My Recent Process in Letting Go of Toxic Relationships
Some written therapy...
I have recently moved on beyond feeling anger and resentment towards those I once loved and allowed into my personal space only to be manipulated, taken advantage of and used and abused emotionally.
Unsurprisingly to me now, it’s been far easier for me to forgive those people than it has been to forgive myself for how lowly I viewed my own esteem and value that I’d so blatantly allowed such disregard for my own happiness through submitting myself to various toxic situations for very, very long periods time. Ignoring all the signs and declines in myself…until one day, ironically it would be them who left me after I’d been washed up and emotionally emptied out to the point I had nothing left to give.
I’m no fool. The treatment I received was a direct mirror into my previous perception of how I viewed my own worth. Of course, I attracted people who didn’t respect me because I actually never respected myself.
After all, any self-respecting person would never endure such toxic behavior for long periods of time. One instance is bad enough, but repetitively for weeks, months or years on end in multiple relationships? Yeah, that was me. I was that guy, and I’ve been dealing with, embracing and doing my best to accept the truth that I feel heavy shame surrounding this for the past 8 months.
In my mind, I feel I can’t really blame those who are lacking self-awareness to the extent they can so casually and subconsciously project and inflict their wounds on others…
In my mind, I am the one to blame. After all, I am not a victim. I am the one who chose to stay. No one held a gun to my head and forced me to endure these painful relationships as long as I did…it was me who CHOSE THIS.
This was my previous love story, but it’s not anymore. My soul demands change. I’ve never been in the “hurt people, hurt people” club, even though I certainly have every reason too, I’m 37 now and never once experienced a true loving relationship with anyone beyond myself, and thank the gods I’ve embraced this journey into self-acceptance, as it’s become... — CONTINUED IN COMMENTS ——

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