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Mind ya eyes look took long imma assume u trying to pawn me #AllGoldKid $drappedakilobarz bold enuff too pull #reincarnation #recarnated

I love this pic.. of me my besti and my new besti πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜˜ #bestfriends #secondmother #recarnated

I'm back !
Sorry for not positing for awhile just been going through a lot and haven't had the time to just check in here and there .
Please forgive me .
#animeofficialisback #anime #recarnated #hotandready

Not many people know but i am something worth while we all are BUT i still choose MOB and F.A.M.E i AM HUMAN,also know supernatural extraterrestrial vibesπŸ‘½β™ŠπŸ”±β³ #breathing #alien #rollup #420🍁#knowyourworth#recarnated

New look

Having fun with paintings already painted by another person. Adding some spice and color to it.
Also fuck bull fighting.
#thriftstore #thrifty #bull #spain #fighters #recarnated #recycle #art #arte #color #cores


Having fun with paintings already painted by another person. Adding some spice and color to it.
Also fuck bull fighting.
#thriftstore #thrifty #bull #spain #fighters #recarnated #recycle #art #arte #color #cores

You know, starseeds are different types of alien races delivered to earth in order to understand humankind and help them and I am originally from the core a shadow alien which means i'm from a planet which the sun never really shine. We absorb the energy from underground volcanos and eat half meat half vedgie organisms with lots of protein and vitamines, roots, trees and thicker plants. The planet is dark and during the days, the sky is a cloudy grey color. Sometimes it rains, but it's acid rain, it's not like water from the earth and during the winter it rains ashes. The water on the planet is a thick syrup like type but more drinkable since we treat it. The beings there look almost like living corpses with a bit thicker skin, since it's pretty much very harsh weather there and we have more like a mix between human hair and fur since it's thicker and it grows on places to protect us from ashes and acid. We have sharper teeths, pointier ears and some have tails. We got hands and feets a bit like werewolves and our backs are slightly bent. Our faces is a bit more canine/bat shaped aswell but not that much. We got screeching, a bit echoing voices and a language which sounds pretty much ancient. Our behaviour is that we're independent individuals who only gather together when it's needed to mate or talk about how we can do to help our planet to develop further in the way the planet wants to etc. We are not destructive, we rather work for the planet as good bacterias rather then humans which works as parasites. We are selfaware, determinded, helpful, careful/sensitive beings who isn't that light in our mindset or actions due to our harsh enviroment and weather. So my feelings of being a gargoyle/demon/wolf creature is just actually one and the same alien although iv'e actually been on earth before as a wolf. Oh and the music there is very tribal and natural, we use natural organic instruments and vocal soundings, just sounds, tones, very primal, spiritual. Thanks for reading, Amen.

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