The national database of the @ymca rescued me this morning. Here’s an idea of what you can do the next time you miss your flight in a foreign city. @ymcacharlotte @ymcaspringfield #reciprocal #missedflight #realestatebabe #realestateinvestor #bransonmo #springfieldmo

We're proud to work with our clients in Hong Kong, here's the latest issue of The Club, The Hong Kong Club's monthly magazine featuring their Reciprocal Clubs in UK and Ireland. .
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There will come a moment when you will be faced with writing your own #lovesong without #expectacion of those in your circle understanding the #lyrics of your #personallovesong
You may be.. Loveing more than
Caring more than
Doing more than
Just be sure that those that are privileged to hear your song understand that love is.. #reciprocal
sing your song even if you sing alone sing it anyway🎶🎹🎤

My fav Bissell Bros Brew #reciprocal

Reciprocal - DDH Double IPA by @bissellbrothers ---- This is my first beer from these guys and it doesn't disappoint. Hazy and juicy with the slight bitterness I want in a NE IPA. Ella, summer, and Vic secret hops #bissellbrothers #reciprocal #portlandmaine #ella #summer #vicsecret #ddh #dipa #craftbeer #hops

Today, I chose to share some of my notes. I thought to share a piece of my epiphany. Regardless, on whether people agree, disagree, or choose to agree to disagree, or disagree with me to agree with others....I might get blasphemous responses...Truthfully, that’s okay...Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am not in charge of your own person, only you are...I am not your keeper. You choose when to open, or close your gate, or, maybe when you feel like just coming out to tell a piece of your mind...Then, maybe you might choose to turn around to go back in...🤷🏻‍♀️...This is just a part of myself, that I bravely took out from my inner sanctions...I thought to myself, “Maybe, a few could learn from what I share”...Because, we all learn from one another. Sometimes, the most profound learning experiences are learned from other. That is the beauty of interaction. And, as long as we can learn something...ANYTHING from one another. We are EQUAL.

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#Babiee is a #reciprocal #torture 😂🤣

Huge thanks to @pauliekostop for my first @bissellbrothers brew Reciprocal! Just a nice hazy and creamy IPA! You are appreciated! #bissellbrothers #reciprocal #hazycrazy #craftbeerlove #craftbeer#craftbeerlife

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Love seeing our members boating on new waters! Shoutout to Pamela Conrad and her crew for adventuring on St. Joseph River just off Lake Michigan! #reciprocal #We❤️OurMembers #members #stjosephmichigan #lake #michigan #fbc #freedomboatclublkn #freedomboatclub

Reciprocal Relationship. :: 🌿✨🌿Relationship with spirit, with the earth, the universe, family, friends, work, animals, plants, your own self...how many layers of relationship can you identify in your life?
Today's #13daysofritual practice:
Light a candle, or set out a cup of water. Make an offering and ask for support in your work. When you complete the exercise, give thanks, then blow out the candle or pour the sacred water on the earth.
Make a list of your relationships.
How many of those relationships are reciprocal?
How many are one-sided, taking more than they give?
How many are one-sided in your favor, where you perpetually take but rarely offer?
Reciprocal relationship is all about balance, the give and take, ebb and flow of nourishment, assistance, love. In a reciprocal relationship there is never any doubt, no place for fear or worry. The depth and breadth of relating will always return to center no matter how far it travels in ellipsis.
A reciprocal relationship is ALWAYS RESPONSIVE to healing. Meaning, in true reciprocity you can ask for what you need, or hear what someone (or something) needs from you without defensiveness or destructive emotions. Reciprocal relationships are not perfect, they still go out of balance, and the work of the relationship is to bring it back to center.
But relationships that are not reciprocal, that do not respond to healing or return to balance, are diversions that drain our power.
The work of ritual today is to celebrate those relationships--both human and non-human--that are reciprocal with offering. Some suggestions:
Make offerings to the land where you live
Visit a special place nearby
Give gratitude for family and friends
Honor the beings and creatures that nourish and support you through food, water and breath
What we focus on, we increase.
For today, focus on the increase of reciprocity in your life.
And begin to live in to cyclic, balanced, relationship.

Travelling abroad this summer? Our members have reciprocal privileges worldwide.


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