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Too cute not to share! Jon was so connected to Kiah today...snapping & mouthing commands.
Update on vocalization: each day brings more improvement with Jon trying to communicate through hand gestures & mouthing. A little whisper comes and goes. Nothing anyone can understand, but I have faith that the progress is moving in the right direction.

Huge smile because every body is beautiful! ❤️ A reminder that anyone can transform their bodies within seconds!! 🙈 Sometimes even I forget this and have to remind myself that I can look like the first picture and less than 10 seconds later the second‼️Society puts SO MUCH PRESSURE on us to look a certain way and it's way to easy to get sucked into the trap of trying to achieve this image!! Having the "perfect body" is unattainable, don't EVER give away your life chasing a body. IT'S NOT WORTH IT believe me! Happiness can be acheived whatever your body looks like! STOP comparing yourself to others, BE YOU and BE HAPPY! 😃 #beautiful

I've been waiting my whole life to have a fat eating disorder role model. Someone who didn't talk about binge eating disorder because I didn't suffer from that & fat people don't just suffer from Binge Eating Disorder. I've been waiting for a fat person in the media, who is popular and celebrated for their recovery & survivorship. We need more spokespeople and influencers like this. This year I've figured out that maybe I am the role model I always needed. I'm the role model I was waiting for. Wouldn't it be great to continue seeing fat people as eating disorder recovery spokespeople. Eating Disorders have very little to do with our bodies & are very much about control. Body size & Body Type does not tell you the severity, seriousness or type of eating disorder someone has. It is a mental illness. You do not have to be hospitalised for your disorder to be serious and very deadly dangerous. Remember treatment in a lot of cases is about early intervention. There is also a lot of areas we can improve to help sufferers of larger sizes & the stigmas around their bodies/disorder. So let's make some noise & make sure all of our stories are told. I really want to educate the world that what you look like has no bearing on if you suffer from an eating disorder or the severity of one. It would be wonderful to see fat speakers at eating disorder conferences & bust myths around what a recovered & suffering bodies looks like. The hardest thing about sharing my story has been the doubt, the mean comments & even comments from eating disorder sufferers who doubt & ridicule me. I never suffered from binge eating disorder. I suffered from EDNOS now known as OSFED. It's my mission to make sure young girls who are starving, over exercising & stuck in the deep darkness of eating disorders aren't turned away or left with no treatment because of their size. Tag your favourite eating disorder survivor, treatment team or organisation in this post. Let's change perceptions and most importantly make sure there are more role models to look to for recovery.

Relive the best point saving digs from the #FIVBWorldLeague Preliminary Rounds #volleyball #volley #dig #save #recovery #best #digs #digdeep

Only doing heavy shoulder pressing is generally not enough for complete shoulder development. .

Research measuring muscle activation on several shoulder press variations shows it puts great emphasis on the front deltoid [1-3]. As you can see if you swipe left, the side and rear deltoids are not heavily involved during shoulder pressing. .

That's why it's a good idea to perform additional shoulder isolation work that directly targets the side and rear deltoid area. The side deltoid aids in vertical abduction, whereas the rear deltoid aids in horizontal abduction [4,5]. .

Vertical abduction occurs when you raise your arms to the side (think side delt raise). Horizontal abduction occurs when you move your arms away from your midline in a transverse plane (think rear delt fly). .

1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23096062
2. https://minds.wisconsin.edu/handle/1793/70129
3. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20072068
4. http://www.exrx.net/Muscles/DeltoidLateral.html
5. http://www.exrx.net/Muscles/DeltoidPosterior.html

I got to explore Chichen Itza today & some neighboring communities. I've been learning so much about the history of this beautiful country . Especially about the Mayan people😍🇲🇽

I enjoy every little moment of this summer 🙌🏼☀️👙Getting Vitamin D after a workout is the best recovery 💪🏼 .
#pool #poolday #vitamind #vsco #vscocam #vscogram #vscodaily #mtl #mtlmoments #montreal #summer #endlesssummer #happygirl #bikini #sun #fun #smile #workout #recovery #training



Probando el Foam Roller Aptonia de @decathlones para descargar jamones🍗🍗 #triathlon #triathlete #triatlon #triatleta #bike #cycling #roadbike #cyclingphotos #bikelove #cyclist


So happy and proud of myself with how far I've come !!!#recovery #worksifyouworkit #cantstopwontstop

I love my Damon 😻😽🙀 he looks so annoyed at me for turning the pages in my book 📚🙈😂✨

Haven't shown my face for a while so excuse that😂 .
But I just wanted to remind everyone that it's okay to smile ! .
It's okay to enjoy life .
To enjoy food .
To be HAPPY when someone offers you cake or chocolate not anxious or scared .
It's only food .
It's not there to make you fat or unhealthy .
It's there to fuel your everyday living .
So no fuel = no living .
Seems simple but believe me I know it's not and this is a reminder to myself as much as anything .
But today I WAS happy to be given food and I felt guilt not for eating it, but for enjoying it .
But I refuse to let this disorder take any more away from me🙅 .
Stay strong lovelies .
Life is for LIVING .
#edrecovery #edfamily #recovery #realrecovery #recoverywin #ana #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #food #fuckana #prorecovery #bulemia #beated #me #weightrestored #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #fearfood #ed #blonde #fitfam #healthy #balance #anarecovery #vegetarian #eatingdisorder #hungry #cooking #motivation #selfie

Room with a view. Final #surgery on my #elbow having the #pins and #ironwork taken out. Then on to the final leg of my #recovery #brokenelbow #hospital #orthopedics

Breakfast avec ❤
▪️une pomme 🍎
▪️3 tranches de pain complet 🍞 avec compote
▪️coco pops 🍫
▪️fromage blanc vanille 🌼
Petit déjeuner pris à 12h mais ce n'est pas une raison pour saute mon dejeuner de ce midi que je prendrais un peu plus tard vers 13h 😘
Bonne journée
#anorexia #anorexique #anorexie #recovery #recoverywin #breakfast #petitdejeuner #miam #food #foodporn #cereal #bread #pain #prendredupoids #apple #pinklady #cocopops #chocolat #fruit

Just because you've been around this tree before, doesn't mean you can't go around it this last time and and project yourself forward onto a new path. Keep looking forward. #theresalwaysanewlesson #welearninlayers #sometimesthingstaketimetoclickintoplace #persevere #nothingswasted #recovery #afutureandahope

بازگردانیه اینستاگرام های دیس ایبل شده و هک شده
مدت زمان بازگردانی : حداکثر ۲۴ ساعت
دریافت هزینه بعد از برگشت پیج شما
هزینه بازگردانی بستگی به تعداد فالوورتون داره
از یک فالوور تا ۸ کا فالوور ۳۰ هزار تومان
از ۸ کا فالوور تا ۱۸ کا فالورر ۴۰ هزار تومان
از ۱۸ کا فالوور تا ۵۰ کا فالوور ۶۰ هزار تومان
از ۵۰ کا فالوور تا ۱۰۰ کا فالوور ۸۵ هزار تومان
بیش از ۱۰۰ کا فالور هماهنگ شود
اگه لینک تلگرام خرابه دایرکت بدین
#هک #اینستاگرام #هک_اینستا #هک_اینستاگرام #بازگردانی_اینستاگرام #ریکاوری #لایک #دیسیبل #غیرفعال #فالوو
#instagram #hackedimstagram #hacked_insta #recovery #disable

Discovered my love for bananas 😛🍌
And NOOOOO i'm not freelee the banana guuurl nor am i any kind of vegan or whatever.
I personally think that veganism ist great WHEN YOU ARE NOT RECOVERING FROM ANY KIND OF EATING DISORDER!!! I often eat vegan meals especially for breakfast and lunch but i'd never consider myself as a vegan or vegetarian cus i'm not and obv never will be. I enjoy eating fish and sometimes some healthy meat (not talking about binges tho where everything escalates) BUT for me, any kind of restrictive diet is another weight on my shoulders and i'm already on my knees if you get me haha. My diet is restrictive enough to NOT make it even worse.
I love the idea of living vegan and for ethical reasons it's the best you can do. I'm thinking about weekly vegan days to get in touch with the lifestyle but i'll never turn fully vegan as it's not good for my mind at all.
You can live a fully balanced diet with AND without meat or fish. I'm not judging anyone who eats tons of bacon (good origin tho, where animals are not treated badly) nor would i judge someone who eats 100 bananas a day.
Every diet which is balanced is great.
So don't let instagram or any social media platform influence you about what, when, or where you should eat.
Create your own balanced lifestyle and you'll be so much happier! ☀️😊
This was my pre workout snack/lunch as i binged till the early morning and just had a few hours of sleep 😓

Jag har sån tur som bor så nära havet så jag kan springa dit, hoppa i, torka i vinden och solen och sen springa hem igen ♥ I am so lucky to live so close to the sea that I can run there, jump in, dry in the wind and the sun and then run home again

#springigbg #run #running #runner #longdistancerunner #longdistancerunning #beachrun #inspiration #motivation #ocean #sea #summer #summervibes #recovery #prorecovery #selflove #selfacceptance #selfgrowth #grateful #vegan #govegan #plantbased

A common narrative I have heard from teenage clients is that if they were able to lose weight, their life at school would be a lot better. The truth is, in so many aspects of life that makes sense. Before you stop reading and totally question my credentials, 😜😜 think about it this way. How often have you seen a thin person be treated with a lot more respect and kindness in a store or restaurant than their larger counterpart? How often have you seen people move quickly away from a larger person in a public area as if they have some sort of communicable disease? Maybe you have had this experience yourself or have seen it happen to a close friend. Fat shaming has NEVER made anyone more thin and more healthy so why are we all capable of doing it at some point or another? What do we need in our lives to shut down this horrible habit?
#endbodyshame #endfatshame #tiu #tiuteam #recovery #recoveryblogger #endbodyobsession #recoveryisworthit #clinician #clinicalpractice #MSWgrad #toronto #Chicago #the6ix

So on a sad note I can't go back to gym yet. On strict bed rest 😭
What should have been a simple procedure turned out like this
1 : go for the operation all goes well get sent home.
2 : go for a check up only to discover that there is in fact a infection. Off another week.
3 : Go back to the doc everything seems to be healing well
4 : My leg starts to swell so I had a appointment anyway and then they discover a cluster of clots in the top of me leg.
5 : In hospital for two days on injections and pain meds.
6 : Get sent home only to be told I'd have to be on meds for 3 months now.

Argh no gym. No nothing. So bored. So tired of being in bed.

#Imissgym #gym #recovery #hatethis #wanttotrain 😭

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O M Y S I S ! ! ! 🎉

Piep piep! #awake #surgerysuccessful #rest #recovery #nostressanymore😉😉 A life without party is a life without summer 🤗😎

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