I remember when 💩 food was my drug of choice to calm myself. It was what I turned to when I was sad, bored, angry, lonely, excited or even happy. Sugar foods is what I used to sooth me for ALL the feelings 😳 and I couldn’t figure out why losing weight was such a struggle. I knew how good exercise made me feel and how I needed it for my release, but it wasn’t able to undo all the damage I was doing with my food choices.
Learning which foods actually support my mood and mental state has helped the efforts of my exercise to actually strengthen my mood and mental state EVEN MORE ❤️
Would you rather enjoy the rewards of supporting or suppressing your mental health? I know which one I want 🤔☺️😉

Week 6 chest and triceps done! 💪
Love getting Monday started with a great workout!! I am smiling in the picture, but was screaming in the workout!! Thank you @joelfreemanfitness for challenging us to lift heavier!!!
Want to join us in this amazing 4 days at home workout 3 days to do the other things you love?? Drop a 💪 below or message me!! .
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hating eggs really limits breakfasts for me. okay i don’t HATE them. ill eat them if necessary but i avoid them at all costs if i can. the wife could eat eggs for every meal every day, me, not so much.
i grew up in an italian family which usually meant fruit, pastry and coffee for breakfast. delicious but not quite balanced. @whole30 helped reprogram my brain on what defines a meal. if i want chicken plantain tostadas for breakfast. who’s gonna stop me. the world is my Mexican inspired oyster...or something to that effect. happy eating everyone.
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Holy moly legs!! My face is like a beet, it's so red! 🤣 does this ever happen to you?

So there was a thing today. A thing called THE BIG SWEAT. 😳
This was a challenge created by my company that today, 8/18/18 @8:18am...everyone in the entire organization was to login to our fitness library and complete TWO back to back workouts right at 8:18am and SWEAT and those who did are in the running to earn cash and prizes! What what?! .
I mean what a cool way to hold everyone accountable to our workouts! .
So I completed the hardest CARDIO workout and then did a CORE and STRETCHING workout. BOOM. DONE. DEAD. .
Go to my stories for an Inside look at these killer workouts. 🤪
Happy WEEKEND!! ☀️

Ever think to yourself, "those amazing things don’t happen for me” or “those amazing results only happen for others”... Not to people like ME!" .
Well, that's a bunch of Bull 💩! Amazing results can happen for & to you, because, WHY NOT YOU?! 🤷🏼‍♀️☺️
If someone had told me years ago that I would go from a 220+ lbs, horribly depressed, completely full of self doubt and zero self love she’ll of a woman INTO (swipe left) this woman, being my MOST fit, healthiest, full of life and working daily on my self ❤ individual- I would have said "Why Me?"
But that's because back then, 15 yrs ago, I never believed that I deserved to achieve results like this. BUT I WAS SO WRONG because my mindset was incomplete and broken. Instead of saying "why me?" I should have been saying "WHY NOT ME?" .
If others can achieve great things, so can I. And I promise YOU, if I can do this, so can YOU!!! Sometimes we just need someone to believe us more than we believe in ourselves, at least at the beginning, until we are able to believe in ourselves.
Let’s get comfortable being uncomfortable and watch amazing things take place- WHY NOT YOU?! Drop an emoji and let’s chat 👇🏼

I am SO excited to be teaming up with some of the most amazingly talented Health Coaches to help YOU achieve the goals you never thought were possible.
We are running a 12 week Success Group to help you regain your health, lose weight, and become your best self. If you struggle with what to eat, how to incorporate fitness into your life, and how to fix that voice inside your head that limits your progress - then you need to join me in my “GETTING COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE SEPT GROUP!”
There are limited spots and they will go quick - if you’ve been watching me thinking “I need to make a change and get my life back” now is the time, why wait?!
It’s perfect timing, the kids are back in school... Vacations are done... you’ll have so many tools in your tool belt to navigate through Halloween and we end this group just in time for Thanksgiving. You will be able to have a little wiggle room for the holidays too 😍
If you want more info or to snag your spot now drop an emoji below and let’s chat. 👇🏼

Quick grocery run before school pick up...
Excited to try the @realgoodfoods enchiladas and pizza, after seeing them all over #Instagram. .
Even more excited that my local @publix had them BOGO! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #winning .
#ketogroceryhaul #ketogram #keepingitketo #newlifestyle #lovingit #goingstrong #6weeks #determined #recoveringsugaraddict #ketogenicdiet #goingketo

Leg day done! Fast feet Burpees to burn it out! You know it’s a gonna be a great day when you start with Burpees!!! Do you love or dread Burpees???? They are one of my favorite!! Thank you @joelfreemanfitness week 5 in the books! .
I usually challenge my online fit group to do Friday 1 minute push up challenge! Today let's add a burpee!! .
Set your timer one minute burpee with a push up!! ARE YOU IN?? #fridayburpeechallange .
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Growth simply does not occur in our comfort zone, so let's challenge ourselves in new ways!! What's one thing that you'd like to improve upon in your life?

Dude, loving to eat a lot is not a problem on this food freedom plan! 🍴Manga manga! 🍴

Look at that mound of freshly spiralized zoodles turned into a satisfying and filling dinner! What are you having tonight??

Do you ACV?? Check out my ACV cocktail demo at FB.com/Cristine.finckfitness I'd 💖 to hear what you think!

If you never try, never push yourself....you will never know how AMAZING you truly are!

Everyday for 8 months I have had this superfoods shake! It is a staple in our household!! It is filled with so many amazing nutrients!! But we can’t just put in the good stuff and think we can still eat the bad😳 I know I use to feel like I could eat all the kale, Cardio for hours and still eat all the sugar! All the sugar left me feeling less than optimal! Plus my skin definitely showed it!! Since cutting the sugar with the help of my superfoods shake, my skin is the best ever! It has also helped my sons skin clear as well!! .
We should be focusing on putting good nutrient dense food in our bodies the majority of the time! Not because of how we look on the outside but because it keeps us feeling better and healthier on the inside! .
Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy the occasional chocolate and fries 🍟 🍫! I either try and have better quality or only on a rare occasion! This way of thinking has been the key to changing my family and my nutrition!! .
Are focusing on nutrition first? Trust me, from someone who did endless hours of exercise, Nutrition is key! As that saying goes , “you can’t out train a bad diet”.
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Tell yourself that YOU CAN do it, because, in fact, you can!
Tell yourself that YOU ARE WORTH IT, because you are!
Instead of quitting on yourself, be your 🤸‍♀️ BIGGEST CHEERLEADER! 🤸‍♀️ It's already inside of you, just let that 🦁 lion roar! 🦁

And always remember that I'm here for you too, so LET'S DO THIS!!! Message me or comment 👇so we can talk more about YOUR GOALS and recommendations to get you all that and more! 😊

I never thought I’d love working out at home, I have always been a gym rat (even when I was too scared to use equipment I didn’t understand). I was the queen of cardio, thought that’s how you lost weight- just do more cardio 😳🤦‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Since I’ve incorporated more resistance into my routine over the last year, I have been shocked the transformation I have continued to see. And the other shocker, how much I love doing them at home! I never thought I would say that.
My kids get to see how important exercise is, and they can take advantage of my virtual trainers too. It’s convenient, because I can do it whenever. It’s stress free, if I wanted to I could do it in my PJs🤪 It saves me time and money, there’s no driving to a gym or the cost of a trainer. Plus, I have a bazillion different workouts to choose from. Tomorrow is my yoga day ❤️❤️❤️
How do you get in resistance?

👉You have heard that saying "abs are made in the kitchen not the gym" right?

Well it's true...but that isn't the only thing you can create in the kitchen... ·Ideal blood sugars
·Higher energy
·Better sleep
·Lower blood pressure
·Pleasant moods
·Reduced risk of disease

Nutrition is my jam! I love seeing how different foods react in different bodies. How MAGIC happens when the body gets the nutrients it is craving. How the puzzle pieces can fall into place! I like fitness but start talking food and nutrition and my eyes light up and passion explodes from my heart!!!😍😍😍 But even though I see and experience this... my nutrition game can be less than stellar occasionally. I know YOUR struggles! I have them TOO! I know its not easy. I get YOU! I'm not perfect and I don't expect others to be. We could make a great team in this journey! Let's work on those kitchen abs together! Let's ELEVATE our energy! Let's reduce our risk of disease!! We are launching a NUTRITION ONLY group Sept 4th. This is a nutritionist designed program that she used to loss 100lbs herself! It works and it doesn't mean only eating rabbit food.🙌 You get to EAT!!!! What's even better? This program is $20 off until Sept 3rd! So if you are waiting for sign----here it is!!! Save money✴Experience the MAGIC✴Change your life✴

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It's creamy (even without cream), delicious, and the thing that changed everything for me!! This isn't just any 'ole shake and I didn't understand that at first....seriously
Not only did it help me to break through a weight plateau, but it fuels and nourishes my body from the inside! I credit it for my daily energy and my improved ability to ward off those sick bugs that used to get me all too often.
It's been almost 5 years and I'm not stopping, I can tell you that!

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