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Looking sharp as a needle! @deepshikhakhanna in our Pin Fringe Khadi Sari #rashmivarma #madeinindia #handloom #reapwhatyousew(sow)

Tonight is the Rose Full Moon or Strawberry Moon. It is called the Strawberry Moon because at this time is when the Algonquin tribes knew when to gather the ripening fruit. What fruit are you ready to gather? #reapwhatyousew #fruitsoflabor #fullmoonclothes

• CAPITAL-EYEz: REAL-EYEz YOUR PRESENT VALUE; Convert your fleshly seeds into SPIRITUAL CAPITAL. #ReapWhatYouSew #TimeToHarvest #DoMore #BeGreat • D.O.P.E. #Fratz

forgot to share this magic @dughand drew on me a few weeks back. tough to get a good photo (um, I just photographed the back of my own calf 🙃). thanks, doug!! #reapwhatyouSEW #stitchyourfaceoff #sewyourbrainsout #dandannoodles

Video is super dark but here's my last working set of deadlifts from last nights training session with @the_incredible_1uan . It was 4 working sets of 455 for 5 reps. Y'all might notice that I active my lats with every rep instead of leaving them activated through the whole set. I do that as a mental/muscle reminder to myself to active them so that way it becomes second nature on bigger lifts such as 1 reps maxes and when I'm on the platform for my upcoming meet. #USPA #powerlifting #deadlifts #reapwhatyousew

Making a beautiful noise #reststanceisfruitful #reapwhatyousew #soex

Doing some trial runs with my pintuck sewing foot before I use it on a new bridal sample. Side note: not sure if everyone reads my captions, but my doctor confirmed that I have a deviated septum. I'm having 👃🏼 surgery next Tuesday. I'm so excited because I can finally breathe better. This year is kicking my butt in the health department. 😁❤️ #agashibychristinao #agashi #reapwhatyousew #clearnails


Spot on 👈 I have made the decision to actually care about myself and not everyone except myself. I matter. I will say as I please and always what I feel. If I'm too much for some then you know where to go. Only those that understand me truely will stay. I really do not care. Nothing can hurt me. Send your negative vibes the other way I'm only positive here. 🖕😚 #notimeforit #loa #vibing #dontcarenomore #tryit #laughinyourface #reapwhatyousew

Good morning sunshine ☀️ Even when I'm dogsitting and don't have my coffee pot, my day starts with a good old fashioned morning drip w/ 🍯 & H&H. Meal plan says I gotta do it black w/ a tsp of honey and a little bit of lowfat milk, but I live a balanced life. Sorry not sorry 😌

What's your favorite kind of coffee?!

from @rashmivarma - Looking sharp as a needle! @deepshikhakhanna in our Pin Fringe Khadi Sari #rashmivarma #madeinindia #handloom #reapwhatyousew(sow)

Love client feedback 😘
I also love my job! I find it so rewarding. Charlotte trusted me enough to do her hair after not having it done for over 3 years. 💕#delorenzohaircare #lovemyjob #perfect #client #rewards #reapwhatyousew @charlotteaj

Today's Harvest #Godisgood #reapwhatyousew

Willa, Merry, and Maggie. A custom commission of the notorious Backwoods pups. All are hand-sewn out of felt.
#felt #dog #custom #sewing #sewn #plush #plushie #pitbull #softsculpture #textileart #embroidery #handmade #doll #softtoy #stuffedanimal

This is the # of DISTRIBUTORS each of these companies currently have... ALWAYS know the numbers, because the bottom line says SATURATION is never a good thing! 😉 The VICE PRESIDENT of Lancome & L'Oreal LEFT to join SeneGence. The PRESIDENT of Beachbody is now the Chief Sales and Development Director for Senegence. Well, what do you think that says about us? 💥 The professionals know we're in the MOMENTUM STAGE, and this is not the time to "just think about it," (BTW - L'Oreal owns not only Lancome, but Maybelline & Garnier) 👐 We have amazing skincare and makeup with QUALITY ingredients, 100% made in the USA, and we have so much FUN!!! 💋 I love the products, celebrities love our products, and our team is BLOWING UP!! 💌Private message "Show me" to my inbox to learn more about being your own makeup boss and earning extra income, because I can tell you first hand it's changing my life! From stressed out not knowing how I could make it on a single income to seeing the unlitmited earnings!! Dont be the girl that says I wish I would've taken that chance with you back then."
💥No monthly purchase requirements
💥No autoship 💥No required sales
💥Most generous compensation plan I've ever seen.

Sew dissatisfaction get no Satisfaction! #reapwhatyousew #mayhem #PM

We can learn so much from plants... 💚🌱 despite the tough times people go through, you can breathe through it and you will grow no matter what surrounds you #plants #growing #sunshine #gardening #learn #growagarden #reapwhatyousew #gardens #greenthumb

When you spend a lot of time talking negatively about a person around other people, it speaks more on your character than theirs ✌🏻 #reapwhatyousew

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