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Breakfast was a bowl of protein clusters and milk 🍼 this was actually all completely unmeasured! I just filled the bowl with each and trusted myself 🐶 i find it so hard to trust myself when it comes to food which is ridiculous because pre-ed i had no sense of what a calorie meant and everything was 100% intuitive. My friends at school used to joke that I was the only one who would never diet because I loved my hot chips 🍟 pizza and chocolate way too much. I know that I won't return to that complete lack of awareness around calorie counts but I would love to get to a point where I never measure anything out!

È fatta!
Oggi super #RECOVERYWIN, oggi super #FEARFOOD e son la persona più felice al mondo!❤❤😻
Si perchè ho mangiato questa bella pizza con una mia amica a cui tengo tanto, ed è stato bellissimo perchè ero super spenzierata e avevo bisogno di una serata del genere💞
Inizialmente eravamo uscite in gruppo, poi ci siamo ritirate a casa sua e abbiamo ordinato due belle pizze da mangiare mentre chiacchieravamo, e adesso son qui a casa a scrivervi di ciò!🌸
Dopo ormai mesi ne rimangio una, una bella pizza proprio come piace a me, margherita e patatine!
E chissene frega se oggi ho mangiato il gelato e il duplo, e se giovedì avevo già mangiato le patatine fritte!
Io me lo merito, posso mangiare ciò di cui ho voglia, e che Marta sarebbe stata se avesse rifiutato una pizza?
Ormai io mi ascolto, basta ANA!🖕🖕🌸

Because ice cream>anorexia any day💪🏼🍦😍


Finally at the ski holiday. Yeeeyy.. we arrived in Südtirol...💞
It was such a long bus drive with less sleep but it was absolutely worth it. I really enjoy the time here with my dad and my friends.
Btw I couldn't weight myself before the holiday but I think I'm about 54kg..?? I don't know but that's okey. So yeaah I'm excited for tomorrow bc we're going skiing the first time. Hope the weather will be nice..☀ Wish you all a wonderful day/night, see you💤😇 #recovery #recoverywin #cheat #anorexia #nervosa #progress #workout #done #anorexianervosa #ski #skiing #tirol #italy

Just because I went out for a treat today doesn’t mean I should have a smaller evening snack 💪🏻 I just demolished this delicious bowl of granola, dates and banana 😋 I hope you’re all having a lovely relaxing evening, I’m looking forward to having a lie-in tomorrow morning 🌞 xx

- DESAYUNO: zumo de naranja, tostadas con mermelada y leche de soja con colacao. -MEDIA MAÑANA: manzana y café. -COMIDA: plato de judías blancas a la jardinera con pan y yogur de chocolate - MERIENDA: piña en su jugo con yogur de proteína y café -CENA: noodles de Calabacin con champiñones, pimientos, cebolla,brocoli..., pan y yogur. #tca #strongnotskinny #recovery #edfighter #eatingforlife #recoverywin #vivirfeliz #edwarrior #anarecuperacion #recuperacionanorexia #eatingdisorderrecovery #challenge #desordenalimenticio #vamos #fightingana #nomerindo #comerbien #fuckanorexia #contraanorexia #slayana #overcomingfears #ican #beatana #lovemyself #learningtolovemyself #tcarecovery #anorexiafighter #tcafighter #restoring #edrecovery

Hi my friends....how is everyone doing on this chilly, but sunny afternoon? It is Saturday and we should all be happy about that.

Some of you may not be feeling too well right now...getting over the flu, in the middle of the flu, depressed with this cold weather...so many different reasons. Some of you may have other health issues...some may be on a health and fitness journey but you're are stuck. Some may need to start a health and fitness routine but just don't feel like it.

I have a Challenge for ONE day for tomorrow!! I want to challenge those who want to take their health seriously to join me in this one day Challenge. If you want to do the challenge comment below, and we will do this tomorrow. It shows you how much you should be drinking on the bottom, based on your weight. Any kind of water.....but no artificial sweeteners!!! If you are in comment below. Its ONE DAY!! Can you commit to your health for one day??

Currently lying in bed in complete denial that I have packing to do. Actually, unpacking first..washing and more packing. ... And the emotional baggage...? I'll ignore that a tadge longer 👍


#ed #eatingdisorder #recovery #edrecovery #spoonie #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #bulimiarecovery #mindfulness #gaintotrain #strongnotskinny #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #edwarrior #recoverywin #yoga #yogi #health #selfcare #keepFighting #food #addictionRecovery #yougotthis #packing #travel #adventure

Hi my fit family!! Happy Saturday! Happy Weekend 😃

Do you sometimes eat breakfast foods like pancakes or eggs for dinner? I do! This breakfast skillet is perfect for any meal of the day 😍 It's loaded with potatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, parsley and spices that provide rich nutrition and lots of flavor. Serve with salsa or natural ketchup on the side. Enjoy!

2 pounds russet or sweet potatoes, large diced
⅓ cup or less of olive oil
1 yellow onion, diced
1 red bell pepper, diced
8 ounces mushrooms, quartered
½ teaspoon garlic powder
½ teaspoon paprika
kosher salt
2 cups baby spinach
¼ cup freshly chopped curly parsley
1 lemon

Add the potatoes to a pot of boiling salted water and boil them, par-cooking the potatoes for about 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, let the potatoes cool and cook the vegetables. In a heavy pan or skillet over medium heat add 2 tablespoons of oil and the onion and sprinkle with kosher salt. Cook for about 3 minutes and then add the mushrooms and cook for another 5 minutes until the onions are soft and the mushrooms are tender and browned. Add the red bell peppers and cook for 1-2 more minutes. Transfer the vegetables to a separate bowl.

Add the remaining oil to the pan and fry the potatoes until golden and tender in the skillet over medium-high heat. Season to taste with kosher salt and the paprika and garlic powder.

Add the vegetables back to the skillet along with the spinach, which should be folded in and will wilt right away. Squeeze a little lemon juice and season to taste with kosher salt and garnish with the parsley. Serve hot with ketchup or salsa on the side for dipping!

Night snack hours and hours ago was MASSIVEEE and yum🐝 This was my first day of intuitive eating, which by i basically mean, that i’ve eaten when i’ve felt like it and what i’ve craved😌 Before i go any further about this subject, i just want to make a point of EVERYONE having their own thing in recovery, as long as it’s working for you and you actually are fighting!!! I’ve struggled so much during this relapse as it’s been my absolute worst and one of the hardest times in my life, but now i’ve kept my eyes open and found MY thing😋 It’s basically, that my stomach is very small so it’s hard to fit food in, which means hard to eat enough and when i try to force these ‘bigger’ meals in couple times a day it only leads to an unbearable pain😩 So i’ve decided, that my trying today of intuitive eating REALLY is my thing👌🏻 Ofc i won’t skip anything, i’m just going to eat smaller portions, BUT more often so that i eat often but small portions. That’s really working for me anyways👍🏻 Also, i still wanted to say, that i’m going to be a veggie and i’m not sure whether i’m ever going to be a vegan again, as my mind is very ill. I don’t believe it’ll ever be 100% healthy and i’ll always have an ED-past, which i can’t remove from my life. My mind is so sick at this point, that my mom honestly was all serious and said, that she wouldn’t think that fully veganism would ever be good to me -i think she’s right and even tho it’s hard, i agree. It’s a good way of life and i respect it so much, literally go vegans😜❤️ Veganism is good, yes, but it’s an major extreme and still an extreme is always an extreme, you know? And i know myself. I’m that kind of a person, who makes an extreme to even more extreme and i’ll have to do everything so perfectly. It starts of with stressing about jumping into 100% vegan in a second and making it all perfectly, but no that wouldn’t be enough for my mind... Then would come raw veganism and etc etc etc. You see? I’m aware my mind is very ill and it’ll never be good enough. Also this is extremely hard, as letting go of veganism takes the last bit of control away from me, i feel scared and empty, quite hopeless as i don’t have
the control anymore😶

Humans are meant to be all shapes and sizes. 95% of us are not genetically primed to fit society's 'thin ideal'. Accepting this can be tough but it is essential. @nourishandeat

Vietin tänään pelottavan normaalin päivän. Käytiin perheen kanssa Hesassa shoppailemassa ja syömässä. Ravintolassa syöminen on mulle tosi vaikeeta, mutta onnistuin voittamaan sen mörön. Siispä söin tämän pitan, jossa oli täytteenä falafelia, fetaa ja munakoisoo sekä chiliä ja tsatzikia. Oli pirun hyvää ja syömishäiriö sai kunnolla turpiin! 🖕🏻👊🏻💪🏻

I would give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter ✊🏼.

This gorgeous face is what gets me through every day ❤️ He may be old and smelly but he is my rock and I don’t know what I’d do without him, he’s always by my side when I need him ☺️ Dinner earlier was naked burrito, followed by a Gf blueberry muffin 😬 Evening snack was 2 Gf pancakes with honey & lemon, and 250ml of banana milkshake! Sleep well everyone xx #recovery #anorexia #anorexiafighter #eatingdisorder #edfamily #mealplan #saturday #weekend #dinner #dessert #recoverywin #fearfood #challenge #glutenfree #vegetarian #medicine #foodisfuel #keepgoing #staystrong #staypositive #strongnotskinny

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