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8 days of complete madness at my favourite festival with my favourite people. Sziget you Szgot me again! #sorrybody #recoverymode #Sziget2017 #SzigetSquad

Ni ser antagligen inte de jag ser. Ni ser inte ett fult monster med försmå ögon, ett utstående öra, tjocka armar, alldeles för breda och maskulina axlar, ful näsa, äckligt hår, små läppar, plufsig mage och allt de andra. Listan kan göras löjligt lång och jag har idag börjar förstå hur otroligt idiotisk jag vart i så många år. Ända sedan jag var barn har jg kritiserat mitt utseende, min längd och vikt. Jag har alltså kämpat med dessa hjärnspöken ett bra tag nu och det är och har varit ett helvete. Men på senaste tiden har jag hittat så mycket inspirerande människor allt från @hultberglinn till @valflickan och båda två verkar som helt otroligt personer. Båda tar hand om sin kropp men på olika sätt. Det är så fint att man själv får bestämma vad man vill göra med sin kropp. Vill du skutta om kring naken, gör de. Vill du spendera timmar i gymmet? Gör de. De är dags att vi slutar jämföra oss med andra och leta brister i oss själva, för vi duger. Vi duger oavsett om du är 178 eller 155cm, vi duger trots om du är brun, vit, gul eller whatever. Det fula monstret jag ser på bilden börjar jag att acceptera och ju mer jag accepterar desto vackrare blir jag. För de är inte mitt utseende de är fel på, de är min hjärna, mitt tankesätt och syn på mig själv. Vi alla kan väl ge en klapp på axeln till oss själva bara för att visa lite kärlek. För vet ni? De är klyschigt men kärlek övervinner allt❤️

Fuck genetics and protien, this was all me
Working towards 100% fitness

Have you recovered enough this week? To avoid injury, or over training (current buzzword), stick to only increasing intensity or time by 10%. Runners that goes for you too. If you currently don't run then going out on 4 x 5kms in a week isn't wise. Slow and steady progression wins the race ( 📷 @joslynthompsonrule) #recoverymode

I'm waiting for u Babe, be easy I'm still in #recoverymode

💥Let's talk real quick about most people's least favorite part of exercise--the warmup. It's not sexy and sometimes it can be kind of boring but doing a warmup is very beneficial for your training and also helps keep you healthy.
💥The layout above is what I'd recommend to someone looking for some guidance in the warmup department. The stuff you do before lifting helps get your body ready to lift so that your muscles are properly warmed up and you don't risk injury.
💥First, it's a good idea to get some blood flow by way of light aerobic activity. This can be walking on an incline treadmill, using an upright bike, or any low impact, low intensity method of slowly raising your heart rate and working up a light sweat. 5-10 minutes here is all you need.
💥Then, you can briefly move into any soft tissue and foam rollling that's necessary for you. You don't need to roll your entire body but moreso just the areas you're feeling a bit stiffer. Foam rolling will help to bring blood flow to those areas so that they're easier to move into different positions. 2-5 minutes here is plenty.
💥Now, you've done your general warmup and soft tissue stuff, so it's time to get moving around a bit more which is done through dynamic stretching. These movements/drills can be specific to the lifting being done that day or it can be a total body dynamic warmup. Think movements like walking spidermans, inchworms, bodyweight squats, t-spine rotations, etc. 5-7 minutes here is perfect.
💥And there you have it. You can get in and knock your warmup out in about 12 minutes which is really going to help you move and feel better throughout your lift. Don't be a bonehead and skip the warmup like I've done far too often.
🙏I'll be better about doing my warmup if you will, ok?
👊Let me know if you have any questions and I hope this was helpful for ya.
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Still recovering man ! Our second show was on a London Underground tube train . Got messy a fuck #glastonbury #hacktivist #recoverymode #stillinbed #halfdead

Thank you, Tennessee ✌🏼 #yourecrazy #recoverymode #longlivepamela

Three days off got me like 🤙🏼 #sogood #recoverymode #tbtree


Y lo que no podía faltar era un reencuentro con nuestro compadre, Rafael Alvarez hoy en día Scout de Philadelphia 😜 hoy por cierto Francisco fue coach de tercera y los Yankees le ganaron 6-1 a los Phillis en ligas menores 😂😂 rivales en el terreno y hermanos fuera de el!! #baseballlife
#ElQueQuierePuede #recoverymode #postpregnancy #motivacion #process #healthychoices #wellnesscoach #couple #postpartum
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It's Friday, and I got to wear my favorite color to work today. Of course, I topped it off with the ever versatile Plunder Jewelry.

Thanks to my amazing mom and fiancé for taking such good care of Maddox and I while I recover from this surgery. It's been a rough one and I'm slowly getting better. Since I've been out of commission and can't get up to cook I was able to muster up enough energy to get myself out of the house for a bit and make a quick trip to @wholefoodssandiego (with my mom driving of course) to pick out my favorite snacks. Maddox picked out cookies and Mac n cheese of course. ☺️👍🏼 now back to bed! #recoverymode #grateful #treatyoself #cleaneats

What's the point of getting souvenirs glasses... and then never using them? Tonight I am pulling off the trophy shelf my first marathon glass and filling it for the first time! Time to sit back and relax to a movie, wine and sushi. Ok... let's call this what it really is... recovery month? Lol enjoying the down season before I get back into training full time again 😂 #prophecy #fridaynightmovie #recoverymode #trilife #marathonmemories life was very much different that year #fortmacfire #swimbikerun #ironmantraining starting again in a few more weeks #timetorelax

#FBF to no:thirty o'clock this am on my way to @gainsxgaines spin class.. She said something in class that one of our amazing #HW trainers/nutritionists said to me later on in the day in a different way.. It was something like-- If you were to transform from who you were yesterday to who you want to become tomorrow, what would that look like?!-- Or in the words of @kaylefit, what is Tam in 6 months from now doing, what does she look like? This is my new mantra. Forget about yesterday, looking ahead taking steps day by day to make me a better me.. #mymessagetome #motivation #makeithappen #fitness #nutrition #fitgirl #workinprogress #recoverymode #livingkidneydonor #npcbikinicompetitor 🦄

PUPDATE: I had a checkup at @pewaukeevet today and both of my surgeries are lookin good! Dr. Kelly was VERY pleased with with my progress ... T-10 days until this dang cone comes off! I sure told Dr. Kelly what I thought about the cone 👅 .
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Another very early 4am start again today but while on my travels up north I had a beautiful reminder to count your rainbows 🌈 by your storms⚡️
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