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~My atoms have always loved your atoms~...#deep #love #pure #true #realrelationship

No Loyalty and no trust = no real relationship "GitaBuranyita" 😹#realrelationship

I know what love means because of you! ❤️ #realrelationship #happiness

twice the trouble #realrelationship

She is my best sister
My best friend
My soul mate
And she is the best part of me 💕

#realrelationship #sisterhood

A real man never stops trying to show a woman how much she means to him, even after he's got her 😉😎 #RealMan #RealLove #RealRelationship

How can u defy magic? ✨ #RealRelationship #Goals #mywonderpeople 🙏🏼😇😘😘


Yeah, let’s do that, shall we?
Tag your homebody below and let ‘em know what you’ve got planned tonight!
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To all the assholes who actually think I’m dumb enough to fall for your shit, fuck off. I don’t send nudes. I don’t fuck on the first date, and I no longer chase people hoping they’ll eventually come around and make a commitment. And when I tell you I don’t do that shit, don’t lie to me by saying “Oh yeah I want a relationship too!” No bitch you want some dumb shit where we hookup until you get bored, and I don’t do that shit. So until I find someone who wants a real relationship, I’m staying single. And this is 2017, nobody wants a real relationship. They give up when shit gets hard instead of working it out. And if the first you did was dm me or snap me, move along because I prefer this thing called a REAL conversation. Oh no, a millennial’s biggest fear: a real convo instead of just texting 😒. But really if you’d rather message me than talk to me IRL then you already lost ur chance. I’m happy being single, and until I find someone who won’t waste my time, it’s staying that way. And none of you better go thinking that you can change that if the first thing you said to me was “Hey wanna chill sometime?”
#singleandhappy #commitment #realove #tiredofbullshit #imdonewithbitches #dissapointed #loveisntafeeling #loveisacommitment #loveisanaction #realloveonly #realrelationshipsonly #realrelationship

#facts #love if it’s too easy then it ain’t a #realrelationship

I know what love means because of you! ❤️ #realrelationship #happiness

We’ve been taking a little breather from posting on the blog this season while we focused on events, but we’ve been secretly working hard on it behind the scenes!
We’re excited to share some fun stuff we’ve been working on soon, but until then...Have you seen our feature on an unorthodox Vancouver based couple, Chandler and Lena?
We're getting into the #transgender relationship experience, recovering from divorce, incorporating instinct and growth and knowing pure love.
We had a great time chatting with them while they went about their day-off-morning-routine.
Getting scrumpets and coffee at Granville Island, a stop at the dog beach (and laughing about our crazy dogs) and getting to know their story.
Here's an excerpt: "RP: So, how would you say transition has affected your relationship?
C: I can be more myself, I guess. Any relationship I've been in, in the past, I wasn't really myself, you know? I never really knew how to love myself. The transition has really allowed me physically, with my body, open up in a relationship and also emotionally. I feel like I was really emotionally stunted in prior relationships, friendships and romance, and now I can be me and have no barriers.
RP: How did it affect you Lena?
L: It doesn't. I think the only times the transition comes up is on Tuesdays when your super space-y after your T-Shot [Testosterone Shot]. [laughs] It has had a positive effect, to be this close and get a first had experience of seeing someone blossom into who they are, it's very inspiring and it's great to watch him come into his own and stand up for himself where he needs to. You know? Spread his chest proudly. It makes me appreciate life a lot more, spending it next to him."
—How amazing is that?
Visit the blog to peep the whole article, it's definitely worth the read.
(Link in profile!)
Chan and Lena, thank you for being a part of the #RelationshipProject movement and showing behind the scenes of your relationship.
We commend the courage it takes to show the underbelly of relationships, and these two have courage in spades. ❤🙌🏻 (Give Elliott a squeeze for us!)

Tag your weirdo below and let ‘em know you love them for exactly the weird they are. ❤️
We don't need the fairytales, we need team mates.
(And funny ones at that.)
Cheers to those partners who share the chores, pick up the dirty socks, itch backs, and tell jokes.
Those lovers who talk about the hard stuff, keep our hearts, and warn us before they fart.
Those spouses who know that sharing fears and the last piece of pizza are of utmost importance.
Cheers to you, weirdos!
We’re sending you some extra love today! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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