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Use what u have and be thankful for it. #ICKYGRAFFITI #THEONEANDONLYREALICKY #icky #REALICKY

Old work with the homies 💪#crank #fridge #ickyone

MY FIRST PIECE EVER WHEN I WAS 9 in a dead spot still rocking too was hipe to see it I'm going to try to redo the idea of what I had wanted my piece to be a bat lol and a teardrop

Last year piece messing around with Somthing new

Icky and vew biggie piece not done

On its way by hepi icky & hepi new piece #dragonballz

I rushed this one od jack and Sally took me 30 mins then yesterday I had haff an hour to finish the rest had to put less but got it done on time I'm do another one of Thea's

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