I survived my arm reconstruction surgery. I look happy here in recovery because I had a nerve block and no general anesthia so I can't feel my arm at all😄😄.
But....as soon as the block wears off I will not be a happy camper for about a month 😣😣😣. Just thankful for my amazing doctor that I found and that I am on the road to recovery 💖.
Super off the charts thankful for the love of my life @ray_pickell for taking such great care of me ❤❤

There is no such thing as an addiction "under control" you need to admit the problem and get proper treatment. Don't be afraid to share your story, because you will inspire others.

You know that feeling when you crave something so you eat it? Well for those in recovery from an Eating Disorder moments like that are profound.
To most of you I’m pretty much known as the girl who brings her own food everywhere she goes. And to be honest the way I have lived my life has confused a lot of you. “Why can’t she just eat what we’re having?” “Why does she have to be on a schedule?” “Why is she not eating at a restaurant?” And the questions and statements go on. But what majority of you all don’t know is these patterns I have had led me ultimately to a place of freedom.
Eating disorders are a disease where rigidity, and structure become the foundation for initial recovery. In majority of treatment centers, including the one I spent most of my life in, structure was the building blocks for the out of control behaviors and mindset those who are struggling develop. Food, meal times, activity times, etc are all planned accordingly giving some sort of security when recovery seems most unknown. Treatment days look the same almost everyday, and it is emphasized that to continue recovery long term, maintaining a schedule or structure in your life is best. To the outside world this seems crazy, to eating disorder patients this is where life starts to actually begin. Recovery of course starts inside a clinic, or therapy, but the real challenges of treatment are in the world.
What most people don’t understand is for a period of time counting calories, eating scheduled meals and planning for days ahead is not because the eating disorder still has control, it’s us having control over our new recovery driven life. Studies show time passes, and the success rate in recovery for those who maintained structure is greater than those who didn’t.
So for the answer to so many peoples questions over the years of “Why can’t someone in recovery from an eating disorder be just like you?” It’s simple. We can be, it just takes time, it takes understanding, and most of all it takes the realization it’s okay that we are not just like you! 😊. #eatingdisorderrecovery #thisjourney #edawareness #recoverybound #thisismylife #healthylifestyle

You don't need to be ready to recovery. You only need to be willing. You don't need to feel alone anymore. There is hope in recovery at pomarri.
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Live a full life of grateful and thankful.

Here are A few more pre surgery pics. Ima about 14 hours out from getting my pec stitched up an back to business
#pectear #recoverybound #downbutnotout💪 #comebackinthemaking #kindagrosshuh

Sheduled for surgery tomorrow at noon. They will be be re attaching my right pec back to my arm....for now it jus kinda jus does its own thing. Recovery here i come
#pectear #recoverybound #downbutnotout💪 #comebackinthemaking #kindagrosshuh

Life isn’t always full of smiles and laughs, and it’s not typical for people to post their bad days here on social media. But here I am, posting on a rough day. Life isn’t pretty, but being real and open can really help heal. Depression, stress, anxiety, heart ache and loneliness are real. Those are just a few examples of things that I deal with on a daily basis. I want to run, hide, forget that these feelings and emotions exist. But no.. I’ve done that too often and now I need to sit with them. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s needed. Recovery means learning to be comfortable within the uncomfortable (if that makes sense). So to those who are having a rough day. It’s ok to have those emotions, please sit with them, maybe even share them with those you feel safe sharing. Its a big step in recovery and self acceptance. Keep fighting ED and keep striving for recovery y’all ❤️ #nofilter #hadabadcoupledays #recoverfromaned #feelyourfeelings #recoverybound

When your teammates are there for you no matter what...#recoverybound #comeback

Some days can start out well, but crash towards the end. Emotions churning inside my head. Emotions are real, and heck yes, they are a really big deal. So don't avoid siting with them. It may seem terrible painful even, but by feeling them, one can slowly start to separate it from other parts of life. In my case, choices and my eating. By doing so, I don't have to stray of the recovery path. #recoverfromaned #nofilter #sadpost #roughday #recoverybound

Sometimes the things you love hurt you #shitbroke #recoverybound #tillidie 😈😘

Goodbye for now. #recoverybound

So often we want to demonize difficult emotions in an attempt to distance ourselves from them, but this often makes them even more difficult. Emotions aren't the enemy. We need them. They mean we are responsive to the people in our lives and the world around us. Try letting the hard stuff be there without pushing it away. 🌺
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