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join us for lunch tomorrow in Valponi's room, D2 ! bring your own lunch, and get ready to have a lot of fun ! can't wait to see you all there ! 🙏🏻❤️ #rebeljesus

'Tude. Deal with it.

Hey @trexarms @truexodus @mrs_truexodus wanna be a real life badass? Voulenteer to fight along unqualified douche bags like yourselves and survive for an entire HASF deployment and ill show my respect and never talk shit again! DONT WORRY THEY TAKE PEOPLE WITH ZERO EXPERIENCE .. SO YOU QUALIFY!!! Reserve M-PSD Team Members are Reserve HASF team members who volunteer their time to protect our Mission Teams in the world’s most dangerous places. All HASF Humanitarian Aid Team missions are protected by these selfless M-PSD Team Members. Reserve M-PSD Team Members are volunteers and are not compensated financially for volunteer service.


Reserve M-PSD Team Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, M-PSD Team Members do not have to come from a ‘Cool Guy’ background; we have Team Members who are Engineers, Help Desk Support Techs, Carpenters, former Military, and just Regular People who want to make a difference in the world.
#IGMILITIA #TREXarms #truexodus #rebeljesus #psd #3percenter #sheepdog #2ndamendment

"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching." (John 14:23)
If we focus on falling in love with Jesus, the rest will come naturally. #preach #contagiouslove #rebeljesus


Blast from the Past:
A live show we did in Argus in Alkmaar at a mini festival
(left to right) the Rebel Jesus, Zeek Catweazle, Barry Krishna, Perry Prozack

#ZEEKtheFREAK #ZeekCatweazle #ZeekDAccoustique #PsychoRock #Alkmaar #Live #Argus #RebelJesus #BarryKrishna #PerryProzack


A good book is the key to living a fruitful life. #KnowledgeIsPower. ✨
I am currently reading #MuslimGirl and I cannot get enough of it.

#AmaniAlKhatahtbeh gives us an inside, scary, and inspirational look into her reality as a Muslim child and woman. ✨
While, I don't identify as #Muslim, I understand her experiences and have seen shitty things happen to our Muslim brothers and sisters firsthand. ✨
While, living in Stony Point, NY, my Muslim brothers and sisters and I had trash thrown on us and racial and antiMuslim phrases constantly yelled at us.

We were over living in that city. However, that never stopped us from being Black, Brown, and Muslim, which made me proud and happy to continue our fellowship. We walked proudly in our identities as we struggled to comprehend everything that was happening in our "home" city. This mess went on for months. ✨
After my fellowship, I was happy to move back to Portland, Or... Today, I am not sure if there is any place that is safe for "marginalized communities."

Every human being LGBTQIA, black, brown, differently abled, fat, welfare recipient, renter, "uneducated," single parent, and the list could go on and on shouldn't be a target for societies/humans' insecurities and hatred. We all want to belong. Give us our BASIC rights to survive. ✨
Black to @muslimgirl. Please check out their Instagram account and read the book. It is a must read it!

Blast from the past.....Springtime Nutcase era Psycho Professor, Stuffie, the Bonz, Zeek Catweazle, Miep, the Rebel Jesus
#ZEEKtheFREAK #ZeekCatweazle #humour #psychoRock #music #punk #metal #rock #alkmaar #SpringtimeNutcase #rebeljesus #Stuffie #theBonz #psychoprofessor #miep

"If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching." (John 14:23)
If we focus on falling in love with Jesus, the rest will come naturally. #preach #contagiouslove #rebeljesus

Did you see all of the #BlackGirlMagic at the @sagawards?!

God, thank you!
@tarajiphenson, thank you!
@janellemonae, thank you!
@therealoctaviaspencer, thank you!

@violadavis, thank you!

@kerrywashington, thank you!
@daniebb3, thank you!
@traceeellisross, thank you!
@uzoaduba, thank you!
And so many more.

I know all of you heard about my wife, @serenawilliams, right? Her beautiful self shuts it down everrrrrrrday! Congrats on your 23rd grand slam. ✨
Oh, don't you wish you were a black woman like me! 😘😘

We get shit done!
Over 90% of us voted for @hillaryclinton! #imwithher!

We improve lives. We make shit happen. I'm just soooooo proud...
#ABlackGirlMoment #Sisterhood #SupportBlackWomen #Blackwomen

📷: @thegirlfriendmanifesto

My version of Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (Father John Misty) is now available.

New youth study starts tomorrow 6:30-7:30p. If you you aren't signed up come on anyway. Message @chazsnider so we can make sure you get a book. #renegadegospel #rebeljesus

Can't wait for #ShotShow2017. I'm hoping I get picked this year!
#Repost @iamwyattderp with #faptism

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