And then it was like .... "yea.... Naaarr"

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....das Halstuch ist ihm noch etwas suspekt, sieht aber zu süß aus 🙈❤️ #blacklabrador #redbandana #dogwithbandana #labpuppy #toocute #dogsofinstagram

He asked, I delivered. His & hers red-bandana-loose-hair-selfies-post. ***
I opened the gates to a new world. One where I am my center, my strength. A world of magic, freedom, love and connection. A place of healing and celebration. And then there was you
A month ago we met. For the first time in this lifetime but both remembering each other from past times. ***
A month ago we met. Since then I sleep and rise with you being one of the final or first thoughts on my mind.
A month ago we met. You greeted me with a hug and a primal urge in me was released. This is my home; in your arms is where I belong. Never before in this lifetime I felt this supported.
A month ago we met. You have shown and given me unconditional love right from the very beginning. You have shown me respect for my wildness & strength which feeds it even greater. I feel honoured and blessed to be your love and to call you my love. I love you zwaakje! 😍🐗🐲 all the way from my raven hair to my tippy toes, through my light body and all other dimensions!

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Regrann from @maximum13.co - Tradisigila Tour. #mx13official #maximumtigabelas #maximum13 #redbandana #tourlife #tradisigila #homies #cholo #punk - #regrann

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