made from red clover can be spread on the skin to relieve skin rashes, inflammations and irritations.

10. Red clover comes in several forms for easy consumption.

There are many possible red clover benefits to be had if you choose to add this herbal supplement to your diet. As always, it is advisable to consult with your physician before making such a change.


Nighttime tea β˜•οΈ...😴

This is the beginnings of a gorgeous flower blossom oil for breast health. Doing your regular breast checks with this oil makes it into a more luxurious and health boosting self care tool. Dandelion oil not only improves your immune function but can help reduce cysts too. With regular use, flower blossom oil promotes the deep relaxation of breast tissues facilitating the release of rooted emotions. #dandelion #redcloverblossoms #calendula #yarrow #breasthealth #selfcare #susunweed #plantmedicine

The plant that has all your body needs infused with nettle, oatstraw and red clover blossoms... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ for moringa!!!

Spring is here & It's the perfect time to Detox! 🍡🌿 take advantage of this time & clean yourself outπŸ‘ŒπŸŒ»πŸŒˆ Find our original Detox on #imperialwildherbs website -link in bio- & for a Personal Detox order an Iris Reading Package* it comes with food recs, full iris map & reading, personalized Tea, Capsules & Extract plus tips & more! #spring #detox #nettle #redcloverblossoms #parsley #cleavers #herbalcleanse #herbaldetox #teatox #irisreading #iridology #springcleanse

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