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Forever small vs. Forever small-er

Really only temporary but the forever small syndrome is forever.

Resultados!! Y el éxito es la constancia.
Ordénalo aquí 👉🏻👉🏻📲7867477455
Entrega inmediata. #realfitgirls #testimonio #bajadepeso #garantizado #enforma 📍entrega inmediata

It's really easy to get tricked into thinking that people you see in social media have perfect flawless bodies. I try to be transparent with you guys, and I think it's important to see things the pictures don't always show. •

Some days my abs show, some days they don't. Some times I'm a little bloated. If the booty is really full, then there's usually some cellulite. My stomach is not always perfectly flat, I have scars from surgeries, extra skin from having a baby, stretch marks etc. •

The point is our bodies are not static images, they are living things. Always in flux. Fitness is a daily thing. It's not something you do for awhile then you "arrive" it's always something you're working on. It doesn't have a start and an end, fitness is LIVING. And to judge yourself based on where you've been or where you should be is not loving. •

You are you right now, in this very moment. I choose to love my body no matter how it looks that day, because it's part of me, it's what allows me to exist on this planet. It's ok to have goals for what you look like, I certainly do, but first love your body where it's at. •

Accepting yourself as you are will not cause complacency, it is actually quite the opposite: it's the first step towards being your best self. 💕💗💕 #letsbereal #honest #fitness #realfitgirls #fitgirl #fitfam #fitspo #bootybuilding #squats #andtheoccasionalpizza

D.O.N.E & D.U.S.T.E.D 🔥💫
What if your gym is your way to reach goals and achieved your life's objectifs!
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It's time Hawaii Kai INSANIACS!!! You had a break from me last week😜

Now it's time to get serious with our new Round 24😱

Bring a friend...let's sweat together and get better together😀👍

do each exercise for 30 seconds | repeat x 4


Happy Weekend😀

Just finished subbing Saturday morning TKB with some CRAZY TURBO FREAKS😜


💥💥SUB ALERT💥💥 I'm subbing TURBOKICK for @blasijacobi tomorrow morning (Saturday) at Kapiolani 24HF at 9am. Come see me!! If you are not a member come as my guest😀👍

Forever small vs. Forever small-er

Really only temporary but the forever small syndrome is forever.


My workout today😀 Today is a yoga day per Shaun T'a calendar for the month...much needed rest and stretch.
Believe it or not this is the workout I hate the most and dread the most, but I made myself do it and now I feel better. 😊

Now on to the rest of my day🙏

Today isn't about me, but this #transformationtuesday goes to @afoz90. Let me tell you about this girls dedication. She works in a hospital, 12 hr shifts, goes to school and still manages to get a workout in that'll keep her healthy while she's taking care of others. 22 Minute Hard Corps was her program of choice because it was short and sweet and done! And look at how incredible her results were! I've watched her start from day 1 in our FB challenge group until now 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼So super proud of you girl!!! .
#girlsrule #22mhc #transformation #bigchanges #resultsforlife #youcandoit #joinus #beforeandafter #womenstrong #womenshealth #busybee #realfitgirls #healthybodies #progressnotperfection #onedayatatime #supportyourfriends

It's time to get REALLY INSANE with a special Father's Day INSANITY LIVE mix made just for some of our dads...and everyone else will love it too😜

See you all in the AM at 8:30👍

Had to do it...I know I did a workout already, but I needed my #fitfam 😀

The comeback will be stronger than the setback.

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