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Since today kicks off colorectal cancer awareness month I figured it would be an appropriate time to post this. In January I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Prior to this I had no idea what colorectal cancer was, what the signs and symptoms were and how to screen early for it. For close to two years I had clear mucus in my stool on and off and more recently started seeing small amounts of red blood when I wiped. I blamed the mucus on my diet and the blood on hemorrhoids. Concerned, my wife scheduled me an appointment with the G.I. doctor. He wasn't all that concerned and thought I might have a minor case of colitis but decided to schedule a colonoscopy to be certain. When I woke up from this procedure I immediately knew something wasn't right and was then given the news nobody ever wants to hear. It has been a long and bumpy six weeks with many highs and lows but we are very hopeful with the road ahead. I'm not posting this for sympathy or for anyone to feel bad for me. Colorectal cancer, and many other kinds of cancer are preventable and treatable if caught early. If your body tells you something isn't right, don't ignore it and go to the doctor! I had no risk factors, no family history, and felt completely fine. My G.I. doctor told me I "saved my life by getting a colonoscopy". If this post causes one person to schedule a doctors appointment because they feel something isn't right with their body then I am happy. Cancer doesn't care who you are; no social status, color or creed can hide from it. #rectalcancer #cancersucks #crcawareness #fuckcancer #coloncancer

Operation done! I am so happy the waiting is over. Now I can focus on recovering and healing. #rectalcancer #ileostomy

Follow up to my rectum surgery resection yesterday! This is the APR surgery or abdominal perineal resection. The rectum and the anus are at the very most distal end of the colon. A tumor involving the rectum close to the anus, or the anus itself has to be surgically removed to save the patients life. This surgery sucks. I will start at the top photo. This is an illustration showing the colon before, and after the rectum and anus is removed. As you can see, after the surgery, the patient has to get a colostomy bag. The second photo shows the surgery being performed closely dissecting the tissue around the anus. The third photo shows the rectum, anus and anal skin we receive in the lab as a specimen. The anal skin is to the left of the photo. I know this photo is small, but an ulcerated, puckered tumor can be seen close and invading into the anal skin. The bottom photo shows the male genital- anal area after this surgery is healed.
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Today is #livestrongday. I joined a LiveStrong program at our local Y. It's a 12 week program specifically for cancer patients. We meet twice a week to do a bunch of different workouts together. I found out today that I can actually do Zumba if I do the Zumba Gold version 😜💃🏽#rectalcancer #survivor

Still here, alive & kicking. Don't usually post much but thought I'd share the rollercoaster ride I've been on recently. It's been 6 months to the day I had my life turned upside down & was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer. 6 weeks of chemotherapy & intensive radiotherapy, 5 days in hospital between christmas & new year's, an anxious 10 week wait before surgery, 10 days in hospital post operative recovery & now 5 weeks on I'm starting to feel like myself again albeit minus a some plumbing. A further 5 months chemo begins tomorrow to clear out any nasties still floating around. All this whilst trying to complete a house renovation (something I would not recommend while dealing with cancer!). I can't express how lucky I've been to have my better half & supermum @nat_willow to look after me, keep me grounded & basically be the rock she has whilst it felt like our lives were spinning out of control. I'm eternally grateful to have you by my side x #bowelcanceraustralia #bowelcancerawareness #rectalcancer

6.8 hemo is not good. Vamp mode for the next four hours.

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Round 2 of "Clean up" Chemo in the process... My Oncologist told me he was afraid to see "what" condition I was in based on when I saw him last with the severe edema and ascites. Today, skinny legs again, but I feel great and alive again...just to get kicked down again with the poison...but all is good!

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Hey folks- it's March- that means it's time to think about your butt! It's Colono-Rectal Cancer awareness month! Wearing one of my favorite shirts in this pic! If you have a history (I didn't ) in your family, find out more about the treatment you should be getting. Love these organization: @colonclub @coloncanceralliance #fuckcancer #coloncancer #rectalcancer #paintbond #nathanbond ✅UR :

Bracelet I got at my GI appt today. Get screened! #coloncancer #rectalcancer #colonoscopy #IBD


We (and our colons) are getting super excited for the Kicking Butt 5ks in Louisville and Lexington! Who's joining us?!?! (Image credit: @theawkwardyeti)

Just a reminder that you'll find plenty of help, advice and support on our friendly online forum over this bank holiday weekend. Please visit our website (link in bio). You'll find the link to our forum in the top left of any page.⠀

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Help us to kick colorectal cancer's butt! Sign up for the Kicking Butt 5k in Louisville! (Stay tuned, Lexington friends!) Registration link in profile.

Amanda, Em, and the Giant Inflatable Colon are spending the day at the Veterans Stand Down and Job Fair in Paintsville, KY. This event provides health screenings, veterans benefit consultations, and many other services - including The Project talking about colorectal cancer! We love our veterans and we want them to be screened!

May is Oncology Nursing Month. Lindsay is an Oncology Nurse who is fighting Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer. She graciously agreed to share her story with us. (LINK IN PROFILE)
Lindsay, you kick butt!

Did you know that people born in 1990 have double the risk of #coloncancer and quadruple the risk of #rectalcancer compared to someone born in 1950 faced at the same age? #getsmartgetscreened #coloncancerawareness #coloncancerchallenge #protectyourbutt #pyb

Tomorrow is Ileostomy Reversal day!! I am super excited. It was a tough few weeks, but I am really proud of myself. #rectalcancer #ileostomy #ileostomyreversal #cancerwarrior

Beautiful day for some Earth Healing. I love being able to go for a five mile hike right in the middle of D.C. 🌏🌍🌎🌹🍄🌾🌿🌳🌲🐾

“I’ll always remember back to my diagnosis day. Being told you have cancer is a shock and being told that it’s spread to multiple organs was horrifying. It’s so daunting to hear because you automatically think ‘well that’s it then’, it’s a case of counting the days and getting my affairs in order.⠀

“And here I am three years on, very active, was at the gym yesterday, walk the dog most days, I run a successful business...enjoying life as much as I can and trying to make the most of things."⠀

Steve Clark talks about what it's like living with advanced bowel cancer. You can read his story in full on our website (link in bio, search living with advanced cancer)⠀


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Today is #livestrongday. I joined a LiveStrong program at our local Y. It's a 12 week program specifically for cancer patients. We meet twice a week to do a bunch of different workouts together. I found out today that I can actually do Zumba if I do the Zumba Gold version 😜💃🏽#rectalcancer #survivor

Thank you All for your Love and Prayers for my husband who's battling Stage 3 Rectal Cancer!

Update Thursday, May 18, 2017, at 2:47pm:
God is good!!! So good. I'll explain:
Hungry, waiting to go to Dr. Pidala & Dr. Berilgen appointments, We got some Cobb salads at Beck's Prime. Pulled up the calendar appointments on his phone and saw a note saying "don't eat for 3 hours before coming to the appointment" for Dr. Berilgen. They were going to do the imaging for radiation treatments. Oops! Paul called and let them know that He blew it! A few minutes later, his appointment was rescheduled for next week (May 23rd)... but We were still headed to meet with Dr. Pidala.

Dr. Pidala reexamined Paul and said, basically, that he was confirming his first opinion - that the MRI was saying something else. He explained a conversation he had with the Radiologist - and had another very trusted Radiologist take a look at it. He says it seems, very much so, to be a T1, or T2 "lesion" and not a T3, which would be invading the lymph nodes and surrounding tissues. He also said "let's not confuse T3 with Stage 3" and "in fact, let's not talk stages at all" and "God may not have given me a perfect finger, but I trust it, and my finger says it's a T1/T2" and gave Paul back the option of a transanal excision instead of removing his rectum entirely!!!! Wow!!! While waiting in the surgeons office, we Found out he's also a Christian, and he told Paul to read Ephesians 2:4-5 “But God's mercy is so abundant, and his love for us is so great, that while we were spiritually dead in our disobedience he brought us to life with Christ. It is by God's grace that you have been saved.”
Ephesians 2:4-5 GNTD

Friday, May 19th: Paul is scheduled for surgery on June 1st🙌🏼 Thank you for allowing us to share a bit of our lives with you on Insta and Paul's journey with y'all! Continued prayers are appreciated especially on a June 1st. 🙏🏼🙌🏼 #cancersucks #rectalcancer #overcomer #faithoverfear #miracleshappen #godisgood

Good luck to Fiona, Jenny, Gary and Martin who work at Tesco in Keith, Scotland. They're walking 25 miles from Aberlour to Buckpool Harbour to raise money for us this weekend.⠀

Thanks so much for your support! ⠀

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Did you know that more than 5 million people worldwide live with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis? .
And did you know that IBD can increase your risk of colorectal cancer? .
You DO know that we're passionate about preventing colorectal cancer. Some of our most vocal advocates are individuals living with IBD? These warriors are visible and making their voices heard. Get screened! Take care of yourself! Be your own best advocate!
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regram @coloncancerpreventionproject
It's Women's Health Week. So many women in the world are bravely fighting cancer - including colorectal cancer. These fighters are our inspiration. We work hard to prevent colorectal cancer so that, someday, no one will have to persist through it. Keep up the fight, brave beauties. We stand by you! (Art by @courtneymprivett) .
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