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"Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years."

Hey friends! We made it to Friday! Hoooray! 🎉🎉🎉 It has been a bit since I’ve introduced myself around here, and with all the new friends, I thought today would be the perfect day to get to know each other a bit better! 💕

My name is Allison, and most days you’ll find me in my PJs sitting at a desk in the comfort of my home! I work from home for an incredible company, Young Living, and couldn’t be more proud to work for them! 🙌🏻 I love doing life with my husband of 2 years! We’ve been together for quite some time and have even attended the same school since 2nd grade. He’s my best friend, biggest cheerleader, and greatest support!

Our fun Friday night typically includes ordering takeout, watching Netflix, and playing with our 3 cats. We’re definitely homebodies, and don’t mind it a bit! Tonight we’re changing things up though and going to my husband’s work party! Which by the way is totally out of my comfort zone! I’ll just keep rolling on my essential oils though 😉

What does a fun Friday night look like for you? Would you rather stay home or go out? I’d love to know in the comments below! 😊


I came across this photo and immediately thought that’s kind of cute but I can’t post it...what did I mean I couldn’t post it? I can post whatever I want it’s my Instagram, but the problem was my mind immediately went to all the negative things I see about myself versus all the things that are beautiful. Why?! Because society has brainwashed us into thinking unless it’s perfect no one needs to see it. I then realized that I’m a confident woman who obviously has flaws but they make me who I am.
I’m not a size 2, I have cellulite on my thighs, I still get acne, my boobs are bigger than I wish they were, and my eyelashes are non-existent without mascara. Guess what, I also think I’m beautiful despite the negative things I seem to immediately notice. I’m a high energy spirit who’s completely unfiltered at all times. I love God, my husband, my pup, and all my family and friends with my whole heart. I always look for the good in people and always try to lend a helping hand. I’m passionate about the talents that God has given me and I pray I always use them for good. I’m multitalented and hate being put into a one size fits all box. There’s no one like me in this world and there’s no one like YOU! Embrace who and what God has made you to be, love yourself, stop worrying about what Instagram or anyone else will think, and just do you! We are all smart, talented, beautiful people despite what social standards might say.
I encourage you to post a #realstagram today because we could all use the reminder that we are not confined or defined by what we see in these tiny squares💕

Got everything totally under control over here. 😅🤣 I had to bribe Maxwell with cartoons and fruit snacks to STOP pulling Trey off my boob (literally). Max and I never really were fully dressed today. Both of us rejoiced when dada walked in the door. 🙌🏽💙 I love reminding people that anyone can make their life look pretty perfect online. Curate their feed perfectly. And believe me, I'm a consumer of perfect feeds...with perfectly dressed mamas and coordinating (somehow smiling?!) children. I'm sure those moments in time don't tell their whole story and that's okay 💕I'm just here to normalize chaos and encourage mamas that might have half dressed children and one child constantly on their boob. We got this 🙌🏽🙌🏽💕

Week 8 day 4 of Disney half marathon training. 🏃🏼‍♀️Strength training today to work on some weaknesses and avoid injury 💪🏼
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If I’m being totally transparent with you, this season has been really hard. I’m lonely. I’m exhausted. I’m stressed out. I’m emotional. I’m a bit of a mess. I already knew I didn’t handle change well, but I’m learning that I normally avoid it at all cost, because it isn’t easy. In the past 4 months EVERYTHING in my life has changed and I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about it, but it’s hard. Change is never easy, but I’m learning that it’s necessary. I’m learning that without change, we never grow or learn. We just get comfortable and fall into the same routine day in and day out. | I have struggled lately to really spend time with God because I was frustrated, upset, or “busy.” I chose to wallow in self pity instead of do something about it. I would use my study time to go to bed earlier or take a bubble bath and ignore all my problems. This past week I have made it a priority to spend time in the Word every night. I’ve been reading James and I am learning so much. It’s so amazing how His word is still so fresh, engaging, and intriguing once you dive back in. The key point I’ve learned as I read each word of this chapter is to GROW through what you GO through. There is growth in everything we face in this life, whether good or bad. We have to be willing to grow and be molded though. We have to make the choice to let our experiences shape us instead of break us, mold us instead of hold us, and stretch us instead of pull us a part. I am thankful for this period of frustration, loneliness, newness, and change because it has pushed right back into my Fathers arms where I long to be. | I encourage you friends, regardless of what you’re facing, let it teach you, grow you, and shape you. Don’t let it paralyze you or hinder you. You are strong and God has so much to show you in the season you’re in! So, if your Tuesday was feeling a lot like Monday carried over like mine has, rest in knowing that even our greatest struggles can produce our greater results! ❤️

Hot one out there today! ☀️☀️☀️ stay safe!! Easy 6.5k before tomorrow's 17k! 💪🏼
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I don't usually post more than once a day, but when I do...it's because I'm excited 😜 One week until Christmas!!! Double tap if you are just as excited 💚

Cleanliness is next to godliness ❣️🛁 seriously, how satisfying is time-lapse cleaning?!?

Countless times I've gotten the question "is there anything I can do?"
I even got it from his doctor the day after he passed. I replied, very bluntly, and probably still in shock "is there anything you can still do for him?"
There wasn't. I knew this.
But that's all I wanted.
I have strong mixed feelings about this question.
I hate it because it puts the responsibility of looking for ways of helping a person back in that same person's hands. I was broken, the only way I would ever be fixed was if it all just never happened. And there was no way of fixing that. I had been looking for solutions for months. Ways of saving him. I felt like I failed. I was tired. I didn't care anymore. About anything. There was nothing more to be done.
But some people still did. They found things to do. They took the liberty of showing up without asking or waiting for an answer. They showed up through kind gestures. Through books. Through letters. Through cards. Through flowers. Through food. Through donations. Through trips. Through massages. Through a listening ear. Through the recalling of a joyful memory. Through an understanding smile. Through a warm hug. Through a bonding tear.
So I hate the question, but love what it stands for. It implies that some people will get out of their comfort zone to be there for you (because yes, anything related to sadness is outside of our comfort zone).
I acknowledge it is an extremely difficult situation. But instead of asking the broken ones what to do, ask yourself how you can help put a band-aid on them.
Whatever feels right to you, whatever you'd want others to do for you if you were in a similar situation, just do that.
And to those amazing souls who did, and are still doing so today, thank you so very much.
I will forever be grateful, and always, always, there for you too.
#onlylove #grateful #mindfulness #mystory #thoughtoftheday #realstagram #griefjourney #griefsupport #inspire #itsokaynottobeokay
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What was your highlight of the weekend?

It is Monday, so naturally we think back on the enjoyment we had over the weekend wishing we had more time. My highlight is the simple fact that for once we didn't have any plans so I got to relax with my husband, check out a new coffee shop, start a new show, won $50 at World Market and hang out with friends. We are in such a busy season and it is so important to have days without plans and slow down! I look forward to reading your highlights. Happy Monday friends!

I always wanted you.
even when I didn’t know what I wanted.
even before I knew you, it was you.
you were the chapter that I didn’t know the words to, but always knew it existed.
and when I finally found it, and began to read, I knew I was home. jmstorm
Wearing: @adoreme
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Peaceful night table, ready for tea, reading and sleep. Reality is it’s 2 am my back is KILLING me and I feel anything but peaceful.

Lovely Christmas tree. Reality, it’s surrounded by school bags mops and buckets and untidy side tables

“I LOVE acne!!!” - said no one EVER. This is my “I hate acne” hideous pouty face. 😂🙄 Scroll —> for some info and a tip for battling hormonal acne. Come see me for treatments! I’d love to take care of you and your skin! 😘 #hormonalacne #acne #acnetreatment #acnetips #masteresthetician #acaydia #realstagram #nomakeup #reallife #struggleisreal #loveyourskin #berealwithme #skincare #chemicalpeel #tips

Feeling a lot more confident lately in my skin! Embracing all the scars and frizzy hair! #rawbeautytalks #realstagram

Haven't worn makeup in weeks. The house is a mess. I rarely get a chance to shower anymore. I run on coffee and 3 hours of sleep 90% of the time. Im peed or puked on at least twice a day. I'm exhausted.
But God, I'm so insanely happy.
Nothing beats being your momma.
#mommylife #realstagram

“Dear you, the word today means amen

in every language. Today, we made it. Today,
I'm going to love you. Today, I'm going

to love myself. Today, the boxcutter will rust
in the garbage. The noose will forget

how to hold you, today, today--
Dear you, and I have always meant you,

nothing would be the same if you
did not exist. You, whose voice is someone's

favorite voice, someone's favorite face
to wake up to. Nothing would be the same

if you did not exist. You, the teacher,
the starter's gun, the lantern in the night

who offers not a way home, but the courage
to travel farther into the dark. You, the lover,

who worships the taste of her body, who is
the largest tree ring in his heart, who does not

let fear ration your love. You, the friend,
the sacred chorus of how can I help.

You, who have felt more numb than holy,
more cracked than mosaic. Who have known

the tiles of a bathroom by heart, who have
forgotten what makes you worth it.

You, the forgiven, the forgiver, who belongs
right here in this moment.”
@sierrademulder (excerpt)

@rawbeautytalks ・・・
"I think it's extra important right now to not show a woman wholly retouched. It's becoming the norm for people to have this butt that's been plucked and pulled, and these boobs from somewhere else. It's not normal. I think it's our responsibility as women, to show our flaws and how we're far from perfect" - @chrissyteigen #NoMakeUp #RawBeauty #RawTalk #Realstagram

#Repost @rawbeautytalks (@get_repost)
"I think it's extra important right now to not show a woman wholly retouched. It's becoming the norm for people to have this butt that's been plucked and pulled, and these boobs from somewhere else. It's not normal. I think it's our responsibility as women, to show our flaws and how we're far from perfect" - @chrissyteigen #NoMakeUp #RawBeauty #RawTalk #Realstagram #lifestyleblogger #irishblogger #cork #ireland #sunday #weekend #itstheweekend #blogger #nofilter

Let's get bendy, let's have some fun! Yoga at 5pm today at Mattierin studios! Take a moment for yourself during this busy time of the year ✌🏻️

Christmas time is here! At least for me it is. In years past, I would bug everyone around me about how Christmas should wait it’s turn for after Thanksgiving. But this year, I surrendered to listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, and honestly, I’m so glad I did!! I used to complain that around Christmas time, it didn’t feel like Christmas. That’s because I was never excited for it and allowed myself to anticipate celebrating the holidays! So if that’s you today, get pumped!! Christmas time is here!!! Trust me, your Christmas cheer will grow if you let yourself be a kid again!

Double tap if you agree! Or comment why you’re all about waiting until you do 😊

Celebrating another trip around the sun with my favorite guy today! Happy birthday Troy Boy! I want to tell the world how incredible of a human you are and to say I’m crazy about you would be a slight understatement.  You love me when I’m hardest to love, you helped save me from a solid case of post-partum depression, you believe in my biggest dreams, you’re the peanut butter to my honey, and the way you raise our girls makes my heart beat right out of my chest. There’s no one else I’d rather chase summits with, surf the seas with, or go to the bottom of an extra large popcorn bowl with.  We are so lucky to spend this life together with YOU. 🎂

COMPARISONS are based on romanticised half truths. When we compare ourselves to others, we are only comparing perceptions. I was thinking about this last night after seeing some really insensitive comments on a feed I follow. Just because you see a smiling photo of a couple don't assume they have the perfect relationship/marriage. In reality they might have had an argument and are posing for a photo, or you see a beautiful girl with an amazing figure and you assume she has it sorted when in fact she has no self confidence or spent years working on her health and fitness. It's so important to remember that what you see (and assume) is simply a perception, not based on reality. Comparison halts progress and steals happiness. Everyone has their stuff and especially on here, remember what you see is a glimpse, it's truly a slice of someone's reality. Always be nicer than you need to be because you never know what is happening in someone else's life ❤️Sunday thoughts. #kindnessmatters

At least he’s eating fruit and veggies, right?? And @ruffles are made from potatoes! This is his side with his grilled cheese... sometimes it’s a gourmet meal, sometimes you’re just getting by!

Movement. Is. Medicine. 💆🏻‍♀️ There’s a lesson I’ve taken away from the past week. Regardless to your personal struggles, all that matters is that you remember to come back to yourself. Remember why you started. Find a deeper meaning in the struggle and allow yourself the grace to flow through what you need to learn.

Skipping my regular early Saturday workout and headed to the city with my pops! Buut don’t worry I’ll post some sweaty moves in my stories later.. .
Also if you haven’t heard I’m running a whole30 challenge group on Facebook for the month of January! There has been so much interest in this group I’m so excited to host something that I feel so strongly will change your life. If you haven’t heard of whole30 it’s basically like a rehab for your eating you’ll eliminate sugar, grains, dairy, legumes and alcohol. If you think you’re up for the challenge and want my support slide on into my DMs or drop an emoji below and I’ll connect with you! 💥

"Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years."

Pre Xmas too much wine, not enough sleep, but no filter. Important to keep challenging #instagram perceptions of reality #realstagram @kaitlynbristowe @offthevinepodcast @rawbeautytalks #keepitreal #nofilter #unfiltered #notaninstagrammodel #happy #queenspark #local #xmas #tired #hungover #real #realness #reality

Inevitably, I really miss my Little when I travel, because mom life. But also I relish lounging in a giant king bed dressed in an oversized robe with some hot French press coffee and the weekend paper, uninterrupted. Because non-mom life. So there’s that ☕️🗞📰#saturdaze #saturday #coffee #caffeine .
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I haven't been this happy about my skin in a long time. I still have a massive pimple above my lip. I got glasses last week. Damn right I put a filter on this. But it's the first time I've had ONLY ONE blemish in at least 6 months. I've struggled getting out of bed for events. I bawled to @ryderfm. The poor guy. I didn't want selfies with listeners. It hurt me to feel like I was letting you down by avoiding you all. I usually have an inflamed embarrassing chin. This pic is so good compared to what I've been dealing with. I'm still trying to grab the balls to post my "before" photo. It's so bad. But it's so real. I'm proud lately. I cut out milk. I haven't been wearing makeup because I'm trying to fix my hormonal acne. It's such a bitch. I cry about it often. No one understands. Or do they? Even guys, maybe? I wore makeup tonight, though. hi. I've had blood tests. Changed my diet. I've been so stressed. There are young girls who look up to me. Gotta keep acting confident. It's my job to be there for them. Radio host = role model. Right? Be relatable. Oh, wait, we're all imperfect. I guess I'm killing it then. Honesty, Fuck it. Here we go. I'm 27. Im not a sex symbol. I am real. I'm avoiding a guy I like because my skin has never been this bad. Wtf? I've learned to love myself regardless of my flaws. As should you. I challenge you to show up to work without an ounce of makeup. It's actually quite exhilarating. People will ask you if you're feeling ok at first. Lol. That will pass. Love yourself. Let them realize this is actually just what you just look like. Keep being yourself. You are not your photoshopped selfie. Sorry, but, you'll realize the people that matter love you for YOU. Your messed up, weird, hilarious reality. Sounds so cliche. I know. This is why Ryder didn't originally understand why I was sad when my skin was horrible. He only sees true beauty. How cool is that? God damn. It's so amazing to realize your worth. You are more than your skin. Always. It's actually the fucking best when you find out nothing is better than just being yourself. I wish I found out sooner. #yeg #realstagram

Hey friends! I'm breaking my social media hiatus with the help of our Christmas Tree and some lavender chamomile tea (a new favorite nightly routine of mine to help me sleep better).
I've got some fun NEWS!!! 🏠 My husband and I moved into a new house a couple weeks ago. We've been super busy cleaning up the old house, putting the new house in order, and getting ready for the holidays!
With the new year coming up I'm going to take some time to reflect on areas I want to improve! When I get my 2018 goals figured out I'll share with you all! 🙌

What’s on your bucket list? Would love to hear in the comment below! 👇🏻
I picked this cutie up at @anthropologie and will share a few of my bucket list items Monday after I fill it out, but excited to hear yours!✨
Candle: @craftandfoster ▪️
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That moment when everything feels right. #hellochristmas

Today takes me back. During the first weeks of losing Louis I didn't want to do anything. I couldn't. I was numb from the pain, the anger, and the trauma. I would just sleep all day. My only goal was to make it to the next. And the next. And I did.
Today I was numb once again. I feel no shame in admitting that I spent the entire day in bed resting, doing absolutely nothing. And that's okay. Grief is not a linear proces. Sadness doesn't just disappear, and the exhaustion from trying every day sometimes gets the best of you.

And so we rest. We take some time. We waste one day so that we can fill the others with love and joy once more.

Because rest is power.
Acceptance of your body and mind's needs is strength.
And finally getting out of that bed to live and love life as promised is absolute fortitude.
#mindfulness #reallife #realstagram #reallove
#lifeafterloss #grief #onedayatatime #justkeepswimming

I feel like I have been pretty absent lately and I’m so sorry for that. I have been given an amazing opportunity to serve an organization I deeply care for and run their Instagram. I thought that running two Instagram accounts would be easy, but it most definitely isn’t!! So props to any wine out there rocking two or more instagram accounts. Y’all are da true homies.
Comment what’s something that you thought would be easy but ended up not being that easy!

When you do a little morning happy dance because this is Blakes weekend with his dad 💃🏼
I love this kid so much but with him being sick again, having rough nights sleeps and needing all of my attention it’s nice to get a “break” and have the other parent do some hard work too👌🏻
Spending the weekend getting sweaty with my workouts, maybe a hot yoga class and working on my vision board for 2018 🙌🏻

Ummm.. still wondering what to get your one of a kind bestie for Christmas?! 😳Look no further. Shop our holiday collection for gift parcels with a quirky twist👏🏼 and all. the. holiday. goodies. ✨
Link's in our bio (duh!) You can use the coupon code CHRISTMAS🎄 for a discount when you're checking out. Because we 💖 you all dearly.

Want to hear a funny story about how I "claimed" my husband at first sight? Yea, you read that correctly and I'm sure God chuckled as it was happening! It is worth a read, I promise!
So Once upon a time...long story short, Jimmy and I met at a Christian music festival in Atlanta, GA called Atlanta Fest in 2014. He was there with Ride Nature and I was there with a different company. A friend of mine was with me who I'll leave unnamed just because of this part of the story 😜 She & I were on a break so we checked out all the other tables, one being RN. As we approached the table, we noticed the good looking guys behind the table. So for fun we randomly claimed one for each of us. I looked at Jimmy and said "He's mine". This is the part where God was most definitely chuckling at me and saying something like "Oh my dear Skylar. Little do you know the truth in your statement and the great big plans I have for you and this man." I love looking back to this memory and the many others during that weekend festival and seeing how God brought us together! For so long, I tried to make relationships happen and as much as I joked about him being mine, I never imagined this man would become my husband 3 years later! God's plan & timing is perfect!

How did you & your significant other meet? Spill it in the comments 👇💕

Happy Friday, friends!

For those of you who are new around these parts, Hi! I’m Danielle👋🏻 And here are some things, in no particular order, about me:

1. I live just outside of Atlanta with my hubby and fluffy pup, in our very first home! We moved to the area from Austin, TX in September and are so excited for what this new chapter in GA holds for us.

2. I’m an ambivert and major homebody. I love being with people, but they can also wear me out and I recharge best when I’m able to spend time alone.

3. Worship leading and music are the things I am most passionate about and feel the most called to with my life.

4. I have an unexplainable attachment to animals and pretty much wish I could just rescue and take care of them all. Except for snakes. Terr.i.fied. of snakes!

5. I don’t watch much TV, but when I do I’m usually cycling through the same favorite shows: Downton Abbey, Parenthood, Great British Bake Off, Gilmore Girls and Parks & Rec. This month though, it’s been all about Christmas and we’ve just been watching through our holiday movie collection non stop!

6. I’m a night owl. So much more productive in the quiet and calm of night than I am during the day!

7. In my spare time you’ll most likely find me baking, lettering, reading the latest @magnolia Journal issue, scouring Pinterest, or hip hop dancing. No I am not joking and yes I will be a pro someday.

8. Every now and then I have the urge to destroy Facebook. And Instagram Story.🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe it’s just me.

9. I mostly listen to Indie/Folk music but you’ll also hear me unapologetically blaring @taylorswift albums. End Game is legit my favorite song right now!

10. Donuts and pizza are my favorite, but I have a scary suspicion that I’m intolerant to one of or both of them😭
Your turn! Tell me something about yourself in the comments below and if we have anything (or nothing at all😂) in common.🥂 #thelowlylife #fridayintroductions

A few of my favorite things...
Lodge Coat & suede Chelsea Boots from @jcrew
Peppermint Mocha from @starbucks
Snow from @mothernature

i WaNnA gO HooOOoOOMee i WAnnA Go HooMMeee

The reveal and selection process ended up being longer than the actual photo session with this woman. She had to take a couple of breaks, because not only has she not existed in photographs, like, at all, but it’s already an overwhelming experience when there’s 20 photos of YOU to take in and decide between. I loved watching her deliberation process. Methodical and yet quietly emotional and very introspective. She probably walked away with more images than she thought she was going to, because she knew that these images were the best representation of her present self. I only have TWO more women to photograph for this project until I reach my goal of 100! #bareselfnakedsoul #acpmeproject

A few months ago, I thought I had it all figured out. My business was gaining momentum, my bags were packed for Texas, and I was ready to drive off into the future I wanted to build.
Life happened. #realstagram moment here... my relationship failed, a friend passed away unexpectedly, my grandmother took a scary fall. My family life was nothing short of unpredictable. I was reeling, but I didn't have time to process! I had dreams to chase and a business to build. I became crippled in a self-made prison of guilt.

My health crashed shortly after making the trek to visit my would-be home in Texas. I felt my energy levels plummet. Breathing became an uphill battle, and dizzy spells felt like daily dilemmas. One day, a co-worker approached me with a ball of red hair she found bouncing across the tiled floors of our small office. My hair started falling out. My sister approached me out of concern. She was worried that I was suffering from adrenal fatigue. Jess, I don't know where I'd be without you and your support. This has been a powerful lesson.
It's also been a tough one. It's shown me that balance is more essential than ever. Take it from me. Don't spread yourself so thin that you have nothing left. #selfcare needs to be a priority. I’m feeling so much better recently, but I know that true progress starts with lowering the impossibly high expectations we set for ourselves. Double tap if you feel the same way I do!
PC: @mattcrump

Please welcome Dr. Mason Jones to the @mintandthymeaustin team! Dr. Jones is our new medical director. We have changed up the way you get your “RX filled” for all medical appointments. A few days before your appointment, Dr. Jones will call you to do a phone consultation. That’s right! Gone are the days where you have to trek in here just to see the doctor! Another great thing about this new setup is that we are doing away with the $60 medical fee! Winter is the best time for IPL’s and you know you want some fresh Botox for the new year! .
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Just let me love you. #ghostfacekillah

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