Buongiornooooooooo 😍😍 Per un pieno di energia inizio la giornata con realvita🤗

Realvita è un integratore alimentare a base di Acido Folico, Vitamine del gruppo B, L-Carnitina, Vitamina C e Pappa reale. L'acido folico è fondamentale per la crescita e riproduzione cellulare, insieme alla Vitamina B12 riveste una funzione antianemica ed è infatti essenziale nella produzione di emoglobina. Insieme alle Vit. B6 e B12 è coinvolto nel metabolismo

Can’t say enough how much I love these vitamins for my 3 year old. Just mix with a little juice or a smoothie. She asks for them every morning! Best part is that these vitamins don’t have sugar!!!#megafood #megafoodkids #kauaiorganicfarms #kauaiorganic #healthykidsvitamins #healthykids #freshfromthefarm #dairyfree #soyfree ##realvitamins #kidsvitamins #toddlervitamins #unclemattsorganic

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It’s amazing how much sweeter, more peppery and creamy this Tomato and Rocket salad tasted going straight from garden to table..
So good I didn’t even add my usual mountains of feta!

It’s not always possible to get everything right..I knew a woman who was obsessed with driving miles to get her Organic wine from a specialty store and yet she happily loaded her trolley with pesticide filled bags of veg 🤔

We are nowhere near self sustainable but trying where we can to make small changes 🍅

There is nothing so satisfying as #growyourownfood #makeyourown #takeyourown
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Restauriamo sto’ giardinetto! 🌿
Come una vera contadina.

Jar of fruits with Yogurt
Happy Aloha Friday 💕
Honey crispy apple | Anjou pear | Gold kiwi | Apple mango | green grapes | Blueberry | Lime | Plain Greek Yogurt | Coconut water ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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✨Vitamins ✨ ‼️A very important part of any diet is vitamins! There’s always concern when you put the responsibility of making sure your pet is getting all the nutrition they need in your hands.
This was personally my biggest concern when I started feeding a homemade raw diet. After all I was feeding this way to feed better not to cause nutritional deficiencies. So let’s talk vitamins.
Synthetic vitamins vs real food vitamins. I feed and advocate to use real food vitamins and I want to explain why I feel this is so important. ⚠️
Vitamins are extremely complex structures. The synthetic vitamins that we create are not complete. Think of vitamins like a puzzle.
A man made vitamin is essentially just a puzzle piece. Cells in your pets body have receptors & when a synthetic vitamin is provided to the cell it will begin to absorb it, then it will recognize that it’s incomplete & essentially reject it & in the process prevent these cells from being able to properly utilize the natural sources of vitamins your providing because it’s now blocked by the fake stuff & the body is working to remove it. In a nutshell they end up doing more harm than good! 😳

So this is why I have chosen to use real food supplements in my pets diet. Even a small percentage of a vitamin in its natural state will be more beneficial than a synthetic vitamin in larger quantity.
I’ll be sharing the real food supplements that I use in my upcoming posts, going through the top vitamins & what you can feed to ensure your covering them! ♥️♥️Feed real foods!♥️♥️
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With all the crazy stories about throwing out store bought lettuce, listeria-ridden greens, lizard in the bag, I'm just gonna suggest that growing your own may be worth a thought 😨

Thank you so much, Katie White, @eatgoodfoodandmove for helping spread the word about our Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil Capsules! They are indeed a great source of Vitamin A and D in a perfect ratio. Keep spreading the word! 😊
Follow her page to see all types of healthy meals and lifestyle choices. She is really doing the world a service with her advice and information. :)

A snapshot of my morning😊 we take so much out of our diets, you have to replenish and put back in vitamins, minerals, and supplements that nourish the body! Beware:most vitamins are synthetic=not good.
“It is crazy to me how sickness is so much a part of the American culture.
😣We are the most medicated country on the planet, yet everyone is still sick. That IS crazy, right??? How many billions of dollars are spent on this "healthcare"?
🖤When will we wake up and realize that "healthcare" is NOT the same as sick-care. HEALTHcare means keeping your body HEALTHY.” -Jen Jordan
My famous to me Chai Tea Latte:
- 1 bag of Vanilla Chai Tea steeped in 8oz hot water
After that’s steeped for several minutes add to blender. - 1 tbsp grass fed butter
- 1 tbsp MCT oil
- smidgen of stevia
—- blend for 10 sec —- sprinkle with cinnamon ❤️❤️❤️Can also add a scoop of vanilla protein powder for the perfect breakfast❤️❤️❤️
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Ignore the picture of the broccoli. FOCUS. Natural vitamins kale and watercress. Boil water, add raw kale and watercress, garlic, oil of your choice (avocado and sunflower), pepper and Himalayan salt. 5 mins and done. I drank the broth after my workout in the MMA gym and ate the wonderful leaves after. #powerhouse #naturaleating #foodforthesoul #natural #realvitamins #fromtheearth Call it vegan if you want. #veganfood #veganrecipes

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