Say hello to the bad guy im droping heads like drive byes im flipping zips counting paper brightest star in the northern sky you hateing me cause i speak the truth while you living lies the only thing you do is talk shit and drop dimes your full time job is writing songs for the cops full time i see threw the lies of the snakey eye bitch i speak the truth i dont need to drop names or advertise. Fuck what you heard ill give u a tittle shot at the champ 1 time deal if you got the balls just kidding im just wasteing time on this video i put online..lol

Y’all seem to like the fights huh😂. If I can get 5 more followers I’ll post another one. Comment too once you do #fights #realfights #medicine #queennaija #chrisandqueen #royalwedding #niceforwhat

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