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Working on my mind and body has been the best project I've EVER worked on!

Invest in yourself❤️ #RealEstate101 #MrBeverlyHills

Here´s an interesting real estate fact: #realestate #realestate101 #RealEstateFacts

Best Designer in the City #RealEstate101 #HGTV

Carpet in the bathrooms are a must 💙💦🐬#realestate101 #cabinbaths #doilylove #hilltophive

if they slam the door in your face, go back & buy the building.👌🏼 #realestate101 #life

💙Loved viewing this gorgeous property 🗽 #RealEstate101 #NYC #oneofakind #citylife

You'll just keep crashing if you don't take your eyes off of the rear view mirror... Lets go, keep it moving... #realestate101 #metaphorforlifesbulshitandbusiness #enterpreneursdontlookback

Be sure to tune in tomorrow afternoon at 12pm on Facebook Live with show host @mrdollaroutofadime and this week's special guests members from Young Buck$ Nation!!! 😎👌 #LinkInBio #RealEstate101 #SuccessLeavesClues #YBN #YoungBucksNation


Tenant: Morris I overflowed my bathtub and water flowed into the unit below me. I'm not sure if the lady above me is home, but I'm downstairs. On a scale of 1-10 it's a 5.
Me: that's unfortunate. we will send someone over there to access the damages. What were you doing that caused you to forget that the water was running?

Tenant: I was on the toilet.
Me: but the toilet is in the bathroom.

Why Buyers and Sellers are THANKFUL for Real Estate Agents 🍂🏠🍁#instagallery #swipe

Why Buyers and Sellers are THANKFUL for Real Estate Agents: they are a trusted advisor. When it comes one of the largest financial transactions of your life, hire a professional!

Life hack? Home hack? 😂😂

💸 Tip of the day: Leverage social media and online marketing to generate a constant flow of new leads everyday. Ask any top agent and they’ll tell you that times have changed, online marketing is king. @sixfigure.agent

Know which home renovations will have the most "Return on Interest".

This week's #1 Most Popular listing is a roaring' 20's style Florida mansion. Built in 1925 for cereal magnate, Mr. Kellogg, there is complete opulence in every room. Listed at $4.5mill. Probably a tough sell! #realestate #signhere #mostpopular 📑🗂✔️🗝 https://www.realtor.com/news/trends/kellogg-mansion-most-popular/

Fireside chat: change your air filters.

Ummmm...if you want to sell your house, put hanging rods in your closets. ALL of them. 😂
#fortneyfineproperties #realestate101 #nobiggie

There are steps within the application process, and we will not be rushed to make a decision.

Why Buyers and Sellers are THANKFUL for Real Estate Agents: they are connected!

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Who do you know that needs a kitchen like this for the #holidays ? We are so happy (and a little jealous) of course clients who will be hosting their first holiday dinner in this #kitchen #kitchengoals

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