Moroccan veggie tagine & couscous for #dinner today 😛 A lazy but good meal, although the tagine could’ve had a bit stronger spices and more chili 🌶 Feeling super tired after a long day at work, but I should do so many household chores next 😴 Starting with the dishes ->

Lunch at the mall with my new class mates was a vegan wrap🌯❤️!
I love these wraps soo much (if you’re from Germany - the store is called „çig köfte“)
so yummy☺️!
I have school till 5 pm today so see ya later😴 Have a good afternoon!

Breakfast was an Açaí bowl -
Wow I so needed this to help me start my day. This bowl has a high amount of nutritional value which is what I'm mostly trying to focus on now. I've been so tired, lethargic lately but when I have my glass of superfoods and a balanced diet - it helps kick the tiredness and keeps me productive. I suffer with fatigue and stomach problems but I've found that my symptoms are almost non existent. I'm starting to feel like myself and there is no better feeling.
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Lunch today 😋
So for the first time in a while I’ve felt relatively good. It was the first real warm, spring day here and I think that may have something big to do with it. I talked to mum about what I’d found on seasonal depression and she thinks it’s quite accurate. At least now I have something to explain the way I’ve been feeling and acting lately 🤷🏼‍♀️ I guess there’s a silver lining to every situation 😌
Alrighty my dudes, keep on fighting and keep on ignoring that shit in your head, ok? You’re worth it 🙌🏻❤️

breakfast pt 1: pumpkin 🎃 roasted w coconut spray, garlic and nooch (~200) and a date (60)

The best #lunch 😛🍣 Had 2 platefuls of sushi and they ended up being identical 😂 These are my absolute favourite sushi pieces.

Spring has finally sprung 🌻🌸🌳🦋 and about damn time too.
Now I’m never one for ‘self-diagnosing’ but I have recently began to come to terms that I do, I think, struggle with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), or at least I relate to it. It’s a mood disorder that has a seasonal pattern (most common in winter). For the past six months I’ve been unable to explain my sudden irritability, anxiety and inability to concentrate, I’ve been feeling tired and lethargic, absolutely not wanting to go out and be social and having poor sleep. It’s not a common disorder, I never heard of it, but some research led me here. It has something to do with your production of serotonin, which slows down with fewer hours of sunlight. Or because it’s much more darker more levels of melatonin are made, which is controlled by darkness. Just some food for thought here, but it would definitely explain a lot.✌🏻💕

Good morning my loves 🤗🌻 the sun is shining today and I am in slightly higher spirits ☺️ gonna make my day off a good one! Sending y’all love ❤️
Ps this was my snack last night 😋😋

Ive been baking again!! Disclaimer! I didn’t actually try one of these! I got bored tonight when I got home because my mum was still working on the computer. So logically, I made doughnuts! These are cinnamon, strawberry 🍓 , and chocolate 🍫 My mum is going to take some into work tomorrow, and I’m going to give the rest to some people that mean a lot to me. I hope everyone has had a good day, making these kind of made me smile. Sweet dreams..love, pip xx (I miss having somebody to say sweet dreams to 😔)
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Smiling through the pain 😂
But seriously that was tough. Absolutely loved it though, felt challenged. However, I had a hard 12 hour shift today, I literally walked my legs off. I was so tired by the end of the shift, but I knew that a workout would make me feel better - so I didn't throw in the towel. I used it to wipe off all my sweat -> maybe two towels 😂😂 -
Believe in yourself and who knows what you'll achieve 😘
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Guten Abend Allerseits 💙
#nightsnack ist schon wieder eine #pintparty 😱 Ich weiß garnicht, was in mich gefahren ist, sonst hätte ich mir sowas niemals erlaubt. Aber irgendwie hatte ich heute halt Bock drauf und habe es mir gegönnt.

Allerdings nicht so 100%ig gegönnt. Es ist mehr ein bisschen Frustessen, da ich heute nicht alles das geschafft habe was ich wollte. Das macht mich immer so unzufrieden und setzt mich jetzt unter Zeitdruck.. Morgen muss ich noch so viel schaffen. Für die Klausur lernen, neuen Stundenplan machen, Koffer packen, kochen, einkaufen, Therapie (das erste Mal nach einem Monat)...
Ich habe immer Angst, dass ich irgendwelche Fristen verpasse und irgendetwas nicht schaffe, das schürt ganz existenzielle Ängste...
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I’m cleaning out my bedroom of some sad memories tonight, so I don’t really fancy a proper meal. I have strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and clotted cream. I’m going out to the pub to meet my friends later.. but I feel so alone. I hate this. I hate it all. I’ve lost my best friend. This should never have happened, what’s wrong with me? Why did things end when I was just starting to feel like it was my happy ever after .. 😔 love, pip xx #anorexianervosa #anorexiarecovery #ana #beatanorexia #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorder #edsoldier #edwarrior #edfamily #edfighter #edrecovery #recovery #recover #recoverforlife #recoverywin #recoverforhappiness #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #bodypositive #keepfighting #staypositive #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthawareness #nourishtoflourish #anorexia #ed #bodypositive #bodytransformation #mentalhealth #eatingdisorder #eatittobeatit

Shopping with sis always means good food too 😛 Mine was chili&garlic noodle wok with beef, really yummy!

My dad was working in the same hospital as me today because he had a CCG meeting, so he arranged that we went for lunch together. To be honest, he was just making sure that I ate something. I asked for a salad but he pulled a face at me 😂 I had a HUGE jacket potato and tonnes of beans. I couldn’t have any butter on the potato, but to be honest with the amount of beans I had I wouldn’t have noticed anyway. I also had an apple for pudding, because it was that or chocolate cake 😂 the hospital canteen isn’t great. I hope everyone is having an amazing day. I am feeling really lonely today, it still hasn’t sunk in that he’s gone. Love, pip ❤️ xx #anorexianervosa #anorexiarecovery #ana #beatanorexia #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorder #edsoldier #edwarrior #edfamily #edfighter #edrecovery #recovery #recover #recoverforlife #recoverywin #recoverforhappiness #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #bodypositive #keepfighting #staypositive #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthawareness #nourishtoflourish #anorexia #ed #bodypositive #bodytransformation #mentalhealth #eatingdisorder #eatittobeatit

Pre-soccer training snack- a @questnutrition birthday cake quest bar, an apple and a crumpet with blueberry maple syrup 😋
Have not being doing well lately. I don’t enjoy anything anymore and I don’t feel anything either. Yeah I’ll feel ok, but I can’t remember the last time I was actually happy. So I’m going back to see my GP and therapist regularly, which I don’t wanna do but I know it’s probably the best thing at the moment. So yeah, not much positivity over here at the moment, but I’m not giving up just yet don’t y’all worry bout that 😘❤️ hope everyone has had a happy #humpday 🤗

Home comforts ❤️ porridge with golden syrup and raspberries and a side of Elvis. Gonna be showing some of my usual day to day meals for a few days, cos some of you ask! So here’s my fav porridge that I’m having late because my back is fucked and I had a lie in (couldn’t physically move so had to lol) .


Take a deep breath and remember who the fuck you are.
My mental illnesses do not define who I am.
I am more than my eating disorder, anxiety, ocd and depression.
I am a friend.
I am an animal lover.
I am a daughter.
I am a granddaughter.
I am a sister.
I graduated high school.
I am going to university.
I am going to have a future.
I am someone who has been through hell and back, who continues to have obstacles thrown her way with no signs of relenting and yet I am still here. Still here fighting because I have hope that the future for me will be better, because hope is the only thing stronger than fear 🙌🏻🌻

The other day I searched #anorexiarecovery and #eatingdisorderrecovery and I was met with a ton of pictures of food. I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled...and it was only pictures of food, nothing else. As I clicked on several accounts, their account only had pictures of food.
Here’s the problem I have with excessive pictures of food on recovery accounts. It is good to eat while you’re in recovery. That is necessary and SO important. However, posting a ton of pictures of food on your recovery account doesn’t mean you’re recovering at all. You can post so many pictures of food to prove you’re “eating and recovering,” but posting a picture doesn’t mean you’re eating it or using behaviors...and eating food does not equal recovery.
You can have people making you follow your meal plan so you are eating and maintaining your weight, but that doesn’t mean your in real recovery. Eating disorders are MENTAL illnesses, not physical ones. You cannot just eat adequate amounts of food for a long time and be “recovered”, we all know that it’s not magic. You have to have the mentality for anything to really happen. Recovery is about embracing LIFE. It’s about wanting to reclaim your life back, to free yourself from the ed thoughts and become a healthy happy person. It is not “this is what I ate today and it was yummy.” If you’re in real recovery, you’re going to talk about life and your journey to get it back. You’re going to talk about your successes and your struggles, but not let the struggles get the best of you. You are not going to give up. Your recovery account should not just show people what and how much you’re eating, or a “rant” account. If you’re in real recovery, you’re in it to win it and while it’s okay to struggle, that’s not your goal or your purpose of the account. Your account should be to motivate you to recover as well as to motivate/inspire/help others.
Now I am not saying it’s never okay to post pictures of food, but do it in moderation. You should also include pictures of yourself and you reclaiming your life back, as well as quotes.
~Continued in comments~

I can’t catch a break. Woke up this morning with a cold on top of EVERYTHING ELSE 🙄 great start to the day. Yep. It’s fine.

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