Some day I am planning that, I'm gonna fail so hard and so badly that it will knock me out of commission for days. I'll be out for so long that by the time I awaken, I'll start it all over again.
I've learned a great wisdom from my mother, who, this September 17th will be dead for 23 years.
The wisdom is that: don't be afraid to fail, because all it means is that you are facing the right direction.
When I was starting out on my road to adulthood I had no mother. No mother to kick me in the backside or swat me in the head. No guide to girls, or schools, or pursuits. My mother was the only thing that as a 15 year old was important to me. What I didn't have in one mother I did have in several strong woman and men in my life that gave me a foundation of courage, strength, love and responsibility.
I pass that wisdom to any of my young friends, that are scared about finding fulfilment in their future, about getting caught by some trap of failure out of fear.
There is no trap, because there is nothing to fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.

Peace is our fears opposite. The kind of peace that provides solace, and serenity during an anxiously tumultuous time. The kind of peace that makes you remember your worth, remember your humility. Remember your journey doesn't end at failure, but ends at true success.
Find your fulfilment. Put in the work. Put in the time. You can always fail, and you can always keep going, just like me.

Love and junk


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