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Τα παιδία παίζει!!😂😂😂 I love these two❤️ #palimpaidismos #friends #realfitteam #realfitgirls

Just focusing on eating more and growing the legs until I'm healed.

LEFT PHOTO: Result of 12 weeks of highly structured diet and exercise/cardio + photo filtering + posing to make my waist look even tinier. I only maintained this level of leanness for about a month.
RIGHT PHOTO: Just me, photo taken within the last week. I eat healthy but I'm not tracking macros. I workout but I also rest when my body & mind tell me to. No special posing and no filters. I have maintained this physique *easily* for 2 years.
This is just to show you all that shredded #Fitspo models might not be the best representation of a healthy & maintainable physique. It also hopefully serves as a reminder that your worth as a human is not determined by your body-fat percentage. 👌🏼

Siempre nos podemos divertir vistiéndonos para el #gym @headwaystudio 😻💜🌈💪🏼 tengo una mezcla inspirada por mi amiguita @starlenepr pero con un toque de diversión #alotiagostyle 😂🙌🏼💥👑😝 #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #headwaypr #marielzafitness #tiagoseponefit #seguimos #tiagolicious #tiagolifestyle #rebecatiago #puertorico #fitgirls #cardio #realgirls #realfitgirls #viviendo #pocoapoco #trabajodiario


Post TURBO glow and smile😀
Whatever you choose to do today, make sure movement is a part of it. Walk, run, hike, swim, lift, do a class, or press play...JUST MOVE!!👊🏻💪 Happy Saturday😀

These four people have made, or soon will make, a HUGE difference in my life. 😀😀 On the left we have none other than @shauntfitness ... he is the developer of numerous programs that are my "go to's" when I need to reach a fitness goal. Always challenging and never easy, but always works!!👍👍 On the top we have @chrisdowningfitness who is the creator of SHIFT SHOP. This is the newest program I will be starting beginning on Monday. I'm so excited for this and a little nervous😬
Finally on the bottom we have @jerichomcmatthews and @joelfreemanfitness who have developed a program that I CANNOT WAIT to begin teaching very soon. Be on the lookout for me announcing when and where you will get to take CORE DE FORCE!!! It's AMAZING!!! 👊🏻👊🏻 Fitness is a huge part of my life...and I thank these four, among many others, for making it so much fun and rewarding😀😀

It's Fridayy! Currently it is 94 with a heat index of 108 degrees ✋🏽😑 Just calm down weather, calm down. Kayaking sounds nice if there's any water left in the creeks..

Good old broad jump burpee! How many can you do in 2 mins? #originalwestwarriors

Leg day post yet again so I'll post my workout this time. Did my workout backwards with squats last...💀 It sounded like a good idea at the time.
Leg ext: 4x30
Hip adductions: 3x30
Leg press: 4x15
Stiff leg deads: 3x15
Squats: 10x5 @ 225 which actually turned into 10x3

Time for your INSANE therapy Hawaii Kai!!😀 New Round😱
New Music😱
New Moves😱

And I'm BACK to bring it all to you👊🏻 Tonight...6pm👍

Tuesday's #warriortabata 💪🏼Wide Sumo Squat and Bent Over Row with #sandbag 🔥 sandbag is not to touch the ground until all rounds are completed 🙃

Monday's are for squats.

Dream Extreme team party...crashin' and having fun😜

All with a little bit of equipment and crazy small space👊🏻

Here's why... Squat to bicep curl
Jack knee
Burpee to bicep curl to push press
Bench hops (30sec each 3 sets...no break)
(2min active recovery)

Decline push ups
Floor sprints
Tricep Dips
Weighted back fly
(30sec each 3 sets...no break)
(2min active recovery)

Bench running toe taps
Weighted squat jumps
Running out in down ups on bench
Bench squat jumps (30sec each 3 sets...no break)
(2min active recovery)

Weighted ab crunch
45 sit knee toe touch
Speedbag flutter
V sit opposite hand toe touch (30sec each 3 sets...no break)
(Cooldown and stretch)

Getting ready for GIRL BOSS BASH 2017!!!❤️❤️ Free training with AMAZING people🤗

@melissamade @michelepark

Get it in...work before play is the only way😜

I didn't close the locker on purpose. Happy Sunday.

Push pressing for pints 🍻👯 ☀️ 🏋️‍♀️ #whyiworkout #anabolicpintwindow #fitnessforwomen #vancouverpersonaltrainer

Watch your six.

Τα παιδία παίζει!!😂😂😂 I love these two❤️ #palimpaidismos #friends #realfitteam #realfitgirls

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