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#repost 😜 ne spass hab gerade keine Bilder mehr und auch keine Priorität auf Fitness und Ernährung daher kann es lange dauern bis ich einigermassen in Shape bin 👌🏾 Also immer Prioritäten setzen Leute, Sport soll in euer Alltag passen und nicht euer Alltag ersetzen (solange man natürlich damit kein Geld verdient versteht sich) #realtak #end #nice #evening ✌🏾️

Real talk, to all the prada Gucci seek in women around the world. #anonymous #realtak #realshit

Believe in you and it won't matter who sees your worth and who doesn't ... God gave you a gift and those who are drawn to your light and gift will come ... believe #realtak #mindsetshift -CD

Hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😭 #rp #realtak This has happened to me in different occasions 😂😂😂 #dontwantnoneofthis 😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😂

tired tired tired

✔️Certified personal trainer. #realtak
Today is another milestone for me as I completed my training program. I spent a lot of my life forcing myself to choose a career that I didn't actually want - nursing. I spent 5 years getting my Bachelors of science in nursing but am not currently a practicing nurse. Whether it was for financial gain, self-pressure, or expectations of family or friends... I felt so burdened to try and love pursuing a career that, to be quite honest, I didn't even like. I wore a smile on my face the whole time, but internally I was miserable. The last 2 years I have put the pursuit of money & expectation aside to spend time pursuing education and experiences that I am wildly passionate about - travel, fitness, edit & design, ministry, sports, media, & photography.
Leaving my comfort zone & sacrificing some luxuries to pursue things that I was passionate about was the best decision I ever made. I can honestly say today that I don't have to act like I like what I am doing - bc I truly love everything that I do. I finally get to be myself and own my smile.

Live bold. Pursue your passions. Never stop chasing your dreams. Love you guys!

We could have lied to you and told you that Thursday’s Pop-Up was a roaring success… but the truth just makes for a WAY more interesting read (as moderately embarrassing as it is). 🙈LINK IN BIO🙊
#rebelmama #realtak


... A young philosopher once said "trouble don't last always bitch"... #itaintthatserious #wholeness #goodvibes #lovemore #firebunnegativity #fkoutmyface #realtak #lifeisbeautiful

Gm All, Hello September New Month, New season and New Blessings😁😁💖💖💖......I have a heart to inspire, encouge and to see people grow even if I myself is not there yet I have the ability to gear you up and equip you for your next journey, challenge or whatever it may be. I have a passion to see progression Nothing is impossible never give up you have a gift however sometimes we can't see it or we get distracted with all the distractions of life! DONT lose hope or forget that dream you have and never lose the person you are though the process of life except who u are (CANIJUSBME💖) know who you are look beyond the surface dig deep put the work in and stay true to who u are have a wonderful day be blessed and know your time is coming or it may just be hear Now........ #Bosslady#Iinspire#lovepeople#lovelife#ucan#uwill#canijusbme#comingsoon#real#moverightorgoleft#savage#events#waitforit#goodvibes#youwontbedissApointed#Ilovetoseethetrueyou#letsmakedreammove#unconditionallove#thatsme#whosthat#LaverneRhoden🔥

CANIJUSBME💖 Get Ready For The Showcase.....

Gm all 😁 I spoke on waiting yesterday and I got loads of feed back people calling /texting on this subject, however what seems to pop up is, in your waiting you have spoke things you would like to do and that is not a bad thing however I have learnt and still leaning that unfortunatly people will be people they can steal your ideas and even hold you back in life we all want success, so i just want to encourage someone dont let that be you dont let someone walk and take your dream, dont be the one sitting down in the same place doing the same thing saying if only i had 🤦🏿‍♂️ Please do not sit on your dream for to long because there are people that may be in a better positions than you that will make it happen for them and then your there sitting thinking 'why me why me ' let me encourge you get up and make that thing happen faith only moves with action dont just talk act on it today you have a another chance to make a move wright down your vision make it plan step by step take leap of faith take a chance what do you have to lose be blessed be encouge!


CANIJUSBME💖 Get Ready For The Showcase.....

Morning all, Waiting is not easy but it can be done ...........Sometimes we may feel like the storm is coming down on us and you can begin to get very frustrated with your own situation waiting on that breakthrough, waiting for that job or that baby or the business you have always wanted or even that family member to just accept who you are it may be something els but what ever it is I would just like to encourage you that God grace is saficiant enough we must learn to understand that having hope will cost you something, having faith will cost you something, even having expectation will cost you something, having hope is one of the biggest things we can do however its one of the things that can also make you very worried woundering will it happen for me, will i make it, ive told eveyone now it needs to work (lol) we always believe we should have more or be more or achieve more then we have.The question is why have we not, when we continue to worry about something we do not have yet it will begin to wear you down so sometimes it's starts to become easier to not want which you no will be best for you, waiting can be hard however God will not show you something that is yours then take it away stay grounded stay committed stay focused keep believing and as long as God said it then its yours be blessed have a awsome day.... #Bosslady#live#happy#ilovebeingme#waitonit#believe#gogetit#imnevergivingup#borntoachive#love#canijusbme#fighter#aim#passion#goals#alwaystrying#

CANIJUSBME💖 Get Ready For The Showcase.....

Tada!!! The time has finally come!! The write up on my first Photobook experience is UP ON THE BLOG! 💣
Link in the bio 😉

Not my handwriting but I'm glad someone wrote it down. I tend to see the good in people. My rose colored glasses are of the best intention variety. I want to believe people. I want to believe in people. I want to give people the inch believing they won't take the mile unless they really really need it. However, those folks exist. The ones that will find a way to use my generosity to their advantage. The ones who are unapologetic about fooling me once. I learn my lesson from them fairly quickly. However there are also those people who will take advantage but will somehow make me believe they aren't. They'll live in the contradiction of their words and actions, looking at me like I'm crazy for calling out their incongruence. It's especially awful if they know I am wearing these particular glasses and use them against me. Betrayal. Dishonesty. Misrepresentation. Opportunism. Apathy. Dismissiveness. All of these things are mechanisms of starvation. I think I need to get more comfortable taking the glasses off so I can see the feeding for what it really is. A menu consisting of emotional leftovers you never wanted - washed down by a flat Diet Coke. #realtak #graceismessy

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