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Who doesn't love a freshly made bed? It is full here so I'll popped the sparkly lights on to cheer the place up a bit. Since doing up the bedroom in a whirlwind, one woman, three day extravaganza, I adore our bedroom. The bed got a few coats of chalk paint, a sanding and a waxing. The flowery cushions I made myself with Ikea fabric, the quilted pillows and bedspread are from a market in France years ago, the bedside chair was salvaged and I repainted it years ago. The rest I have tagged.

Nice use of Ladders for shelving in Reclaim mag this month.
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Wednesday, hello! I'm going to have to run off to work now in a mo. Have a good one!

Girlfriends are the best. Fact. My lot have just headed home after our three-hour bitch and stitch in my kitchen. Prosecco, needles, wool and lots of chat, gossip and pondering the world's problems. We may not have resolved them, but we parted company a lot happier and livelier than we had been earlier in the evening.

We're delighted to be included in Reclaim Magazine's February issue! Full of exciting articles, including bedrooms, renovations, luxe eco homewares and inspiration a plenty!⠀
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Anyone else do Meal Plan Monday in their house? We usually don't but this week we actually have a plan and the ingredients. And there are still three hours till Monday. Not a bad start, eh?

Sundays are for leisurely stuff. Like reading. Or a nice diy project. Or the stuff you just can't find the time for the rest of the week. My day is going to involve lots of reading. And yours?

What do you get when you salvage a few chairs, paint the wall with chalkboard paint and style your stairs in classic white and grey? I'll tell you. The result resembles a black and white photo. So I've added in a huge bunch of pretty spring flowers for colour. What do you think?

So today this door is on the to do list. We've finally received the sliding barn door bracket thing for the wall and I am so excited about this. For 7 years this has been on my wish list for the house. Last autumn I finally found the perfect door. Someone was dumping it, can you believe that? Actually had out it out for the bin men. Keep your fingers crossed for us that it will all go to plan and we'll be able to wall mount the door without any major hiccups.
Keep an eye on my stories for updates.

#colourblocking it's a design thing apparently. Not having any art background but having read about it recently I thought I'd have a go at splashing some blocked colour into my muted home palette.

Starting with my collection of brightly coloured drinking glasses (usually hiding in the cupboard). Just added some of my #vintage cut glass to catch a bit of sparkle from the weak Winter sun and then thought I'd continue the idea with my herbs, spring bulbs and some pieces of china.
My kitchen trolley is the love of my #recyling life (found in a marine yard) originally used to keep workshop tools on it has for the last couple of years been here keeping my kitchen stuff handy, if not a bit dusty. It even had it's own little feature in #reclaimmag and it's brief 15 minutes of fame!
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💙True Blue in this storied Halifax home, filled with vintage, reclaimed and rescued pieces, topped off with lots of the owners’ favourite shade 💙

Lazy weekends, how I love you. Coffee, pottering, lots of snuggles and a bit of diy, in no particular order.
This door is one of my proudest finds ever. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it being dumped. My eldest was in the car with me and together we hauled it to the car, moved car seats, shoved stuff around and miraculously made room for the door of my dreams. I need to get the brackets, rollers, etc. ordered so we can mount it on the kitchen wall as a sliding door. I haven't done a project along these lines before, do if you've any experience, I'd love to hear it.

Super proud of my beautiful & talented wife @paperofthepast! Her amazing work was featured in Reclaim Magazine! 😀

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I’m interviewed by @alice.roberton in the February issue of @reclaimmag! On the left you can see Dorothy’s party invitation from 1927. The article features some of my favorite scrapbooks, including #annieleescrapbook and #genevievesmemorybook. If you pick up a copy of Reclaim, let me know. It’s a beautiful magazine. ♥️

Morning sunlight creeping in...

Our February issue is out now, with love, beauty, dreamy homes and things to treasure 💖💖💖💖💖

Spring clean
Don't know if I can call it that as still very soggy outside despite a watery sun. No matter what it's called always feel better when the island is clear from clutter! We made the seating area with as much glass as possible construction wise so we can try to get any available sunlight on the old retinas keeping us jolly. Failing that we can tuck into the log store and enjoy the winter for a little longer.
Hope everyone has a Happy Day I'm off to the airport to pick up the other half from his work travels. Hopefully the brood will descend too to eat the contents of the fridge whilst sitting cross legged on top of the Island unit (clutter free in anticipation) and talk at me whilst I cook what ever they haven't eaten!
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