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Im beautiful 24/7. #selflove #realizemyworth @awsmanni

I never give up especially for something I truly want but I refuse to take anybody bs either u meet me half way or I'm not fucking wit u and that's on everything I love I been thru to many disappointments to just except anything..so I'm single until the right man come along not just any man #imgrowing #realizemyworth

Sometimes the best things happen when you're alone and away!😇😊😂💪

Word for word my nigga.
I taught losing you would of being the worst feeling but I couldn't think of anything worth missing...
Now I sleep like a baby cause I know I ain't about to look stupid Over some dumbass fuckboy. Wtf I look like stressing and guessing over you, I'm a gangster for real. Ain't nobody got time for that shit. Self esteem is at its highest right now.
When you realize your worth there is nothing that can change the way you feel or think about yourself.
P.S:I love him..preach it!

Trying to be that kind of person, without regret. Sunrise 🌅 sunset day after day and I realize how stupid I am. #life #lifestyle #sunset #working #daan #realizeddreams #realizemyself #realizemyworth

Mas mabuti na yun SINGLE ka at INSPIRADO. Kesa sa IN a RELATIONSHIP na hindi naman SIGURADO..😉💪👊🌵 #RealizeMyWorth

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