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We are here to help revitalize the Detroit neighborhoods. We are aiming to impact the overall quality of housing throughout the city. For more information visit our website at RevUpDetroit.com. The link is in our bio

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According to CNBC statistics 49% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck (active income)
In a land (America) of abundant opportunities, we have the ability to become or create opportunities for ourselves.
One method of Passive Income is: Rental income. 🏘
Βy owning real estate you have the ability to increase your income by renting your household or even a bedroom to collect a check with minimal labor needed.

Homeownership Tip: Credit, Credit Credit

One of the first things to consider when owning a home is a credit check. Your credit is one of the key qualifications lenders consider when approving you for financing. You should know where you stand credit-wise before you start your home search journey

✔️Reach out to a trustworthy lender. If you don’t know where to start, no worries 😉 we have partnerships with several local lenders that will be happy to help. -
✔️Find out what programs your credit qualifies for. Sometimes lenders have special programs for specific qualifications like no PMI without putting 20% down or a conventional loan with down payment assistance. -
✔️Make sure there aren’t any blemishes on your credit report. Many people never see their true credit report until they’re in the process of finding a house. Review your report with the lender and confirm there aren’t any surprises to stop you from owning a home (e.g public records; liens, judgments etc) -

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The family at Revere Corporation, supports @fairo_rafa in his new book release, titled WEALTH!! .
This book is a starters guide to building wealth. In this book, @fairo_rafa recites black culture favorite movie scenes & rap lyrics to uncover hidden secrets we’ve already known about building wealth. .
“The wealth analogy from the movie “BABY BOY” had me applauding for more... ” Founder - D.Barrett 🏘
Check @fairo_rafa bio for info on how to purchase the best seller.
Let me, be your testimony

My favorite building in Detroit, the GAR, is back in action. #GAR #grandarmyoftherepublic #detroit #architecture #1899 #rebuilddetroit

Huge "Thank you!!" to our sponsors @heartunot for creating a forum for real community building. #love #relationshipgoals #rebuilddetroit #community #heartunot #meet #goodvibes http://www.eventbrite.com/o/heart-u-not-16920229277

Let’s talk family!!! .
Success Leaves clues ☝🏽🙇🏽‍♂️. .
Real estate is the past, present & future. 🏘
No matters what happen, people will still need a place to live.
Contact us @darius.revere or 313-405-5543 for all real estate investing services. 🏘

My rental property remodel...painted,carpeted, and hardwood refinishing done by.... @_jlm_renovations of course‼️ contact us for your rental remodel or any other estimate needed 3132839013

Same day door installation! Took an old 3 studded door and replaced with a single frame door. Call today for your next estimate 3132839013

Let’s talk Wealth family! Take that 30% and invest it into Real estate.
Ηouses & Commercial properties are proven assets that produce profits through rental income and yearly appreciation.
This is what @darius.revere calls a “win-win” in the industry. Contact us @ 313-405-5443 for all real estate investing services.

My nephew said “Uncle D, I wanna buy houses too” I cried😢... Generational wealth starts with the mindset.

Check out the companies website @darius.revere bio for all real estate investing services. At Revere Corporation we provide a multitude of services that align with the following 3 pillars:
👨‍👨‍👧‍👧🏡Real Estate Acquisition.
👷‍♂️⚒Real Estate Development.
👷‍♀️🏘Property Management .

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I believe in energy. I believe that a heart being worn on your sleeve can really change things. People. Experiences. I think sharing yourself deeply with others is part of the human experience and it’s doing a great injustice to yourself to do otherwise. I think struggle and pain make that experience sweeter. I would rather live an enthusiastic life than a trouble free one. There’s something to be said about “rollin’ with the punches” and seeking the silver living within times of darkness. It works. I’ve been told plenty of times that I live in a dream world and am not as in touch with reality as I should be. Why? Why is believing that goodness and joy prevails such a sin? Why is being open and honest about hurt and disappointment looked at as weakness? Why are we all striving to portray this perfect life when the truly most beautiful thing is the messes we sometimes crawl through then CLIMB out of? I don’t get it. But that’s me. In my opinion there is absolutely no sense to hide myself at any point. I’m not perfect. I’m not always happy. Expecting life won’t serve you challenge is like expecting the sun to magically shine down on you and you alone during a monsoon. I find the mission of staying above water and learning to rise again much more compelling. So I’ll keep doing that 🙂 You in? .
📷: @cherryjamelphotos

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