Happy Gday 2️⃣ My Dawg @peateykracck32 🔫 Play Bent n Cross the Line Bitch u Gettin Kracked 🚧🛑 #backintheGshit #realrecognizereal #realniggaholiday #celebration 🍾

She comes with instructions sometimes🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ But she don’t waver!! #itiswhatitis #keepit100 #realrecognizereal #iamher #thickskin #gritandgrace #musclesandheels #dontscareeasy #loyalty #ionlyeatwithwhoistarvedwith #shewolf #brooklynchick

It's okay to take a feel breath and breath... We all not perfect even though we try our best to be.. We be okay love urself work on urself n watch urself make it through it all... #realrecognizereal

So yesterday was this beautiful being of light’s birthday! ✨🎉 @dipppedingold I am beyond grateful for our friendship. I am blessed to call you a #soulsister in this lifetime. It’s the craziest thing that we never got close until you moved to Cali. But the one thing I won’t ever forget is when I asked you what you remembered about me from High School. You said “You always said hi to me in the hallways, and were always nice to me.” 😭💕 I pride myself in being a positive person, but during that time I was in a very dark space. It warms my heart every time I think about you remembering my kindness. Since we’ve been on this best friend journey, you’ve expressed nothing but sincere self-less kindness to me. You’ve shown me what a real friend is. My mother always told me that when you grow up, you’ll be lucky to be able to count the amount of “true” friends you have on one hand. That is real for me. Thank you for being one of the people I can count as a true friend. Thank you for always supporting my growth. Thank you for answering my phone calls without hesitation. Thank you for checking on me when I go weeks without reaching out. Thank you for reminding me of the light I have within me on the days I forget. And most importantly: THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! I love you to the moon and back V. I hope your birthday was the illest. Just like you. 💋🔥 #love #bestfriend #soulsister #supportsystem #happybirthday #realrecognizereal

Lil bro had to set the record str8 @3300grim #rns #realrecognizereal

"I got too much love to be worried about a few likes." ~#VyneLyne~

Love is one of the very few #real things we have around us; take it with you where ever you go in life. #ImNotALoveExpert but #HappyHumpDay 😉

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