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Okay. So this was TOO GOOD to not upload. 😂🙌🏻
Clearly there is such thing as a good photo and a bad photo. 😩 .
I'm not feeling myself today, my stomach is a bit of a mess #ibs 😤 and was gonna take some photos and took the photo to the right 💁🏼 and then I was just like nah. Which resulted in photo to the left. 😂
I'm obviously doing my least flattering photo pose, fun thing is, don't know what happen to my face 😂💁🏼 but that's how I feel on the inside today since my body won't cooperate! .
And when I looked on the photos I was chocked about how much of a difference it is 😂🙌🏻 and I just wanted to share this 10 second #transformation that made me laugh to you guys 💋.
So do not trust everything you see on Instagram, don't be upset if your tagged in a photo somewhere and it's not a flattering one 🙈 we all have bad angles and most of all BAD MOMENTS where we can look like something completely else then we thought we looked 😂💁🏼.
I think I look charming on the photo to the left 💁🏼🤷🏼‍♀️ haha! Mabey not! 😬
Anyway, here is a #realitycheck for yall to not be discouraged about "the perfect" photos you see on Instagram or anywhere on social media! ❤️

Check out my *inspirational* booty-transformation!! #
Nahhh jkjkjkjk these two photos were taken 30 seconds apart, as a little reminder not to compare yourself or your body against what you see on Instagram. Most of the "perfect" women on Instagram don't even look like the perfect women on Instagram! 🙄
In this example, I used the magical "high waisted wedgie" trick you've probably seen before, plus a little bit of a different pose, to make it look like I'd gained 6 inches of glutes and carved out a waistline.
So let's consider this for a moment. Do you really want to be comparing yourself unfavorably to a woman who purposefully gave herself a major wedgie for a photo? Lolllll I didn't think so. #realitycheck #beforeandafter #transformation #glutegainz #lolnahbruh

Masks come in all forms 🎭 In my opinion social media and how we portray ourselves online can be a masked version of our reality.. a selective version.. often all smiles and 'loving life'. There is nothing wrong with this, we are allowed to post only the parts of us we want to share.. however the highlight reel of perfection we scroll through these days can set a very high, unrealistic standard of living that can convince us our own lives don't measure up. That's where the importance of understanding the mask comes in.. the realisation that no one lives a perfect life and that everyone has their own behind the scenes struggles.. no matter what position in life. How incredible would it be to start normalising struggles with each other and real talk so we don't feel so down and alone when something goes wrong? This is just my interpretation on this drawing I created, see the moving version on @colour_me_creative and then let me know your interpretation? 💕

Building em quads 😋

You have to figure out why you're not succeeding and adjust what you're doing to get you back on track again. 💯🔥👊🏻 #mylegacymatters ===•••===•••===•••===•••
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A different transformation🙌🏼
some days we eat foods we shouldn't out of impulse, other days we drink green smoothies and lemon water. You girls been asking about the struggle of feeling bloated and that time of the month. I feel down and just want to stay home all week , but I feel a lot better smashing a gym session all week👊🏼.
I actually should have posted a bloated Vs morning pic , but instead decided to do a 2 second transformation pic showing how easy it's to flex and hide the bloated tummy. It's ok to be bloated - especially during that time of the month.
Hope everyone is having an awesome week! 🙏🏼
#fitlife #fitnessaddict #fitness #beforeandafter #weightlossjourney #weightloss #transformation #inspire #bodypositivefitness #shesquats #training #weightlossinspiration #inspiration #selflove #justdoit #traininsane #transformyourbody #fitnessinspiration #strongissexy #strong #muscles #fitfam #fatloss #fattofit #newme #melbourne #realitycheck

Every picture you see on Instagram or social media, there is about another 50 or more that were taken to get "the one" Hey, I'm guilty too🙋🏼
I also want to put this up and show you the actual reality that happens at times when creating content and of the shots that get snapped but don't make "the cut" and you don't get to see.👀
It happens to the best of us, so don't ever think that the people you idolize have it all figured out and never have a blooper or ten. We are all human and are so incredibly far from perfect✌🏼

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DRESSING FOR YOUR BODY TYPE - I feel like such a big fraud when looking at these comparisons. But then also, I'm not. My body is still my body but it's crazy how wearing my leggings slightly different changes how my body composition looks! -
I'm a STRONG believer in that anybody can wear whatever the hell they wanna wear. Whether it's more or less skin on show, I'm down for it all. But this is a perfect example of dressing for my body shape/type! I choose to wear high waisted leggings because I like my body in them better, I'm simply dressing to suit my body type which we can all do, no matter what shape or size we are. -
I believe there's such a strong place on Instagram for reality posts like this because people can be so blinded by social media or their own thoughts that it can put people's mentality into such a bad place. -
It's super easy to fall into the habit of looking at other people's pics and comparing yourself, I do it (i try my hardest not to) and this is a perfect reason why you shouldn't. We show what we want to show. That doesn't mean it's a lie, because my pictures are still me, totally untouched. BUTTTTT my body can also look very different in many ways by something as simple as this.
#realitycheck #reality #transformation #bodypositivity


Laughing at how hard this truth is!!!🤣my oh my, what an awakening! Lol! Time to stop slamming the self destruct button , peeps! Its time to grow! 💕👏🏻Time to get down and dirty with the real shit. Authenticity is key! I'm ready!#truth#realitycheck#timetogrow#forreals

A bit low again. #dapatactual #realitycheck

Pregnancy reality check, ✅
2 days until due date, looking so glamorous today. 😂👋🏽

Art from a post-truth world by #damienhirst. Beautiful #hoax and ten years of work in two monumental museums. Well done boy! 💡🔮🏺 ‘Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable' in Punta della Dogana, Venice. #venicebiennale #allfake #realitycheck #fakehistory #humorinart #contemporaryart #damienhirsttreasures #puntadelladogana #palazzograssi #artcollector #contemporaryartcollector #exhibitionist #gallerist #artblogger #instaart #venice

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