#inktober Day 16 & 17: #angular & #swollen .
Day 16: Psycho!Kay, possessed by the almighty Bill "Razzle Dazzle Dorito" Cipher. It was the first thing I thought about, leave me be, I miss Gravity Falls. .
Day 17: PRINCESS SPIDERBITE!!! As in, Swollen, no more. Thanks to Slime. I ship em so much wth. .
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"There is no such thing as actual reality, there is only perception." ..
If you heard it like I did the first time, you might take it as an attack on some of your belief systems. ..
But the statement isn’t meant to be a broad stroke that covers every facet of the universe. It is meant to be a personal statement. A statement that is true for individuals. ..
The man speaking went on to say, "Your perception is your reality." ..
He explained his statement by saying, "If your perception is that you are a victim, then that is what you will remain." ..
"If your perception is that you are victorious, then victory is what you will have." ..
A group of people can go into a room, hear a person speak, and hear something completely different than what the speaker intended for them to hear, because their perceptions of what the speaker was saying or of his motivation for saying it were all different. ..
The truth is that pain doesn't discriminate. It forces it's way into the lives of all people. ..
Every person has a different way of dealing with pain. And pain always comes with it's temptation to stay knocked down, blame the situation, and get bitter. ..
But bitterness warps perception, and incapacitates so many people. ..
One bad experience, or even a hundred, can't hold you back and keep you from being the best version of you. Only you can do that. ..
Painful and difficult circumstances don't have the final say for your life. YOU DO. ..
You have the power to get back up. You have the strength to create a better life for yourself. You have the ability, creativity, and persistence necessary to get to the next level. ..
You can endure set backs. ..
Believe that better things are coming and then pursue them. YOU CAN BE UNSTOPPABLE.
If negativity has set in. Dismiss it.
If a victim mindset has set in. Get back up.
If bitterness has set in. Forgive. And then forgive again as many times as you need to.
You were made for success. Do you believe it?
You were made to experience happiness to it's fullest. Do you believe it?
You were made to be powerful. Do you believe it?
You were made to be impactful. Do you believe it?
You have purpose. Do you believe it?

Death is just a glitch in the simulation #realityisntreal

My husband figured out how to #boomerang...and got a bit carried away
If at first you miss the target, make sure you have it on tape😂😂😂😂
Then do it again and make sure you hit it this time
(the reality of social media posts😂😂😂, we did 5 takes)
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@gabe_halliday its less than a day’s work, according to your own calculations, dude. Stop being a thieving shady narc and just do the order so we can all get back to business. Well over 100 people have been blocked simply for mentioning me, toruses, the order, or really anything about this at all so far. Maybe many more Im sure not everyone comes to tell me about it. #glassofig #plagueupontheindustry #megalomaniac #deusionalpsychosis #theinternetisreal #realityisntreal #positivevibesonline #topshelflife #withtheperiod

✖️💀✖️"Desires only lead to temporary happiness, and open the door to suffering. They who through the error of attachment love their bodies, abide wandering in darkness, sensible and suffering the things of death... but they who realise that the body is but the tomb of their souls, rise to immortality. ✨🌌 #soul #tombs #ourbodies #thecage #trappedsouls #onaplane #ofdarkness #realityisntreal #esoteric #esotericknowledge #bones #skeleton #prison #bnw #shadowworld #reflections #dimensional #rise #home #darkaesthetic #black #white #shedyourskin #youarenotabodyyouhaveabody #youaresoul #thetrueself #otherside

To be unpleasant or nice is not my purpose . I would be effective and honest with you . Illusions of the environments are so strong that you call it reality . I think that an Artist cannot believe in the everyday reality but he has to shape his own reality into the world. Something that wasn’t there, after a while, it will be . This is the power of an Artist, to work for the future, for a new world and new state of life. To have different plans of reality is a really good thing and an Artist can be that because is also a superior being. Why I know that? Because I love the people and I recognise the power of creation.
Nature has its own purposes.. she works on the base of numbers and experiences. “She”has her idea of what is good for the life, but “this”nature is just one way to live. So “she”has an opinion to live.. here, but not everywhere. If the environments change , nature changes and Art changes. When one day you will discover that life is everywhere in every environments I’m sure you also will discover that you are the creator of the things. We have at least two plans of existence: if you admit the existence of God: , this is another plan of existence different ( of course) and there is your plan of existence. ( in my opinion there are infinite plans of existence ) . At the end I would say you this thing: in “this” plan of existence, money are important. If you want to play this game you need of money. Life has infinite plans of existence and differences ways to “play “ their lives . Well what is your plan of existence? If it is different you can always change the way to play... if you want. People living life helping others. Is there something wrong? People lives in the light of God, is that wrong? People lives making money. Is there something wrong? People lives loving other. There is something wrong. At the end there is an Artist who creates art for other. Is there something wrong? #god #realitythe #moneyslave #realitybites #followerforfollower #realitymedia #realitydreams #fashionblogger #realityisntreal #realitys #followers #realitybasedleadership #realitygainznation #realitymk #realityordream #realitytvcasting #realityfights #beauty #instaquote

Reality is nothing more than a collection of ideas. It is not concrete nor universal, as it is defined only by our perspective as human beings. What we see vs. what actually is. If you aren't happy with your reality, look at it from a different point of view. #arlucas

💎 Sooometimes I want to post pictures with deep meanings and express my feelings and share beliefs but then I think~ I’m not here to try to force my opinions on anyone and attempt to change anyone’s views on anything because everyone is on their own path and who am I to say anything about anything to anyone? 😇💎 #morningthoughts #realityisntreal

Distortion is simply a part of perception

Finished the rereading of this series again today (i-v), and everything just makes more sense in life with each new time I read them. 🌟🌌🌟
Consciousness is a very wild ride when you dig below its surface.
You can have the life you want.
You can be happy.
And you can start to understand.
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Being perfectly you.. if the cure for any negative thoughts or beliefs. When it feels so right.. how can it be so wrong? Good and Evil don’t exist anywhere except outside of the mind. There just is for infinity. Do what you want with no regrets.. life is fleeting savor the moment. Even if you are handicapped, sick, or perfectly healthy. Start loving yourself and everything works out perfectly. 💕🌌even after your last breath. #realityisntreal #norisgravity #youareacreatorofyourlife

Something To Think About. This How Marketing Works.. It's The Reason Corporations And Governments Are Powerful Entities That We Bend The Knee To. They create our realities for us which doesn't benefit us, but does benefit them. #WAKEUP
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