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Blurred vision

Bye bye to another great day 👌

Had an awesome spring break with @evann_nicolee and @alainamichele1!!!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Looking for paradise #nofilter #instawow #instagreat 👌

🎶🎶Welcome to my paradise 🎶🎶 #pchh #editmasters

New phone is here! Yay! #awesome_shots #all_shots #butterfly

Love this #view from the #plane

Reflection in the #park ✌ at #night 👌

"To love is to admire with the heart; to admire is to love with the mind." ~Theophile Gautier👌

Flaming Phoenix ( Sunset 04.05.12 )

#barney 's long lost relatives. Lol 💏 #fotografiaunited #_photooftheday_


May you have SERENITY today... to whisper, when others are shouting; to smile, when others are angry; to pray when others are doubting; to know inner peace despite the noise outside; to trust GOD in spite of mounting trials. A renewing & meaningful Holy Week.~Unknown ☺☺☺

Mexico City

Some more #macros 🎶 #raindrops 🎶 #grass. I love my #olloclipmacro SOO much!


Dreamy 👌

✨Superwoman: Get out of my way!✨ I am inspired by the Street Candid galleries of 👌@aliveinnyc 👌@candidcameraman , and 👌@eros_sana . ⭕

No edits / no filters - just a raw image. I only cropped for 👌@raw_materials and his #raw_materials project.👌 Or as he says it: "Shoot it. Post it. No edit." ⭕ ✨A study in cropping in 2parts✨

This is Part 1. I snapped 3 pictures fast from my hip. 1st pic is not that decent. Next 2were decent and I'm comfortable with sharing. ⭕

This pic I cropped for just the biker who seemed like Superwoman to me. She was zipping along fast in the Bus Only lane. ⭕

This crop is from the third pic. My next pic was the 2nd pic I took which I will share later. The 2pix are essentially the same but for the crop of Superwoman I used the 3rd pic as she was closer to me and the sunlight highlighted her face. Wonder which pic is stronger ... You be the judge after I post the 2nd. ⭕

If you read this far, my sincerest appreciation!

lookup the sky🏢 taken with #hipstamatic #awesomeshots_family👊💢

⚠High Voltage⚠

🎉🎉🎈 #awesome_shots 👌 #as_fam 🎶 #igers

✨good morning✨ #morning #lake💦 #iiphone

Ticket to #harlem world at Grand Central Station, #newyork. #monochrome 👌 #all_shots

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