Experimenting with #RedClover Don't ya just love the leaf pattern?
There are so many health benefits to this plant... lowers cholesterol and calm boost the immune system! #farmlife

It’s all about the trail side nibble. .....
The year was 1933. Following the Great Depression, the US government teamed up with farmers in the hopes of rebuilding a portion of the economy through what was to be the introduction of large scale animal agriculture. As the word fat wasn’t very glamorous, meat such as fish and poultry were coined as “low fat, high protein.” These foods have never been low fat, FYI. Quality fats we now know are important, unless of course disease festers in your body and fat needs to be minimized to speed up detoxification and give the organs a break. Not all would agree with me here though, and every opinion has value. Anyways, the obsession with protein was born. As a culture, our nutritional goals are centered around whether or not we have enough protein. We have forgotten about the easily assimilated proteins in greens such as this wild #woodsorrel, #redclover, #sprouts, and #lettuce, yes even lettuce. Calories are another story. Our craving for protein are generally more of a search for the calories in sugars and fats. The body will get its jobs done with carbohydrates, even if they aren’t coupled with fats or proteins. In fact, the body hasn’t evolved to assimilate fats and sugars (carbohydrates) together on a daily basis, and the stress on our hydrochloric acid, pancreas, liver, and adrenals are significant. So when eating that fat of choice, know that it doesn’t require rice or potatoes on the side, though it is delicious. And if you have a potato or a banana, it doesn’t have to have butter or yogurt on it to be balanced. We are foragers, and always have been, snacking little bits here and there. Don’t underestimate the nibbles all around you. And when the weekend comes, I say load up and go food coma style 😋because that is part of the human experience as well.

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On égraine le trèfle rouge pour les tisanes . #herboristerie #herborist #treflerouge #redclover #herbaltea #greenwitch

Spruce / Red Clover / Rose Tea
The benefits of foraging for this trio was well worth bug bites, tripping & falling on my knee, and disturbing a spiders web (which I still feel bad about). Just add hot water! And maybe some lemon and honey to taste

Couldn’t resist these red clover flowers at the market this morning. They’re planted in crop fields to help break up and condition the soil. Little flowering plants performing big tasks. And the bowl, serendipitous. #redclover #floralstyling #simplepleasuresgreatestjoy

How about that - first there was a lovely #bouquet, then I learned that #redclover & #whiteclover loves #chocolate - try to dip! //
Oletteko dipanneet apiloita suklaassa? Lisää blogissa, linkki profiilissa.
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My favorite part of the day, picking my clover. 🌸🌱 #redclover #herbaltea #teagarden

My favorite flower #redclover #nature_shooters

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