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bounding broad jumps update: still no hops but no longer face planting. πŸ‘πŸ½ if you wanna be not only a better powerlifter, but a better athlete overall... get you some RED5 programming in yo life. πŸ”₯
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wide stance squat PR at 265 πŸ’…πŸΌ
okay so a few things:
1) thank you @mksaul_ for the back slapsπŸ–€
2) we were suppose to go to this sick powerlifting gym but ended up having to train at this golds and I literally felt like I had never squatted before with this stupid mirror in my face. NEVER AGAIN. Threw me and my depth off so bad.πŸ™„
3) positive I could've hit this for a double lol but oh🐳 I wanted to save 275+ for when I didn't feel so off.
4) never have I ever hit more than 245 without a box under me soooo holla 20 pound PR 🀘🏽
5) if you don't follow my coach @red5fitness you're missing out on allll the knowledge and allll the gainz πŸ”₯

1.5" deficit sumo pulls today...attempted 355 twice and failed. I really thought I had it in me but iron doesn't lie. Pulled 345 after. Got a lottttt of work to do. Still no doubts that I have 365 off the floor in me. Wait on it. ⏳
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πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ @red5fitness ・・・
Have back or disc issues?? Reverse hypers are the best accessory to train your erectors. Period. They offer eccentric loading, concentric contraction, and traction (decompression) of the discs. Not only will your back be stupid strong but you'll be the healthiest you've ever been

PERFORMANCE POINTS -- Place the strap around your feet and keep both feet together -- Hop up on the table so your hips are slightly off
-- Start swinging the weight to gain some momentum -- As the weight gets to the bottom use your glutes, hams, and back to slow down the weight as quickly as possible. Then powerfully reverse directions -- At the top lift your head slightly and squeeze your glutes and erectors as hard as possible
-- You're not just swinging around up there so be sure to hit these performance points properly
I like to so these in higher volume, typically sets of 10 anywhere from 50-80% of my back squat
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Day after leg day got me like
#jointherebellion #red5power

Eff treadmills
#jointherebellion #red5power

355# bench PR with a pause!

I've been working a ton of posterior delts and pecs and my bench is feeling really strong right now. Still more work to do but I'm stoked it's on the move again
#jointherebellion #red5power #pausebench

Monster 330# block pull PR for @cmpoole after coming off a deload week. Here are my thoughts on the deload

Deloading and giving your body a full recovery is essential for long term growth but the question is how often? Many people say every 4-6 weeks but I say, like everything, it depends. There are many factors that go into a decision to deload
1) how heavy are the weights you're lifting? If you're squatting 1,000 lbs you'll need to deload more often than if you're shooting to hit your first 315 squat
2) how hard are you pushing your training? Most people think they train way harder than they do so be honest. Are you hitting your percentages and calling it a day or does your training scare the living shit out of you?
3) how often are you deadlifting at or above 90%? The more heavy deadlifts you do the more you'll need to deload
4) are you using drugs? Pretty self explanatory that you'll need less rest on drugs but also refer to #1
5) how diligent are you about recovery? Are you stretching and warming up properly, foam rolling or getting massages, Epsom salt baths, getting enough sleep, is your nutrition on point etc
6) is your program based on actual science, like Red5, or bro science? Again be honest
Obviously there is a lot that goes into every decision when you're designing a program specifically for you. When it comes to deloading I say when in doubt listen to your body. If the weights are continually going up then stay the course if you're feeling run down then deload

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wide stance squats for a smooth PR of 235 for my top set of 3x5...after getting my life wrecked by deficit deads.☺️☺️☺️
@red5fitness I think that old squat 1RM of 245 is longggg gone. πŸ€”
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355# bench PR with a pause!

I've been working a ton of posterior delts and pecs and my bench is feeling really strong right now. Still more work to do but I'm stoked it's on the move again
#jointherebellion #red5power #pausebench

Eff treadmills
#jointherebellion #red5power

Face pulls have helped my bench quite a bit recently but most people don't do them properly

Most people pull the rope straight towards their face and use too much bicep but if you want to hit the posterior deltoid a lot harder try this technique

-- Set the cable at eye level
-- Keep the elbows high and level with your shoulder throughout the whole movement
-- Focus on bringing the rope towards your face by PULLING THE HANDLES AWAY from eachother

The rear delts work to stabilize the shoulder as you lower the bar in your bench press by aiding in external rotation. Keep all aspects of the deltoid well rounded by hitting them all HARD
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Decline cosmonaut sit ups
Add some heavy ab work to your program for building your squat and deadlift. Crunch after crunch won't get you anywhere!

#jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym #cosmonautsitup

You can tell a lot about someone by how they squat
#jointherebellion #red5power

Guillotine Bench Press is my new favorite movement for pecs
-- Start with LIGHT weights
-- Set up just like you would for bench
-- Really squeeze the posterior delt to stabilize the shoulder -- slowly and UNDER CONTROL lower the bar with elbows out towards your neck -- Feel the stretch in the pecs then press back up and away NOT straight up
-- PLEASE do these under control

Add these for volume on a dynamic day or as a finisher
#jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym #guillotinebench

Floor Press max at 340#
The floor press is an indicator lift for me meaning when I PR my floor press I usually can PR my bench press. It is good to know what your indicator lifts are bc maxing the big three over and over again isn't a smart way to train and is brutal on your body

I want to keep the training going so I can hit a big bench PR in about 4 weeks. Showtime!! #jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym

Me trying to balance grad school, a business, training, nutrition, and life
#jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym

Yoke walks for 4 sets
Stabilizing the spine is one of the most important things in sports, if not the most, especially for power sports. Yoke walks are a great way to increase core stability strength for all of your heavy lifting

There are not many movements that prepare the core as well as yoke walks, good mornings, and heavy weighted planks. Doing crunch after crunch might help with your physique but just does not provide adequate stress to prepare for heavy deadlifts or squats. Yoke walks are best done beltless if the intent is to train the core

Spinal loading is another added benefit to yoke walks. Most people can handle considerably more weight with a yoke than a squat or deadlift. When you force heavy loads onto the spinal column the body will be much more prepared when the load is decreased for a deadlift or squat max. If nothing else mentally it will feel much easier taking a squat out of the rack
Add yoke walks if your core needs some help

#jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym

Weighted back extensions for 5 x 6 at 225#

Strengthening your lower back is absolutely critical for ALL sports especially power sports. Most athletes neglect directly training their lower back as adequately as they should. Many injuries stem from not being able to stabilize the spine which is what the erectors job is so hit your lower back HARD

Some great movements for training the lower back are good mornings, RDLs, reverse hypers, back extensions, stiff legged deadlifts, and many more. Strong back and strong legs makes an athlete
#jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym

Home of the brave

Pause Safety Squat PR at 455# Definitely a tough rep but I'm stoked with this
Pause reps work to build how quickly you can develop force or how quickly you can get as many muscle fibers as possible to fire. Great if you struggle out of the hole

The SS bar wants to pull you forward so your middle and upper back have to work exceptionally hard to finish the lift

Add these into your program if you want to build massive strength in your back and increasing your rate of force development
#jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym #pausesquat #safetysquat

Running has one of the highest risk to reward ratios (High risk low reward). Stick to other forms of cardio
#jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym

Banded deadlifts for 6x3
Hit these at 60% + bands. Definitely throwing these back into the rotation!

#jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym #bandeddeadlifts

Got that 4 plates for 3. Weighted dips are one of the best movements for pressing strength PERIOD. Shoot for PRs just like you would any other lift. 200 coming up!

#jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym

Banded bench press - 55% x 9 x 3

Using bands helps develop how quickly your muscles can generate force or "rate of force development." Recruiting as many muscle fibers as possible as quickly as possible is key to getting that bar from your chest past your sticking point before you have to really battle

Add speed work into your program to keep your shoulders healthy and get your bench to start moving again!

#jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym

High boy rows that I stole from @athleanx for 5x8 -- This is a great movement to build some upper back strength but mostly to build strength in the often neglected rear delt. There are only a few good exercises to attack the rear delt with heavy weights and this one is the best -- Performed very similar to a barbell row but instead pulling the bar to bottom of the rib cage pull the bar to your upper chest. -- Use lighter weights than a normal bb row and make sure you get the elbows behind your torso -- If your bench is stalled try some high boy rows to build that posterior head of the deltoid!

#jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym #highboyrow

Got those dbell rows for 6x5 at 170# back was torched the day after
Love these for upper back thickness. Every man should have a strong back and strong legs
#jointherebellion #red5power #armorgym #dbellrows

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