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You are not your age,
Nor the size of clothes you wear,
You are not a weight,
Or the colour of your hair.
You are not your name,
Or the dimples in your cheeks,
You are all the books you read,
And all the words you speak,
You are your croaky morning voice,
And the smiles you try to hide,
You're the sweetness in your laughter,
And every tear you've cried,
You're the songs you sing so loudly,
When you know you're all alone,
You're the places that you've been to,
And the one that you call home,
You're the things that you believe in,
And the people that you love,
You're the photos in your bedroom,
And the future you dream of,
You're made of so much beauty,
But it seems that you forgot,
When you decided that you were defined,
By all the things you're not.
• Erin Hanson
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Gestern Abend hatte ich einen kleinen #recoverywin - Ich hab mir Honig auf meinen halben #proteintoast getan, bei dem ich nicht die Nährwerte kenne, weil er von glücklichen Bienen eines Freundes kommt. Ist das nicht viel schöner als zu wissen, wie viel kcal das jetzt hatte oder wie viel Fett und Zucker? Eigentlich schon, auch wenn das für mich echt noch schwierig ist, die Kontrolle so abzugeben. Wenn ich am Freitag zugenommen habe, werde ich in der kommenden Woche nur noch an 5 von 7 Tagen tracken und ansonsten an 2 Tagen versuchen, so genug zu essen. Drückt mir die Daumen ♥️🙏🏽

#lunch with 105 kcal + little bit kcal from dumplings.
Wow cute cat 😂🐱
Btw today I was on family psychotherapy. It wasn't bad but I was so stressed.
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Frühstück 🥑 Vergesst nie: da draußen wartet ein echt geiles Leben 💕

Mein Frühstück war einfach eine Sesamecke mit Brunch und Chicken und einer Karotte. Dazu gab es Magnesium und ne Tasse Tee. Diese Sesamecken haben ziemlich viele Kalorien ist mir aufgefallen - aber hey: umso besser! Und sie sind echt lecker. Ich hatte eben das erste Gespräch bei meinem neuen Psychologen und irgendwie hat er mich total krass analysiert. Er hat mir gesagt, dass mich vor allem krank macht, dass ich mir zusätzlich einrede, ich sei krank. Wie wäre es: man versucht mal, sich einzureden, man ist gesund? Vielleicht ist das ein kleiner Schlüssel 🔑 zum Erfolg! 💭

-Súper bocadillo de aceite, tomate y jamón serrano😅
-Narilla de vainilla .
¿Algo mejor para cerrar el finde?😍

Progress, not perfection, is what I aim for 💪
I see major growth in my lats right now, and that excites me.
I still have a lot more work to do and progress to be made before I feel ready for July but where I am right now feels really solid.
I had a conversation with another recovering alcoholic last night and it made me want to share this.
Most people who know me, the old me, know that this new "Katelyn" took day after day after day of battling inner demons.
Coming from a home with an alcoholic, sexually abusive father (who wasn't like that until I was about 13) then into a physically & emotionally abusive relationship with a man that should be behind bars while battling Anorexia (which I developed as a coping mechanism) and then developing Alcoholism like my father (to cope with my eating disorder)... they know all the dark, horrible, unspeakable trauma I have endured but I MADE IT OUT. I didn't just make it through all that shit for nothing. I believe I have the right to share my pain so that those who have gone through it or are still going through it can know that they are not alone.
Those are just some short stories of what I have overcome in my 24 (almost 25) years on earth. If I could sit down and tell you my full story, it could take a whole day over multiple cups of coffee.
Never judge a book by its cover. You don't know the meat of what it took to write that book. You don't know their chapters, their villans, their heros, or their plot. Take the time to smile at someone, hold the door open, say "have a good day" because those small gestures could change their whole outlook on the rest of their day or even life.
I wouldn't have recovered without the help of, not just close friends, but strangers too. Those are the people that restore your hope in humanity. I still have to choose recovery every single day and work on it every single day. Recovery is practiced every day but never perfected. I am almost 10 months sober from alcohol and almost 2 years recovered from Anorexia.
Spread kindness around like confetti and give everyone you meet a warm welcome.
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-Dos tostadas con aceite, tomate, queso y nueces -Leche entera con colacao

Naše miminko 💕💕 *
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