FroYo dates with these monkeys 🐒

Her little smile gets me every time 🖤 Isn’t it crazy how fast they grow up, we went to the park this morning and Delilah was able to climb around so much more independently than last time we went. I’m just loving this age and how much they learn and discover 🖤 What was your favourite age so far?

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ain’t that truth. ✌🏼✨👑

When you have a little teething babe, you want to do anything and everything to help them! Luca absolutely loves his new teether from @tomandorrow! It’s definitely his new BFF! 😂💙

We love making the city our playground. Cut to my youngest having an epic meltdown down the steps of the #supremecourt moments later. For. No. Reason.

7 months to the day of growing this babe and my business at the same time. Does it get any better than snuggles wheneva you want? No. The answer is no. 😉 What's funny is I never had the desire to be a sahm. I mean I loved the idea of being able to raise my babies without sending them off to daycare, but I always felt like I would still need a creative outlet to plug into and pursue my passions in someway or I would go bat shit crazy. Never did I imagine that I would be able to do both simultaneously, but here I am and I'm so freaking thankful. 🙏🏻 Thankful for all the tiny moments these last 7 months that I may have missed otherwise, and thankful for a business that I accidentally fell into 3 yrs ago that allows me to earn an income from the impact I create and an income that continues to pay me even when I take my foot off the pedal for a little, to you know, just lay in bed and snuggle with my girl. 💛
Now can we talk about the fact that she's 7 months today!! 😭 Why? How? Can we all band together and just freeze time?

Four weeks into my nursing placement and I've well and truly fallen off the horse that is diet and exercise. In that time I've been to the gym on a handful of occasions and have consumed enough Easter chocolate to feed a small country (seriously, how is there still so much left in my fridge!?) so I'm really starting to feel the effects physically and mentally. For me the gym is more about how I feel as a result of exercise, which is energised, positive and overall a better frame of mind. So I'd love some tips from you guys as to how you jump start your motivation when you're caught in this vicious cycle because I'd like to get my ass back on the horse that feels ten feet tall and start getting my endorphins from exercise rather than chocolate again 😅

🤘Osteopathy Rocks 🤘
(I might be a teeny bit biased 🙊) Our first trial of the travelling Osteo just happened to coincide with Osteo Awareness Week which has made this experience even more rewarding 🙌

I’ve introduced Osteo to 30 new people this week 👏 all through the power of word of mouth. Woot woot! 🚂🚂 They’ve listened to my rambles 😂 on how to make better lifestyle choices, how to take ownership of their health if things go backwards and understand that they don’t need to put up with pain and discomfort ✌️ Bring on Gladstone SA today!! I’m so excited to see some good ol Roxby clients again!! Who would have thought we’d meet again.....😉

‘Sometimes you’ve gotta kiss a frog to find your prince’ 🐸💚

We met Nana in the garden centre after she finished work for a look around and a play 🌷 Ayla loves all the ornaments for the garden 😍

‘Mummy Look!’ She’s just the cutest🙊

Pretty Little Flower 💐

Smelling the flowers 🌼 Ayla walked past saying ‘No touch!’ and kept leaning over to smell the flowers 😍

Today’s library haul from our small but mighty @nahantpubliclibrary . Every time I go I struggle with keeping the amount of books reasonable! 😆 We also got a movie (#lionking) for the family and a book (#frankenstein) for my husband! #libraryhaul #intentionalbookclub @addisonreads

Climbed up on the bench herself 😍

Just chilling 😎

If I can still see the toys through the glass, does it mean I didn't pour a large enough glass? 😂
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