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Weekend Reading for the Signs by Element! Applies to sun, moon and rising signs. Scroll left, the order is 1.Water, 2.Earth, 3.Air, & 4.Fire.
1. Water: The next few days might be an intense time for you. Be gentle with yourself during this process. Not only are you changing internally, but that also could be reflected in your external circumstances as well. Consider getting healing support if needed, whether it be energetic healing or physical healing. Don’t expect too much from yourself at this time because you’re going through some deep changes within. If old childhood patterns or trauma surface, allow yourself self to feel and observe them without attaching. You are transforming and your life will look completely different soon enough. Keep doing the work. All is well.
2. Earth: The council of light is a team of spiritual ascended masters, light beings, angels and guides who are all devoted to helping humanity heal and ascend. You are a light worker and that is also the reason why you incarnated on earth at this time. This team of light is here to help you, however you need to open the door and allow them to. They want to support you fulfilling your personal soul mission so ask them for clarity and guidance on how to do so. No request is too big or small, for they’re just as invested in you fulfilling your mission as yourself. you have great things to do here but remember you’re not meant to do it alone.
3.Air: Not so fast. This time is not right for action or making any major decisions. Rushing into a situation that doesn’t feel like a 100% yes just means that the timing is not in alignment with you, and it is best to wait until it feels completely right. If things do not appear clear this is just indication that you have more reflecting to do or further information or clarification is needed. Be patient. Waiting can actually be very productive because when it’s time to act, you will be completely ready and not waste your energy worrying or being unsure. (Continued below...)

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