I moved to Australia when I was 14years old and I've had alot of skin problems since.
I've tried every single acne treatment under the sun. As in the beggining you think it is puberty in your late teens then lagging into early twenties ....to now being 28years old, it's been a rollarcoaster ride with my skin.
I've lost a jobs and friends due to how its affected my ability to leave the house and be reliable.
No matter what. Keep loving yourself and stay positive.
Lets see how my skin gets along as I've decided to share my journey instead of hiding.

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Let whoever think whatever, just keep getting better.



Here's a few healing crystals to get your started. ( From bottom right then go anti-clockwise )

Amethyst - increases your spiritual connection with yourself
- is an important meditation stone (more on that later)
- helps remove toxins from your body

Rose Quartz - heals depression and anxiety
- assists in inner peace and tranquility
- protection stone
- creates harmony of the mind, body and spirit. - heals your heart

Black Obsidian - Powerful Volcanic Glass that absorbs negativity. Helps you cut emotional cords that are blocking you from moving on. - promotes self control
- Brings out truth *not advised to use Black Obsidian all the time as it can overpower you and bring out insecurities.
Over the next few weeks I'll be going into more details of healing stones and how they can help you.
What are you favourite stones and how do they currently help you?
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this whole pic...is a look

Meu Céu vai ser de fogo 🔥🤟🏼

Its sore. My skin is on fire most if the time. I'm told its stress related so I have been focusing on just being more relaxed in my thinking processes and taking it day by day. However it's hard sometimes to keep up the positivity.
However no matter what it's important to love yourself no matter what you look like. The more you worry the more the gets worse.
For me it's a continuing journey to find peace in my mind, soul and to soothe and heal my skin. I think me they come hand in hand. As I am a very positive personal but my skin condition really brings me down at times.
Tried so many skin care products and creams. Doctors gave me antibiotics for years but they just killed everything. My skin didnt get better but I became weak and frail.
I'm doing alot better in that regard but my skin and migraines haven't gotten any better. I feel the migraines are from being stressed about how there never seems to be a proper answer as to why my skin gets like this.
I've decided to share my journey instead of hiding. And will keep you posted along the way.

This year I have really taken charge in focusing on this and finding out more about the cause and how to fix it.
I need some help along the way so feel free to let me know any tips or any products that might work :) #skincareroutine #skincare #stressrelief #skincareblogger @madelame #help #instagram #instafollow #inspirational @dermalogica #nofilter #recentforfollow #inspo #like4likes #s4s #spamforlikes #love #instalove

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"i am not afraid to keep on living. i am not afraid to walk this world alone." — famous last words

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shoutout to my girls and @katiejboyle for hyping a bitch up. I will forever love you.. trying to get Miami ready for Em’s 21st.
A L S O : I’m going to be doing cam modeling soon. Still getting my place somewhat together and getting outfits with one of my roomies. So stay tune loves.

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