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Morning rush hour in Copenhagen full of smiles & feels stress free because every street has cycleways, enabling 62% of commuters to bike #reAllocate

All smiles at the ribbon cutting welcoming two food growing community garden Parklets to Motor Avenue in Palms!! #reAllocate

When you #reAllocate space on our streets for people, #LAgrimStreets become @lagreatstreets. love @figjam.la! #Fig4all #Fun

Inspired & motivated by Janette Sadik-Kahn, Tamika Butler & Seleta Reynolds, and their strategies for making #StreetsForPeople. #reAllocate

Someday LAPD academy will become #ElysianPark again, when we convert newly expanded shooting ranges into de-escalation facilities #reAllocate

Divine watching film outside with so many amazing Angelenos. Silver Lake Picture Show makes it feel like another Los Angeles is possible - where we use our streets to connect with each other and for higher cultural exchanges than the road rage that currently dominates our rights of way #StreetsForPeople #PeopleSt #LAgreatStreets #ReAllocate

Our 1st prefab steel frame single space Parklet landed on motor avenue today #utopiad with @berryandlinne #PeopleSt #reAllocate

Youth Envisioned Streets for a Healthier South Los Angeles #YESsouthLA #CentralAve #LAgreatStreets #reAllocate


DISCLAIMER: this is not my picture, I just thought I'd brighten up your day with this really cute dog picture 😄
#dog #cutedogpuppy #reallocate #cutedog #cutepuppy #brightenupyourday #toocute #puppy

Morning rush hour in Copenhagen full of smiles & feels stress free because every street has cycleways, enabling 62% of commuters to bike #reAllocate

Just a little update for masses.. #reinvest #reallocate #revalue #TBC #kringlecash #testerswanted

🤦🏾‍♀️ but I teach 127 students everyday and gotta get a summer job (or 2nd job) to make it. $75k x 127 students divided by 7 (the 5 other teachers who teach them + 1 for school logistical/administrative ish). You do the math on that one. #RunMeMyMoney #Invest #Invest🤦🏾‍♀️ #Reallocate #Repost @lounginwithl with @repostapp
The cost of imprisoning each of #California’s 130,000 inmates is expected to reach a record $75,560 in the next year. That’s enough to cover the annual cost of attending Harvard University & still have plenty left over for pizza & beer

Gov. #JerryBrown’s spending plan for the #fiscalyear that starts July 1 includes a record $11.4 billion for the #correctionsdepartment while also predicting that there will be 11,500 fewer inmates in 4 years because voters in November approved earlier releases for many inmates.

The price for each #inmate has doubled since 2005, even as court orders related to overcrowding have reduced the population by about one-quarter. Salaries & benefits for #prisonguards & medical providers drove much of the increase.

The result is a per-inmate cost that is the nation’s highest — & $2,000 above tuition, fees, room & board, & other expenses to attend Harvard.

Since 2015, California’s per-inmate costs have surged nearly $10,000, or about 13%. New York is a distant 2nd in overall costs at about $69,000.

Critics say with fewer inmates, the costs should be falling. “Now that we’re incarcerating less, we haven’t ramped the system back down,” said Chris Hoene, executive director of the left-leaning California Budget & Policy Center.

For example, the corrections department has 1 employee for every 2 inmates, compared with one employee for roughly every 4 inmates in 1994.
California was sued over prison overcrowding, & to comply with a federal court-imposed population cap, the Brown administration now keeps most lower-level offenders in county jails instead of state prisons. Additionally, voters in 2014 reduced penalties for drug and property crimes & last fall approved the earlier releases.

introduced LADOT GM Seleta Reynolds today at LA Parking Policy Reform Conference #kevgoestowork #losangeles #transportation #repurpose #reallocate #parking #urbanplanning

Think about it.... #peace #nowar #reallocate the resource to serve the people instead of destroying societies

I accept that #reallocate #deeplove

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Card of the Day • 3 of DISKS Reversed⠀
Herbal Ally • GENTIAN⠀

Ponder this ...⠀

• Are resources being put to the best use ?⠀
• Am I being undervalued and overworked, and it's time to make a change as a result ?⠀
• Is there some way to better balance the workload or resource use ?⠀
• How can things be shifted, processes be altered, resources be allocated so that no one is feeling overloaded, unduly burdened, overtaxed ?⠀

Always allocate enough time to pursue the things that are of value to you. ~ Steven Redhead⠀

We need to take a step back in order to take stock and take inventory of what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and whether resources are being put to best use, need to be rerouted or reduced.⠀

Manpower may be scant or limited today. But this gives us a chance to see if and/or how we might be able to run a bit more leanly, efficiently.⠀

It may also mean there is some reorganisation going on, either shifting people around to different positions, duties, groups, or reducing some of the workforce to mitigate redundancy and rein in excess in order to tighten up schedules, budgets, processes.⠀

Be willing to consider if you’re being properly valued and compensated for your contributions. If not, now may be the time to start considering other options and doing some research to see where those other options may lie for you.⠀

Be willing to see where they may be opportunity to for you to ease another’s workload in some way. They may have too much on their plate while you have a bit lighter of a load, and coordinating, cooperating and supporting could bring about a more desirable balance for all involved.⠀

Image : Cheimonette⠀

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When you've been talking to someone for months about how exhausted they are and how bad they want to make a change but just can't afford it, and you watch as they post pictures like this on the regular 💡💸🙈
$9 coffee and bagel breakfasts are not going to yield the results you want!
#reallocate #spendwisely #feelbetter #summeriscoming #callingyouout #lezzgo

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