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*Chicken Caesar Spaghetti Squash Bake*⠀
Ready for the easiest dinner eva?! Kelsey from @littlebitsof_realfood here to share this ridiculously simple meal that is a real crowd pleaser! Can we give it up to @tessemaes for making our lives easier?⠀
Chicken Caesar Spaghetti Squash Bake⠀
Makes 4 servings⠀
2 packed cups chopped kale, stems removed⠀
3/4 cup @tessemaes creamy caesar dressing⠀
1 Spaghetti squash, cooked & strands removed⠀
2 cups, cooked & shredded chicken⠀
salt & pepper to taste⠀ ⠀
PREHEAT oven to 350 degrees. ⠀
IN a large bowl mix together kale and Caesar dressing and massage together until kale wilts a bit, about 2 minutes. ⠀
ADD cooked spaghetti squash and chicken to the bowl and stir all together until well combined.⠀
ADD salt and pepper to taste. Pour into an 8×8 pyrex dish and bake for 15 minutes or until heated through.⠀ ⠀
Website | littlebitsof.com | @littlebitsof_realfood⠀ ⠀
#Whole30 #Whole30recipes #littlebitsof #realfood⠀

Heirloom tomatoes and homegrown BROCCOLI & ALFALFA sprouts are taking my dinners to a whole nother level. 🚀 Growing my own sprouts has become one of my favorite things to do. I love the fact that I can take a seed and grow it to become this amazing, nourishing, healing eatable plant all from the confines of my apartment. 🌿 Did you know that when you grow your own food such as sprouts, that those sprouts pick up on your individual needs and adjust its nutrition so as best to nourish you? Seriously!!🙀🙏🏼How cool is that? Thank you @medicalmedium for revealing this amazing fact. I feel so drawn to my sprout babies… and to know they are growing specifically for me and my healing needs just warms my soul. 💓 I highly suggest getting aboard the sprout growing train. 🚂They are SUPER duper easy to grow. I got my amazing sprouting trays from http://trueleafmarket.com and I simply love them. The are the perfect home for my little sprout babies 👶🏼. #sproutlife

It doesn't matter what the holiday, no celebration🎉 is complete without guac 🥑😏🙆 •

Bbq with babes tonight and I'm bringing mango guacamole💃 seriously such a delicious twist😍
Hope you're all having the best MDW🇺🇸❤😘 #Berryfitt #EatTheRainbow #FoodIsMedicine

Does anyone else get itchy watching this🤔😅
📸: @foodietutorial
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Mini buffet prep! Kept it quick & simple since only working a few days this week👍Buffet style is great for those who get bored eating the exact same thing for each meal & snack - I find it gives you more variety which can make it easier to stay on track! You don't always have to do a big prep either. If you don't like eating the same food ALL week sometimes a smaller prep Sunday & Thursday can work better. It's good to do whatever works best for you to stick your goals!
This weeks main protein is fresh caught fish with a bunch of fruit & veggies + snacks 😋 Although I usually prefer to make my own snacks my fav packaged snack lately are these Squarebars from @squareorganics! (Not Sponsored) just genuinely like them AND you can get 20% off each order with code - ljadeparker if you want to try them! 🎉

Snacks for the day 🙌🏻@stasherbag full of veggies and a limited edition @gomacro PB bar! Don't forget that for the month of May, Go Macro is donating 10% of the sales from this limited edition bar to @farmsanctuary 💕such a great cause! Happiest Monday friends! ✨

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When you can't decide between Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, or Nutella, you go with all three. This #coconutbowl is topped with fresh blueberry, strawberry, banana, coconut and granola!
👉Baya Bowls, 9417 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209
👉Email Address: bayabowlsny@gmail.com

BANOFFEE CHEESECAKE. In. A. Jar. 🙌 Enough said 😎 No need for sharing, because these bad boys are single-serve 😏 ...except I totally made Mr. FMK share his ice cream with me tonight 😇 even though he hates it - but we both wanted the same kind so it made sense 🙄 Do you do this too? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Anyways... you know what to do 👉 #linkinprofile @fitmittenkitchen.
Hope you all had a great MDW and got some fun in 💕


They sure pack a lot into these "plain" bread crumbs... refined oils made from GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, risky preservatives and a dough conditioner that's a hidden form of trans fat. Do what I do and just make your own breadcrumbs out of Ezekiel sprouted grain bread in blender - takes one minute! You could also use almond meal. Get more health tips when you sign up here: http://foodbabe.com


Bommmm diaaa queridos!!!💕✌
Nem soja, nem milho, nem girassol, nem canola, nenhum desses.👎 Todos esses óleos aí foram criados pelas bruxas do mal da humanidade industrial. (Rimou 😅)
Sinto dizer, mas nem o canola tão famoso e CARO, serve pra alguma coisa.
Todos eles são óleos vegetais altamente processados, modificados e super mega plus hidrogenados. Esses sim entopem artéria, e não o inocente e julgado óleo de coco. ㅤ
"Ok nutri, mas com o que vou cozinhar então?"
Primeiro, porque que tem que por óleo em tudo pra cozinhar? Acho que você precisa rever seus conceitos e os tipos de panela em sua cozinha. Já experimentou a linha antiaderente e de cerâmica? Não gruda nada nem a pau.
Segundo, que tal olhar com bons olhos para o azeite, manteiga, óleo de coco e banha de porco?ㅤ
"Banha de porco nutri?" SIMMM! Banha de porco. A banha é barata e pode ser reutilizada até 50x! Certifique-se que ela é de boa procedência ok?
Ou você acha que sua bisavó ia no supermercado de uber comprar óleo lisa? Acho que não hein. 😜ㅤ
"Mas o azeite não perde as propriedades quando é aquecido?" (1' de silêncio).
NÃO. Não perde. Quem perde as propriedades é a sua comida quando é refogada com a podridão do óleo de milho.
Use AZEITE VIRGEM para cozinhar e EXTRA VIRGEM para preparações cruas ok? Ele tem o ponto de fusão um pouco mais baixo. ㅤ
"E o óleo de coco nutri?" O óleo de coco é um bônus de Deus para nós humanos, pobres mortais🙏. Se você ainda acredita que ele faz mal vendo o programa global "mal estar", por favor, reveja sua vida ou reclame com Deus.
Beijos da nutri que está fazendo um refogado na banha😘 #ComidaDeVerdade #informacao #oleosvegetais #cuidado #lowcarb #percaomedodasgordurasnaturaisdosalimentos #facaboasescolhas #realfood #eatclean #estilodevidasaudavel #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #saúde #health #nutrition #nutriçãodeverdade

My mom and her husband are planning a small holiday to Madeira and have asked me to come along. In some ways I think it would do me good- to break up daily life and routines, to have a change of senary, to see new things and beautiful places- it can have a healing effect and to reconnect with yourself and life even if it's only for a split second. But it also freakes me out or better said it freaks my eating disorder out.. I can't help but get stressed about going. I've not been feeling great in myself and don't want to ruin their trip.. I can't foresee how my moods will be or how things will go. Also find it hard to allow myself to have a holiday as I feel I don't really deserve it. But I suppose stepping out of my comfort zone for a week could be good.. Might be a good opportunity to try break some bad habits or at least to reduce them or to create new ones- it's not what the trip is about and I don't want to put the focus it.. Don't want to create expectations or pressure. But I guess it is something to take along in my decision making process.

I can only have 5 customers for a trial run for this product.
Vegan Omega 3,5,6,7,9! No fishy taste. Give me a 👋🏼 if interested.
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Good green things this morning 🌿🌾🕊🐇@thefarmbeyond #northfork #thefarmbeyond #farm #summer #newyork

This natural honey popped in just in time for tea. Model and friend @kriska_liebenberg woke up early and joined us too.

Kriska is a busy bee so a dollop of honey packed with nutrients will keep her on the go.

The @eatnakednudefood range can be found at Takelot, @faithfultonature, @yuppiechef or selected Spar outlets and pharmacies.

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Rotina matinal: café 🍵 + hidratada nas cutículas. Bom dia ☀

Okay so when I said I never bought this few things in the US ever, on any trip?
That DID NOT include food 🙈
Sooo here's how I stocked my pantry with healthy snacks (cause there's no clean jerky, no good protein bars and no awesome chips with ok oil here in 🇸🇪):
✅ Sweet potato coconut oil chips from @jacksonshonest
✅ Plantain chips from @bubbasfoods
✅ Collagen protein bars from @primalkitchenfoods
✅ Protein bars from @rxbar (I'll eat those and the ones above as treats rather than post workout cause they're like 🍫🍭)
✅ Daily digestzymes from @365bywholefoods
✅ Reflux relief chewing tablets from @gaiaherbs (I hope I won't need those anymore, but good to have at home. And marshmallow root tasted pretty good 😏)
✅ Grass fed beef stick from @paleovalley
✅ Superfood bars from @paleovalley
✅ Smoked beef snack stick from @westerngrassged
✅ Grass fed beef snack sticks from @uswellnessmeats

I can only have 5 customers for a trial run for this product.
Vegan Omega 3,5,6,7,9! No fishy taste. Give me a 👋🏼 if interested.
#juiceplus #juiceplusomega #veganomegas #omega #juiceplus #plantpower #vehan #nonGMO #organic #nsfcertified #realfood #wholefood #wholefoods

Ao contrário do que muitos pensam, tendo em vista o nome sugestivo, a @elite_suplementosbh não se limita a venda de suplementos, nem se restringe a cidade de BH 😉👌🏼
Dentre a variedade de produtos oferecidos, alguns que fazem parte da minha rotina (apenas a título de exemplificação): linha completa da @power1one (pastas, tapioca, paçoca, cappuccino proteico, adoçantes naturais); gostaks (aqueles potinhos de diversos tamanhos que servem pra guardar de tudo e mais um pouco); chocolates da @essential_nutrition e muito mais... E claro, os melhores suplementos: meus wheys, pré treino, creatina... 😱🔝🔝
Quanto as possibilidades de compras, vocês tem 3 opções: uma das 3 unidades físicas (em BH), pelo telefone (whatsapp) ou pelo site (link no perfil deles) - com entrega para todo o BR 🚚🇧🇷
Como se não fosse o bastante, meus seguidores ainda tem desconto nas compras, usando o cupom "PATTYFITLIFE" - válido para as todas as formas ☺️

God morgen!! 🇩🇰 Good morning!! Bom dia!! Tenciona melhor que acordar e ter um café da manhã desses?! Tem pão sim!! Pq é orgânico e 100% integral de vdd, ovos e 🥓. Tudo na medida. E claro a vista e o sol...😊 ser feliz é muito simples!!! #travel #denmark #experience #love #happy #ferfagali #dietitian #individualidadebioquimica #nutricaofuncional #ortomecular #nutricaoortomolecular #nutricaoesportiva #eatclean #comidadeverdade #realfood #food #healthcoach #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthychoices #functionalmedicine #ifm #a4m #paleo #lowcarb #glutenfree #ferfagalinutri #detox #life #lifestyle

I have a confession....I've never cooked an artichoke.
I love the hearts (from a jar 😬) in a salad or on a pizza but wouldn't know where to start with these green beauties.
Have you guys got any tips?
#seasonal #artichoke #theyummyplate

: Hii sahani ni sawa na wallet mtu umennua buku 2 mtumbani Mwenge ila ndani umetia Laki 5.
> Pumpkin(boga/maboga)
> Green beans > Broccoli
> White cucumber
> Kuku (chicken)
Sahani sijui ni ya jero hii!!
#lunch #pumpkin #pumpkins #greenbeans #broccoli #whitecucumber #whitecucumbers #cucumber #chickenbreast #etdar #eatclean #stayhealthy #healthyfoods #fitfoods #fitness #fit #fitnessmotivation #homemadefood #homemade #yummy #yummyyummy #mouthwatering #realfood

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