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Me and a fellow brother in recovery. #godisgood #fellowship #unity #bros #recovey

Thanks @nutritechfit and @negri_tp for the supplements and helping me through my recovery. Cast off in two weeks time then the rehab starts. Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey #godstime#recovey 🏉

Rest day means coffee and study time for me and my roomie @tashfitzsimons #coffee #recovey #assignments

Walked to the office today and I am officially back #FCancer #winning .. day 3 #recovey #medicinefree #ThyroidCancerGoodbye

Over the past 2 years looking out from this deck at these trees has helped me reflect on how far I have come and to remember to keep on pushing forward no matter what life throws at me. Grateful to be at @charlfordhouse today and celebrating world oneness day with the girls ❤ #recovey#onenessday

Got an unexpected pain in my abdominals yesterday so I went to the hospital just to be safe and good thing u did. I ruptured my appendix when I was working on the roof yesterday. It's a good thing i know my body. As soon as it happened i knew something major was wrong. I had surgery yesterday and now in recovery.
Word of advice don't try to be a badass and suck it up cause it could be something serious like mine. I hope everyone is having a great day! it's a great day to be alive.

Ya listicos para lo que se viene mi pez, Jajaja! Con Dios por delante no hay quien pueda con nosotros.... 😼⚡️🔝🙏🏽 #Strong #Recovey

Missing riding my bike!

I sogni son desideri
#recovey #9
#draw #black #trattopen


For dinner tonight me and my dad had vegan rice porridge!😋💪🏼 made with a mix of almond milk and extra creamy soy milk, really recommend this combo cause it was BOMB💥💥 I topped mine of with dried cranberries, cinnamon and almonds. I used to absolutely HATE rice porridge as a kid but now I looooove it 😛😛🙌🏼 Have a great night lovelies!❤️💗

傷殘生活開始。😭 #hurt #rest #break #noalcohal #recovey #傷殘生活

Missing riding my bike!

I really do train some beautiful people thank you so much @lisamariecoppin and Lee Coppin for the beautiful but delicous edible bouquet!
#eddibleblooms #eddiblebouquet #Personaltrainer #happy #daymade #yum #beautifull #kindness #recovey

Walk and run #recovey run 💪

Thatttt @tjazelle wrist candy has me feeling some type of waaaay😍🍬This particular stack has the 👁✋🏼which is worn for protection - it is used to draw good fortune🔮, happiness☀️, love💘 & good health🤸🏼‍♂️ to the wearer!

Been 3 weeks since I've hit @flybarre & yes I'm losing my mind without it😆 Isolated arms with water bottles at home really just isn't the same.. but im startin to see the light at the end of the tunnel hoping to be back at the barre SOOOON🙏🏼🏃🏼‍♀️💨

The Recovery side of Day program includes those core classes that really help to heal the trauma that our young women have experienced.
www.safoundation.com #recovey #dayprogram #safoundation

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