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Classic. Lemon and cucumber water.
#stayhydrated #water #h2o #realvitaminwater

Nothing like some yummy blueberry cucumber lemon water. 🍋 #detoxwater #realvitaminwater #organicforlife #hondagirl #lmao

Organic strawberry water🍓💦😍 I got the last box of organic strawberries😊 if you don't buy organic strawberries you are doing it wrong😉 #organicisbetter #organiclife #strawberrywater #fruitinfusedwater #realvitaminwater

When your kid is considerate 🤓 #infusedwater #homemade #organic #realvitaminwater #hydrate

Today's water was peaches, pineapple, strawberries, and mango!!!! #realvitaminwater #gettinghealthy

Good morning! Let's start the week drinking more water. For all my friends that struggle with this, here's something you can do to make it more tasty! 🍋Just add sliced lemons to one of those glasses that come with a fruit basket inside. I also added fresh mint leaves at the end🍃. Fill up with flat or sparkling water and refill throughout the day! Enjoy! 💛

P.S. Visit may Snapchat or Ig Story if you want to see more details of how to do it. -----------------------------
Buenos días! Comencemos la semana tomando más agua. Para todos mis amigos que luchan con esto, aquí les dejo algo que pueden probar para que se les haga más rico. Sólo añade rodajas de limón a uno de esos vasos que vienen con una canastita para frutas 🍋. Yo también le agregué hojas de menta al final🍃. Llena el vaso con agua normal o con gas y rellénalo varias veces al día! Que lo disfrutes! 💛

PS: visita mi snapchat o Ig story si quieres ver más detalles de cómo se hace.


This is a natural way of getting your nutrients / minerals / electrolytes after a workout or before one. 💞💯💦
Also for the kids when they get home from school. They have infused water bottles in several colors at the "99 Cent Store" that are PBA free, smart water you can buy cases or $1 for each bottle at Walmart or Costco and the fruits and vegetables should be organic since they sit in the water. You do not need the extra pesticides / wax into your body Etc.. Sprouts always has their sales during certain times of the week, just call the store to find out that's located near you.
Also go online to sprouts.com and ask for coupons to be sent to your home like I do. Eating healthy, drinking healthy, is NOT expensive if you know the right days to go to the Whole Food stores or have coupons especially if you have a family.
Value meals, soda,kool-aide & Gatorade is even bad for you and if you have high blood pressure, type 2 (controlled by diet and exercise), or gaining weight and being obese that is what is very expensive.😔
Sorry to be so blunt but It's your what you put into your mouth, bottom-line that can either help you or it could be a slow form of poisoning to your body.
And the kids even like it because I freeze all of my organic fruits and veggies so the water stays nice and cold. Can I run them under hot water and slice what I need into the bottle. Try it.
Hope this helps anyone who is spending tons of money on those flavored Waters, extra vitamin and mineral Waters, it will save you a ton of money through the week especially if you drink them everyday.
For people that say they have no time, do it at night to prepare for the next day it will taste even better. Have a great day!😊💞 #infusedwater

When your kid is considerate 🤓 #infusedwater #homemade #organic #realvitaminwater #hydrate

Classic. Lemon and cucumber water.
#stayhydrated #water #h2o #realvitaminwater

After being admitted in the hospital, I really need this vitamin sea. #relax #realvitamins #realvitaminwater #sand #beach #nature 🐚🌄🌴🦂🐟🌊

Otro día súper caluroso en CD.MX.
Me encanta esta #infusedwater para refrescarme, solo deja reposar unas rebanadas de fresa con unas 10 hojitas de albahaca por 20 min y un poco de hielo y disfruta 😋🍓🍃 #detox #eatclean #detoxwater #spawater #healthy ------------------------------------------------
Another really hot day at Mexico City, so I cool myself with an infused water, really easy to make, just toss some basil leaves with some strawberry slices, let it sit for 20 mins with some Ice and enjoy! #realvitaminwater

Refréscate este día caluroso con agua mineral y ponle unas rodajas de limón y unas frambuesas!!! #detoxwater #infusedwater #healthy #fresh
It was a very hot day at the city so I made this infused water! 😅☀️🔥☀️🔥 #eat lean #realvitaminwater #spawater

Lemon 🍋 to stimulate [metabolism], rosemary 🌱 to activate [digestion], and mint 🌿 to soothe [mind & stomach]—the perfect post-yin yoga refreshment to nourish body & soul. 🙏🏽💦 #RealVitaminWater #YinYoga #NaturalMedicine #HolisticLiving #SelfLove

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