VOL. 5: Hopes And Fears

Who is Superman? What does he value? What does he fear? And when he's pushed...how far will he go?

This volume features a trio of stories that get to the heart of the world's greatest superhero?

First, a family vacation for the Kents becomes a lesson on what is truly means to be a hero. Then, an epidemic of disappearing children brings Superman face to face with fear itself...as well as with the man who seeks to control fear–Sinestro!

And finally, Superman's greatest fear seems to come true, as Lois finds herself the target of the world's deadliest assassin–Deathstroke the Terminator. Can Slade Wilson make a murderer out of Superman, if it means saving the life of Lois?

• SUPERMAN 27-32

The 3 two-issue arcs in this volume are simply awesome. Tomasi hits the mark and really gets to the heart of the Man of Steel. The artwork of this title has been great since the reboot and remains that way. Deathstroke is among my favorites so the last arc really hit home with me. If you haven't checked out Superman's adventures in the Rebirth Universe, I think it's time you start.

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His name is Mr. Oz. Since before the events of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH, he has plagued Superman and his allies—kidnapping friend and foe alike, setting up the pieces for a mysterious endgame that no one can fathom.

And now the moment has arrived. Mr. Oz wants Superman to leave Earth forever, and he's willing to spread death and destruction around the world to make his point. But who is this mysterious figure, and why is he obsessed with the Man of Steel? The answer is a revelation that will rock Superman to his core!

• ACTION COMICS # 985-992

This title has been among the best DC has to offer right now. Dan Jurgens is consistently knocking it out of the park with this title since just before the Rebirth event. And DAMN, they have been real great to look at. Action Comics' art has been solid.


The revelation that Mr. Oz is actually Clark's... I mean Kal-El's biological father, Jor-El, is considerably unbelievable for the Man of Steel to fathom. I really wonder what effect this turn of events will have on Superman's psyche. After the Button, Bruce questioned whether he should listen to his father and give up being Batman. Is it Clark's turn to listen to his father and give up on humanity?

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VOL. 5: Negative

Barry Allen is hitting a rough patch–he's estranged from his girlfriend and his performance is suffering at the CCPD crime lab. Barry is trying to stay positive... but that's hard when he is exposed to the Negative Speed Force and sees an entirely new side of himself.

Now when the Flash races to stop criminals like Shrapnel, he leaves a destructive path in his wake that he can't control. As the Negative Flash, Barry has to weigh the good he can do with the damage he might cause...and saving the day doesn't always seem like the right option.

Unfortunately, there's been a slew of missing evidence from the crime lab, and all the clues indicate that a new threat is hitting the streets of Central City. And if Negative Flash can't stop it...who can?

• THE FLASH # 28-32
• A Story From DC HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2017 # 1

Great art in this title. I like the struggle Barry deals with, but he's acting considerably more Emo than usual and I'm really not sure how I feel about it? I get that it is probably connected to the Negative Speed Force but I really don't know if I'm for or against The Fastest Man Alive also being the Most Conflicted Man Alive. Hopefully when Barry gets back to normal, it'll stop.

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VOL. 3: Panic In The Microverse

Batman, Killer Frost and Lobo join Ryan Choi, the JLA's Atom, on a size-shifting mission to find Choi's missing mentor, Ray Palmer. The previous Atom vanished while exploring his greatest discovery--the Microverse. Far, far smaller than modern science has explored before, the Microverse makes up the foundation on which the atoms of our world are built.
Though tiny, the Microverse is vast, dangerous and almost completely unexplored. The League must navigate a bizarre and dangerous subatomic world of warring factions, deadly threats and hidden agendas, all leading to the Ignition Point. This fracture in the fabric of the Microverse, if left unchecked, could spread to destroy all reality!
Meanwhile, back on Earth, Vixen, Black Canary and the Ray continue their long battle against the Might Beyond the Mirror, as well as the mysterious villain Afterthought!


This was a very well written volume with great art but the whole Microverse thing is little much for my liking. Some of these concepts seem a bit too far-fetched and there were some points while reading that I found it hard to suspend disbelief. I was; however, extremely glad to find that it did (if only for a moment) tie directly into the Rebirth, Button, and Doomsday Clock events.  #dcureviews #dcurebirth #rebirth #batman #lobo #killerfrost #theatom #blackcanary #vixen #theray #frost #jla #justiceleagueofamerica #panicinthemicroverse #rebirthreviews #rebirth #dcrebirth #jlarebirth #dcuniverse #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookfamily #igcomiccommunity #igcomicbookcommunity

VOL. 3: The Inspirational Game

Death doesn't just become John Constantine--it shadows the poor bastard's every step, from his home turf of London to the streets of San Francisco. What's more, it has a nasty habit of striking where the DC Universe's street-level sorcerer least expects it—like his dreams.

After waking from a vengeful drunken nightmare, Constantine finds that a real-life murder has been committed. Could he have done the deed himself in a blacked-out rage? Or is some sinister force turning his subconscious mind into the ultimate untraceable weapon?

Until he discovers the truth, no one is safe. But the Hellblazer knows better than anyone how inconstant and malleable the truth can be—particularly when it's in the hands of a magus with his talent and experience. Faced with the possibility of fulfilling his heart's most secret desires, will he be able to resist their siren song? Or will he end up rewriting all of reality to suit his ego?


This volume features two 3-issue story arcs. Both stories were very enjoyable reads. The art of this title has remained on an even keel with the previous volumes. Definitely a title worth checking out for anyone into stories of the occult or supernatural because occurrences of this nature are just another day to John Constantine.

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VOL. 4: Surprise, Surprise

Harley Quinn’s got her own definition of family. The gang of misfits, weirdos and two-fisted freaks she’s assembled in her Brooklyn crash pad are all the family a reformed psychotic super-villain could ask for, ya know?

But that’s all about to change. The Mistress of Mayhem is about to face the biggest shock she’s seen in years…a visit from her parents.

That’s right, folks—Mr. and Mrs. Quinzel are in town to take a bite of the Big Apple and meet their li’l monster’s new crew, from her gal-pal Poison Ivy to her super-friend Power Girl and more. And since “alternative lifestyle” barely begins to describe the vida loca that Harley’s livin’, our bat-wielding bombshell’s more than a little mortified.

But it turns out the crazy apple doesn’t fall far from the twisted tree. Harley’s mom and pop have quite a few skeletons in their own closet and no shortage of tricks up their sleeves. And before Harley’s big birthday blowout, every secret’s about to come out!

• HARLEY QUINN # 22-27

The Harley Quinn title is a riot (quite literally at times). Is it over-the-top crazy and all over the place at times? Of course it is! But isn't that why we love this title?

#dcureviews #dcurebirth #rebirth #rebirthreviews #dcuniverse #harleyquinn #harleenquinzel #surprisesurprise #poisonivy #carwoman #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookfamily #igcomicbookcommunity #igcomiccommunity

BIRDS OF PREY VOL. 2: Source Code

The origin of the new Oracle—the super-hacker who has become an invaluable ally to the Birds of Prey—is revealed at long last. But will Oracle’s connection to the mastermind known as Calculator end his relationship with Batgirl, Black Canary and the Huntress? And how do Catwoman and another villain figure into the calculation?

Plus, Black Canary goes undercover to discover the secrets of the woman called Blackbird, who can unlock any super-being’s true potential. But Blackbird doesn’t just enhance powers—she takes them for herself, making her an army of one who threatens the Birds of Prey’s biggest secrets. Can guest stars Green Arrow and Nightwing turn the tide against this incredible new foe? Or will they be Blackbird’s newest victims?



In my opinion, this is a great story. The art is stellar too, but the story was very interesting. The way Selina and Pam (Catwoman and Poison Ivy) enter the storyline was done in an incredibly organic fashion.

I'm actually really happy that it doesn't look like Gus is going to remain as Oracle. [As I said in the past] Barbara shedding her Oracle persona to become Batgirl again when the New 52 was launched disappointed me immensely. This actually brings Barbara full circle, back into the roll of Oracle. 🤗 So now it seems Babs is gonna be pulling double duty. When out in the field, she is Batgirl. When she is behind the keyboard, Barbara is Oracle.

The guest appearances by Green Arrow and Nightwing only make this story more exciting. I definitely recommend that any fan of the DCU read this volume.

#dcureviews #dcurebirth #dcrebirth #rebirth #batgirl #barbaragordon #batgirlandthebirdsofprey #birdsofprey #blackcanary #dinahlance #huntress #helenabertinelli #catwoman #selinakyle #nightwing #dickgrayson #greenarrow #oliverqueen #poisonivy #pamelaisley #oracle #dcuniverse #comicreviews #rebirthreviews #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookcommunity #igcomiccommunity #igcomicbookfamily #sourcecode

VOL. 2: Rise Of The Demon

The Batman of the future is back. Emerging from the rubble of the cataclysm that nearly destroyed the Earth, Terry McGinnis has returned to Gotham City and reclaimed the mantle of the Bat. He’s fended off some of his deadliest foes to do it.

But he’s about to face an unexpected enemy—an opponent more patient, and more powerful, than any he’s ever known.

When the League of Assassins launches an all-out assault on Gotham, Terry must travel to Tibet in his experimental Batsuit. There, he’ll stop at nothing to rescue his mentor Bruce Wayne and take the fight to their leader—Ra’s al Ghul himself.

But when he finally gets his audience with the Demon’s Head, he’s in for the shock of a lifetime.

Can Terry defeat this shadowy figure and free Bruce Wayne from his nemesis? Or will this all-out war—and the twisted technology of his biomechanical Batsuit—drive him into a darkness he can never escape?


I found this story entertaining. It has a great plot and excellent art. I am happy to have Terry back in the saddle but it begs the question, "Where is Bruce's biological son, Damian? Where is the true heir to the mantle of the bat?" When Batman Beyond was originally dreamed up, Damian Wayne didn't exist in the DCU yet. In most future stories about Damian, he is Batman. But in this future story, Terry returns to his role as Batman. Where does that leave Damian? You'll have to read to find out!

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VOL. 2: Planet Of The Capes

What starts as a simple training mission becomes a dimension-spanning adventure for the sons of Superman and Batman, and Superboy teams up with the Teen Titans for the first time in the stunning second volume of Super Sons!

Superboy (Jonathan Kent) is excited to have a night out on patrol with Robin (Damian Wayne), at least until he learns that Robin thinks his job is to teach Superboy how to fight crime. But an emergency call from the Teen Titans leads to an encounter with a group of forgotten villains...one of whom bends time itself to make Robin too old to lead a team called the Teen Titans! And the battle's aftermath leads Robin and Superboy to another dimension, where they must help the last survivors of a decimated world defeat a planet-sized menace!

All this, plus the long-awaited unveiling of the Super Sons' secret headquarters, unfolds in the newest collection showcasing DC's next-generation super-team!

• SUPER SONS # 6-10

I thoroughly enjoyed this volume. The dynamic between these two is truly entertaining. It's nice to see Damian coming out of his shell a bit; thanks to Jon's considerably sunnier disposition, it's kinda unavoidable. I also liked seeing Jon with the team. He is certainly more liked by Gar, Raven, Kori and Jackson than Damian is.

#dcureviews #dcuniverse #supersons #superboy #robin #dcurebirth #dcrebirth #rebirth #rebirthreviews #comicreviews #jonkent #damianwayne #teentitans #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookcommunity  #igcomiccommunity #igcomicbookfamily

VOL. 1: When I Grow Up. . .

The sons of Superman and Batman take center stage as a reluctant super-team in an all-new series bursting out of the DC Rebirth event!

When Robin [Damian Wayne] discovers a connection between a series of mysterious crimes and the aftermath of the bizarre and deadly Amazo Virus, he needs Superboy [Jonathan Kent] to aid in the investigation. But when the duo learn that the teenage Kid Amazo has plans that put the entire Justice League in danger, they need help from an unlikely source: Lex Luthor!

Even if the odd couple of young heroes survive Luthor's assistance, they'll have to face a possibly greater threat: the combined forces of Robin's tutor, Alfred Pennyworth, and Superboy's mother, Lois Lane!


This was entertaining in a very child-like way. The art is up to par and the banter between them is well written. Pretty cool seeing Damian and Jon spending time together much the same way Tim and Connor did. This version of Superboy is growing on me and Damian has already spent over a decade growing on me. Overall... I enjoyed it.

#dccomics #dcuniverse #dcureviews #dcurebirth #rebirth #batman #superman #supersons #robin #superboy #kidamazo #damianwayne #jonkent #jonathankent #rebirthreviews #lexluthor #sonofbatman #sonofsuperman #dcrebirth #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookcommunity #igcomicbookfamily #igcomiccommunity

VOL. 2: Who Is Artemis?

Little is known about the Amazon warrior Artemis, even by her teammates in the so-called “Outlaws.” But Red Hood and Bizarro are about to get a crash course when her past comes back to haunt all three of them—with a vengeance!

Soon the team finds itself a long way from the streets of Gotham in Qurac, a war-torn Middle Eastern country with deep significance for both Artemis and Red Hood. Not only is Qurac Artemis’ former home, it’s also where Artemis lost her best friend. And it was in Qurac that the Joker murdered Jason Todd, setting off the events that turned Jason from Robin to Red Hood.

Now someone in Qurac is using the ancient weapon of Artemis’ people—the Bow of Ra—to commit genocide, and only an Amazon can tame its incredible power. But stopping the Bow means marching right into the middle of a war zone...and in a war between Amazons and humans, whose side will Artemis take?


This volume was simply terrific. It remains one of my absolute favorite Rebirth titles. The story stays solid and the artwork continues to be among the best I've seen. The dynamic of the "Dark Trinity" is consistently more interesting than that of the New 52 version of the same title. Jason actually references his time with Kory and Roy a couple times in this story which continues to add to the depth of this title and doesn't discredit Jason's past with the former "members" of the Outlaws. Artemis' origin is revealed and connections to her past relationship with Akila stayed the central focus of the plot. I easily recommend any DC Comics fan pick up this title and give it a full read-through.

#dccomics #dcurebirth #dcureviews #rebirthreviews #redhoodreviews #redhood #redhoodandtheoutlaws #rhato #artemis #bizarro #akila #joker #robin #jasontodd #amazonwarrior #batman #wonderwoman #superman #whoisartemis #comicreviews #dcumultiverse #dcuniverse #darktrinity #igcomicbookcommunity #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookfamily #igcomiccommunity

VOL. 1: Dark Trinity

Not Superman.
Not Wonder Woman.
And DEFINITELY Not Batman!
It's the Dark Trinity of the DC Universe!

Jason Todd has been Robin, and he's been dead.  But these days he's Red Hood, toast of the Gotham City criminal underworld and new recruit into the organization of the mysterious crime boss Black Mask.  Of course, that's just a cover - Jason is using his criminal reputation to get inside Black Mask's gang and take it down from the inside... unless Batman pulls him out for getting in too deep.

But when Red Hood is tasked with stealing a top secret bioweapon for Black Mask, he learns the weapon is also being sought by the Amazon warrior Artemis - and she's not giving up without a fight!

So what does Black Mask want so badly? Nothing less than his own clone of Superman: Bizzaro!  Now, with Red Hood, Artemis and Bizzaro all trapped within Black Mask's headquarters, this Dark Trinity will have to unite to take the crime lord down.  But with personalities this explosive, can these Outlaws hope to stop fighting each other long enough to defeat Black Mask?


SERIOUSLY! This title is hands down the absolute best DC Rebirth has to offer. Great storylines, amazing characters and even more amazing artwork and designs. Words will fail to do this justice but I will try.


I absolutely love the way they're comparing his present to his past to recap Jason's bio. Some of those flashbacks with Bruce and Alfred are deep and very well drawn/illustrated. It also adds depth to the story arc regarding Bruce. ("You Hungry?") Regarding the comparisons between Bizarro and Jason, this was some of the most beautiful and moving art I've ever seen.

#dccomics #dcrebirth #dcurebirth #rebirth #redhood #robin #redhoodandtheoutlaws #redhoodrebirth #dcumultiverse #dcureviews #comicreviews #rebirthreviews #artemis #bizarro #batman #blackmask #dcuniverse #igcomicbookcommunity #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookfamily #igcomiccommunity

VOL. 4: Godwatch

Princess Diana—Wonder Woman—is a hero to the world. But there are those who see her very differently. And one of those, Veronica Cale, the leader of the all-powerful Godwatch, will stop at nothing to use Diana to get what she wants: revenge on the gods themselves!

As the story unfolds from year to year, bridging the gap between the YEAR ONE story to present day, Wonder Woman faces off against not just scheming Cale, but also the powerful witch Circe and her own former friend Barbara Ann Minerva, now known as the Cheetah!

• WONDER WOMAN 16, 18, 20, 22, 24

I thoroughly enjoyed this volume. The art was quality and the storyline finally feels like one I can stand behind. The direction that the writers have brought this title in since the Rebirth event gets back to a more traditional history of Wonder Woman, consistently making it feel more honest than the New 52 run of the same title.

#dccomics #dcureviews #dcurebirth #rebirth #wonderwoman #batman #superman #wonderwomanrebirth #dianaprince #dianaofthemyscira #comicreviews #rebirthreviews #dcu #dcrebirth #dcuniverse #godwatch #dcumultiverse #igcomicbookcommunity #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookfamily #igcomiccommunity

VOL. 1: The Lies
(w/Barnes and Noble Exclusive Cover)

Heroic. Iconic. Unstoppable. Armed with her Lasso of Truth and imbued with the power of the gods themselves, Princess Diana of Themyscira—known to the world as Wonder Woman—is one of the greatest superheroes in history.

But who is she…really? Not even Wonder Woman herself knows for sure. Diana’s links to both the Amazons and the Gods of Olympus have been severed. Her memories are a tangle of contradictions that even her lie-detecting lasso cannot untangle.

To solve the riddle of her origin, she must embark on her greatest quest of all: finding a way back to her vanished home. To get there, she must team up with her greatest enemy, the feral beast-woman, Cheetah. Will this unlikely alliance shine the light of truth on Diana’s darkest secrets, or bury them—and her—forever?

• WONDER WOMAN 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11

Greg Rucka has succeeded in returning the tenderness to the Wonder Woman title that Brian Azzarello's New 52 counterpart sorely lacked. In fact, it appears as though Diana's New 52 history was some sort of smoke-screen. Claiming that Diana has never truly returned to Themyscira since leaving the island, it suggests that what she recalls to be her own history were nothing but lies...as though some "higher power" had pulled a veil over everyones' eyes and now that very veil is being lifted. I, for one, am really thankful to have the classic Wonder Woman back.

#dccomics #dcureviews #dcurebirth #rebirth #wonderwoman #wonderwomanrebirth #dianaprince #dianaofthemyscira #comicreviews #rebirthreviews #dcu #dcrebirth #dcuniverse #dcumultiverse #igcomicbookcommunity #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookfamily #igcomiccommunity

VOL. 1: The Many Arms Of Death

Fresh from her adventures in DETECTIVE COMICS, Katherine Kane returns with her own DC Rebirth title—and a seductive new mystery to solve.

Someone is selling cutting-edge bioweaponry on the black market, and their aim is to kill as many people—from as many nations—as possible. With help from her intrepid British commando-turned butler, Julia Pennyworth, and their high-tech mobile command center,
Batwoman quickly tracks the weapons to their source: a small, lawless island known as Coryana, home to pirates, outlaws…and a lost year of Batwoman’s life.

Before Kate ever joined the Bat-Family, Ms. Kane was rescued by the Mother of Warlords who ruled Coryana—and nearly lost herself in the process. Now her past is quickly catching up to her, and if Batwoman can’t figure out who to trust, the next thing she loses will be her life!


This volume was well written. I like the direction they've taken because it doesn't step on the toes of Detective Comics and Kate's storyline from that. It, in fact, acts as a great companion to Detective Comics by deepening the development of Batwoman's character in tandem with that title. The art is well done. I like how moody the art is. It sets a great tone.

#dccomics #batwoman #katherinekane #katekane #themanyarmsofdeath #dcurebirth #rebirth #batman #detectivecomics #dcrebirth #rebirthreviews #dcureviews #dcuniverse #igcomicbookcommunity #igcomiccommunity #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookfamily

VOL. 1: Escaping the Grave

The end of the world was just the beginning.

As the future Gotham City recovers from global catastrophe, a familiar face is ready to wear the cowl of the Batman once again. Terry McGinnis has returned to defend his city as Batman, and his family and friends couldn't be happier.

But another resurrection threatens to destroy all Terry holds dear. Rumors are spreading like wildfire that the original Joker lives---and the brutal crime lord called Terminal and his sadistic gang of Jokerz are waging war in the streets to prepare for the Clown Prince's second coming.

Just days after becoming Batman again, Terry must take up the fight against the greatest foe he's ever faced. When the dust clears, will the joke be on him?


This is a great jumping-on-point volume. It keeps the spirit of the Animated TV Series (which I have been binge watching) alive while still keeping in tune with the overall tone of the Rebirth Universe. The art in this volume is also stellar. I personally love it and recommend that anyone that was a fan of the show at least give this title a chance.

#dcuniverse #dcrebirth #dcureviews #dcurebirth #rebirth #batman #batmanbeyond #terrymcginnis #brucewayne #joker #jokerz #escapingthegrave #comics #comicreviews #rebirthreviews #darkknight #clownprince #dcu #dcmultiverse #dcumultiverse #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookfamily #igcomiccommunity #igcomicbookcommunity

VOL. 2: The Rise Of Aqualad

The Teen Titans are settling into their new lives in Titans Tower in San Francisco...even if answering to Damian Wayne takes a lot of getting used to. But Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and Kid Flash soon have a lot more than an overbearing Robin to worry about—a prison breakout has led to a string of disappearances, and some of them hit close to home.

Now, to rescue the kidnapped, the Titans will have to go toe-to-fin with King Shark, and the Titans are out of their depth...literally!

But a new teen hero named Jackson Hyde has seen the Titans in action, and he’s headed to Titans Tower to try to join the team. Will Aqualad be enough to turn the tide for the Teen Titans...or will the mystery of his powers unleash an even deadlier threat on the team?

• TEEN TITANS # 6-7, 9-11 & 13-14

This volume has a strong story and it's beautiful to look at. I think this new version of the Teen Titans is very entertaining.


As a huge fan of the animated series Young Justice, I had a feeling that the writing was going to go in the direction that it did. Meaning...I kinda knew from the jump that Jackson was going to end up being Black Manta's son. It makes sense with the general dynamic of the team...Raven's father being Trigon, Damian being part of Ra's al Ghul's bloodline, and, although he ended up being "fired" by Robin, Wally's father being Daniel West (the Reverse-Flash of the New 52). I am looking forward to the next volume of this title.

#dcureviews #dcurebirth #rebirth #teentitans #titans #robin #damianwayne #starfire #raven #aqualad #beastboy #blackmanta #kingshark #comics #comicreviews #rebirthreviews #dcuniverse #igcomicbookcommunity #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookfamily #igcomiccommunity

SUPERMAN: The Final Days of Superman

The greatest hero this world has ever known is dying... Superman's body is failing him.

With his final days upon him, the Man of Steel reaches out to his loved ones and most trusted allies to say his good-byes. Yet as he does so, the world is greeted by new threats - a dangerous being alive with fire, who insists to Lois Lane and anyone else he meets that he is the one true Superman, and a black-clad man whose appearance and powers mirror those of Superman himself.

Alongside Batman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl, the Man of Steel must fight one final battle - seemingly against himself. Will Superman die trying to save his adoptive world and those he loves most?

• SUPERMAN 51-52

I absolutely love Clark's unselfish struggle in this. He is genuinely afraid to leave the Earth without it's mightiest defender. Only once he knows that there is another to responsibly take his place does he finally let go and give in to the inevitable.
Hands down a must read for any Superman/DC fan. The story and writing fully satisfy and the art is top notch.

#dccomics #dccomicreviews
#dcumultiverse #superman #kalel #clarkkent #actioncomics #batman #justiceleague #comics #dcentertainment #dcu #dcreviews #supermancomics #dcrebirth #roadtorebirth #loisandclark #wonderwoman #rebirthreviews #dccomicsreviews #dcureviews #justiceleague #dcurebirth #igcomicbookcommunity #igcomicfamily #igcomicbookfamily #igcomiccommunity

VOL. 3: A Judas Among Us

The Titans are more than just a team. They're friends, bonded by years of shared history and experiences. But when the trust between members starts to fray, will the team itself fall apart?

Together, the Titans' mission is to infiltrate H.I.V.E. and restore Bumblebee's stolen memories, but the team is still reeling from Nightwing's collusion with their enemy Deathstroke. Meanwhile, Arsenal processes his feelings for his teammate Donna Troy, but Donna instead turns to comfort from Wally West, who is himself struggling with an injury that may never fully heal.

Worst of all, Omen foresees doom in a psychic vision: one of the Titans will betray the team...and possibly destroy the world! With tensions between Titans at an all-time high, how can they possibly trust each other?

• TITANS 12-18

This title is still going strong. That fact everything continues to revolve around this team being such a tight-knit group of friends with an unbreakable bond is a true testament to who these characters are. Everybit of the art has stayed amazing. This is one title I won't be abandoning any time soon.

#dcureviews #dcurebirth #rebirth #titansrebirth  #titans #ajudasamongus #nightwing #kidflash #wallywest #theflash #dickgrayson #donnatroy #aqualad #tempest #arsenal #royharper #rebirthreviews #omen #bumblebee #dcrebirth #igcomicbookcommunity #igcomicbookfamily #igcomiccommunity  #igcomicfamily #fastestmanalive #fastestfanalive #teentitans

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